Student life needs the right direction

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While Indian educational institutions have been revered as temples, the teachers who teach in these institutions have also been revered as Gurus.  It is because of this recognition that the lamps of knowledge that were lit in these temples have been more reflective of human values ​​than of bookish knowledge.  These values ​​acknowledge the key value discipline that directs student life in the right direction that is fully responsible for the holistic development of students (especially adolescents).  The minus or disappearance of this value leads to an immediate increase in the number of good citizens, which in turn leads to an increase in inhumane practices.  Due to this excess, sometimes our social balance is disturbed which leads to the development of the country lagging behind.  Psychologists have described adolescence as a very dangerous time in life.  At this point, many students often get lost in one way or another.  During these wanderings, they look for a guide who can save them from the whirlpool and bring them closer to their destination.  For this closeness, there can be no one more reliable for them than the teacher.  Because the student spends most of his life in the presence of his teacher.  Thus the role of the school teacher  in maintaining balance (through discipline) in student life cannot be ignored.  But a teacher can play this role properly only if he himself has some good and constructive values.  The central axis of these values ​​is considered to be school discipline.  The student / teacher who goes back and forth from this axis is deprived of many higher and greater achievements.  In this way the teacher has to teach his students a lesson of discipline as well as his own. The students have to move towards their destination.  This increase is bound to turn into an achievement one day or another.  Achievements made by their students are the real earnings of a teacher who is far more skeptical than money.

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Vijay Garg

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