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Paramedical courses are medical training courses that are job oriented. Paramedical courses are quite training specific and train the students for real-life medical situations. The significance of paramedical courses has been realized by the increasing need for skilled paramedics in the medical field. This is important to mention that without paramedics the medical field would be crippled.
Paramedics is an amazing field to build a career in the medical field in a short period and budget, unlike the conventional MBBS degree. Paramedical courses are job oriented and present ample employment opportunities.
Another benefit of the Paramedical course is that there are options for postgraduate, graduate, diploma, certificate courses that are of varying durations from 3 years to 6 months. One could choose to do a paramedic course at any stage of his/her career even after completion of 10th standard exams.
Some courses also give the benefit of no mandatory science stream in 12th.
Paramedical courses are offered in various colleges all around the country with average admission requirements.
Paramedical courses give the medical field professionals trained in pre-medical emergency treatment, medical assistance, diagnostic technology training, etc.
Paramedics offer a wide range of courses to choose from in different sectors of the medical field.
X-Ray technology
X-ray technology courses are the most popular courses among students and of great importance in medical treatment. Students are taught about the types of X-Ray, imaging technology used, ways to read an x-ray, which x-ray to use in a particular case, etc.
B.Sc in X-ray technology
B.Sc in Medical Imaging Technology
Bachelor of radiation technology
Diploma in X-ray technology
Certificate in X-ray technician
Anesthesia Technology
This course is to train students about how to administer anesthesia doses of different concentrations used in different medical cases. Anesthesia procedure is a primary step in most of the medical treatments and hence an important one. It is also important because they keep checking on the patient’s health and their reaction to the anesthetic.
B.Sc in Anesthesia Technology
Diploma in Anesthesia
PG Diploma in Anesthesia
This branch of the medical field deals with the physical movement of human limbs. Various therapy techniques like electrotherapy, exercise, movement training, etc. are used to treat patients. Physiotherapy is also used after surgeries and implant operation to bring back natural movement of the injured body parts. There are great career opportunities for physiotherapists in the sports field which require physiotherapists 24*7 on the field.
Bachelor of Physiotherapy
Diploma in Physiotherapy
Dialysis Technology
Dialysis courses train students in machinery, techniques, the procedure of dialysis. Result in interpretation and report reading to diagnose the issue is also a part of this course. Dialysis is the procedure of removing waste liquid and impure blood from the body when the body itself is incapable of doing so.
B.Sc in Dialysis Therapy
Diploma in Dialysis Technology
Certificate in Dialysis Technician
After doctors, the most important role is of the nursing staff. They take care of the patients after surgeries and hospital admitted patients. They also assist doctors in surgeries and operation theatres. Nurses of different levels maintain records of patients, supply medicine, pre & post-operational care, dressings, first aid care, immediate treatment, etc.
B.Sc in Nursing
Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant
M.Sc in Community Health Nursing
M.Sc in Obstetrics & Gynecology Nursing
M.Sc in Psychiatric Nursing
M.Sc in Health Nursing
M.Sc in Pediatric Nursing
Audiologist and Speech Therapist
An audiologist helps to treat patients with speaking and hearing impairment. Patients, who are born with speaking problems, stuttering, are treated with therapeutic exercise and special technology and equipment. These courses train students to understand the various diagnostic techniques, levels of impairment, equipment knowledge, etc.
B.Sc in Audiology and Speech
Diploma in Hear Language and Speech
Medical Laboratory Technologists
Laboratories are a very important part of medical treatment. Diagnosing of diseases is generally done by testing samples in laboratories and that requires a skilled trained technician who is proficient in testing and analyzing samples and read results.
You can also start your laboratory or start as a technician. There is a lot of career growth space as a lab technician in various specific medical fields and a very promising stable job.
B.Sc in Medical Lab Technology
Certificate in Lab Assistant
Diploma in the lab assistant
Though rewarding it’s a challenging profession as well because paramedics are required for long hectic shifts. Any time emergency can be there and you have to be ready. You come across critical and trying situations so; you have to be mentally prepared also.
Scope in Paramedics
There is great scope in the paramedical sector because of the high number of job opportunities in the fast-growing medical industry.

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