Students’ education is in serious crisis due to Second wave of Covid-19

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In view of the second wave of Covid-19 the concerns raised by students and school administrators, the Union government on April 14, 2021 announced the closure of CBSE.  The Class X Board Examinations have been cancelled and the Class XII Board Examinations have been suspended, a decision in this regard will be taken on June 1, 2021.  The decision suggests that for the second year in a row, students are in a difficult situation due to the corona virus epidemic.  In at least 10 states, Covid second wave is wreaking havoc.  Conducting exams in such a ‘normal’ way could prove to be very dangerous, especially since infections spread so fast wherever schools and colleges were opened in the world and now such reports are emerging.  That young people are suffering more corona.  So now people under the age of 45 also need to be vaccinated early.
However, on the other hand, there is no denying the fact that the situation that has arisen with Covid has led to increasing tensions among the students about their future, including admissions to foreign universities.  Students know that this epidemic, which is changing every day, can have serious consequences.  CBSE as a National Board  The question before the CBI is that when it reconsiders the 12th exams on June 1, the cases of corona will not start increasing in other states.  States should take into account the views of local students and seek their advice before making any decision.  States should also decide on their boards soon.
Although many states have cancelled their board exams, many other states like Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Karnataka have not yet decided on the matter.  Despite the fact that the number of corona cases in these states is steadily increasing.  Putting students in a state of uncertainty can make the situation worse.  At the same time, in order to provide equal opportunities to meritorious students across the country, a system should be developed which is equally applicable from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.  It may be recalled that last year students had to rely on internal assessment to give grades.  But this time it has become even more difficult to do so, as the students have not even taken physical classes and in some states they have not even taken classes.  Second, online education also has its problems and limitations.  Not every student has all kinds of digital facilities, no one has a smartphone then there are problems with internet speed in an area.
When students go to classes in practice, they meet their classmates, play with them and read, they are not only cooperating with each other but are also keen to perform better than each other.  In online education, students are the most deprived.  Although there is no survey, a large number of students say that they have become careless in the age of online education, which has reduced their marks by 10 to 15 per cent.  The importance of 12th class is not the same everywhere.  While most of the state level universities admit students on the basis of this examination, there are some institutions which are now adopting online examinations and online interviews as well, leaving the results of Class XII only formal.  Despite this, the review meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi realized that the Class XII board examinations have a significant impact on the selection of higher education subjects, so they should not be cancelled but should be followed later.  Should be done, especially because if an assessment formula is adopted instead of examinations, it will have a good effect on the students.  Therefore, a total of 14,30,243 students are registered for Class XII examinations and this number is 2.15 lakh more than last year.
It is important to mention here that this is the first time that the 10th class board examinations have been cancelled altogether.  These exams were partially cancelled last year due to riots and outbreak of corona virus in North East Delhi and a formula was developed for the final result that other papers would be based on the marks of the students who had taken the papers.  Points to be given in  This time, after the intervention of the Prime Minister, the 10th exams have been cancelled completely.  The Prime Minister said that the students have already endured a lot of uncertainty, so they should be protected from further harassment as far as possible.  However, for 10th graders who are not satisfied with their results, the option has been given that they can sit for the exams next time.  About 2.5 lakh more students, or 21,50,761 students, were scheduled to appear for the exams this year as compared to last year.
However, this year too, the academic calendar of colleges and universities is likely to start late.  The dynamics of education will be affected as fewer students will move out of their hometowns due to epidemic uncertainties.  Along with education concerns, economic pressures are mounting.  The number of families struggling with the economic crisis is also growing at a rapid pace.  There is no doubt that our education system is deeply hurt.  The way out of this is that India should take covid more seriously.  The students have shown unprecedented restraint over the past year, but they should not be taken lightly.  The government should do its utmost to control the epidemic at this time so that the students can return to their classes safely.

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