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Transcending Patriots’ Day(s) By-Yengkhom Myrtle-Zest

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By-Yengkhom Myrtle-Zest

As periodical 13th of August arrives, an inevitable vibe surround us being Kngleicha’s. What kind of vibe? Shan’t we enquire? Indeed fundamental question, yet for many appear the question trivial and naive. If one starts digging on this basic, may extract and unravel ‘subjective variabilities’ to the extent of oil and water juxtaposition. Led to observing and analysing ground realities contextually at present with respect to the celebratory or commemorative spirit not only of thosemagnificent brave-replete historic days whilst evoke of where as an ‘entity’ we stand today.And what engulfs present scenario? How the patriotic spirit we celebrate can be endorsed in tune with the present parameters or does it demands a radical signature? Undeniably, times have changed and is changing, with its flux of parameters and their interactions germinating and branching out in many spheres and dimensionsat unimaginable scale as evident today. This changing dynamics of time,it’spast to present and would be future trajectories and implications urge us being part of many living species, an emergent idea of sustaining, progressing and holistic advancement of the planet by avoiding unnecessary lack of vision or daft or severe combustible incidents that will left only ashes as everyone’s future.
Invoking present ground realities; preserving aside safe those memorable, historic and bravish past moments, pompous fantasies and proudness of their descendants; it behoves usthat sooner now than later we observe, analyse and identify who and what are our present threats, enemies and vulnerabilities? Whopping! Ain’t it? The cumulative effects and consequences evolving like superbugs have its causation for sure. The so-called leaders- be it king, political leaders, administrators and heads at various point of time- these representatives’ negligence, myopic vision, selfish-acuity and vested interests petrified them and paralysed together led to lapse of their patriotic zeal, tethered their bravery and heroicness to face timely problems and challenges on their part is sure the cause, eventually culminating and gravitating vicious cycles which are hard to untangle out still.They, in a sense, are staggeringly unlike ‘the  patriots known and unknown, sung and unsung’ who stand up, dare against the invaders, trespassers and oppressors to defend sovereignty, self-determination, dignity, harmony, inhumane exploitation and malevolent policies interfering our affairs at that time. Reminiscently and concurrently, we also can’t forget clan-based conflicts, proselytization, hegemonic influences and dissonances coerced through kings, disunity and greed of power among princes, lack of jurisprudence when it comes to them,  British invasion and divisive polices, sprouting of hatred and divisiveness,etc. Believe-not that peoplewere well, flourishing and enjoyed enough as they deserved or bestowed or live in a sort of utopia during those olden days but at some period, history suggests of apropos self-sustenance, sense of pragmatical patriotism, dignity and integrity reverberated across hills and valleys, close-knit interdependence and co-operation, co-existence and oneness as a composite society.
In retrospect, with asserting today’s existential crises, there has been a long lapse of bravery and unity on the part of lawmakers or political heads representing us. Excluding these leaders and representatives; not to forget, there was and has been heroic souls who sacrifices, dedicates, who stand up unsilent(not as armchair-activist), protest in feasible varied ways against suppressions, oppressions and injustice. Their legacies and guts will thrive and survive no matter who and what position they held in society as they are look upon and condescend by some.Surprisingly or unsurprisingly, those elected leaders who should/are expected to be having the utmost guts, responsibility and astuteness, hardly learn, practice and unite for the upliftment and rectification of today’s shambolic system and its shabby practices prevalent. Many usually ask “Who elects them?” which hardly brings nor approach solution at all alikethe conundrum “Egg first or chicken first?”. Where have their commitment, promises, harangues and the notion of responsible representation gone after elected?
Now hoping against vain hopes, Knglei’s resilience and sturdiness should resuscitate, revive and resurge, immanent and intact in the spirit of never too late to stand up, show up against inclinations of break- away denaturalisation, shredding by vested interests and venomous designs to regain our erstwhile harmonious hand-in-glove composite society, establish social-equilibrium and political stability.
Some present-day threats, quandaries and ruminations:
Reminding of present pandemonium, some hard factual threatsinfamously known instances, happenings and impending can be brought into consideration in tune with this unwished awhile vibe of patriotism on this widely ritual-esque Patriots’ Day celebration to gather and blend ourselves united through understanding objectively for approaching and actuating the needful bravely and resolutely!
1)    Elusive and highly malevolent is the nature of Naga Framework agreement. Is the outcome a forgone conclusion or still shrouded with unpredictability?
Time and again, policies, talks or agreements whosoever the Indian govt. or state govt. have with ethnic-based political or insurgents in our composite society imbued us and ourambience with apprehension, exasperation and misgivings;followed by chasms, disorientation and disorder often resorting to taking a great toll and toil affecting in overall aspects of our socio-economic development in short and long term. Lack of timely intervention, dithering tackling and handling rather than rational, amicable and constitutional judiciousness to the situation concern always aggravates the situation and becomes rigid causing cantankerous in practical matters and viable-options closed at last.
Before any sectarian or ethnic based demands, we need to remind ourselves an inescapable and unavoidable fact. Inseparable of Hills and valley is such that Manipur without Hills is incomplete, so do without valley is incomplete Manipur for hills and valley are just geographical topographies, dear part and parcel of Manipur. Swallowing this reality is not hard but a nectar when we relate and intermingle ourselves practically in any sphere, through interactions that will unveil the interwovenness immanent, realise and become more aware of organic inter-relationships and interdependences.Objective and rational understanding of history a must, unavoidable links and great deal of amicable existential ways will help arrive wilful concrete resolutions to defend against our attenuating compositeness as an entity thus resolving the differences together voluntarily and solemnly, understanding each other grievances and differences to remove the venomous slivers and splinters within thuslettingmelt away certain misleading vested interests in whatsoever form.
2)MU impasse’s long duration, which is being handled unqualifiedly and unnecessarily political(as alleged)by the concern authority or govt. is heinous and undeserving for the university has its own appropriate statutory obligations. The demanded Independent judicial enquiry is a must in the present circumstances. No subterfuge please. Highly likely will branch out severely unwanted and unnecessary consequences in long and short term. What if happen in a bigger state is also a pertinent question asked around?
Here, state govt. lack guts and resolute stand. Appears state govt. have been playing second fiddle to HRD or Centre for best reasons known only to themselves. And manywhere informally and formally, there was blistering rejoinder just after that alleged well-organised rally which is really uncalled-for. Please shun gaming politics here and do the needful objectivity to the extent of finding and punishing prior misappropriations and offences if formers’ were found committed too.The incumbent VC said to be from a holy land of India is infamous for his unholy, corrupt, misappropriations, etc. which claimed too true to be alleged. What’s in the air about longpending due intervention some muse as of coming election related, nepotism, magically influential so and so! So there is nothing to be surprise and shockonthe concern authority’s long negligence. And particularly,why not boycott this currentHRD minister when he visit for election campaign next time which he used to do and quite lovingly long-stay during campaigns in our state and now not dare to visit or remain mute or neglect due quick intervention to solve the ongoing impasse!!
Furthermore, It seems incompatible to clubbed but the army station in the campus should be removed at the earliestas demanded time and again but yield vain assurances. It can be utilize for many educational and cultural importance. Say, replacing the army station with an Astronomical Observatory on this lofty hillock will be a beautiful worthy initiative thus too induce awareness of light-pollution which is a neglected issue in many deserved places or a Historical and Cultural Museum will be of high value.
3)Tergiversating border pillars’ issues and laxity of Indian border-armed guards at Indo-Myanmar is a fact not a speculation as per many reliable reports.Highly strategic moveby the centre as some say! Strategic at the cost of us?Recently, the so called high level team led by Surveyor General of India visiting the state border not on spot but vicinity(later dragged and sling their timidity or arrogance by our brave Kotha women) to inspect(rather say somnambulism visit than inspection) the current border alarming issue with Myanmar is ridiculous and ironically shows their “Burmese Patriotism” being Indian in relative to other case of Indo-Pak or Indo-china border issues. Those concerned officials are seriously uncalled-for but on-record their sheer negligence indelible and undeniable. Incredible India!!
4)    North-East India can’t be any sort of lebensraum by passing Citizenship amendment Bill.
The motive itself is more of much-talked cynical Hindutva stuff which is ridiculous in a self-praised secular country. After all, it is not a matter of secular or non-secular for us. Unending debatesaside, the fact is of existential crises, sensitive resultants and its awful trajectories. It canbe largelyconnected with the alarmingdreaded dis-ease and suffocation the world started facing calledDemographicExplosion. Population control throughout the world is amust no matter what ideology, religion or dogma one subscribes or bound by its doctrinaires.As of now, Earth is the only planet inhabitable known to us and proportionality of land and its habitants matters a lot.
5)    Sprouting of well-engineered-like incidents almost nearing internecine strife from certain issues and sometimes diversified, ramified then distorted to extent of chronic erosion in many spheres at the cost of live and resources, inescapably boomerang back reaping the bitter consequences dueto unnecessary mediation from third parties or incompetent authorities or negligence in timely interventionby the state govt. as evident in many cases foundered colossal time and resources deviated from  potential developments . Loth to accept or negotiate through objectivity, inventiveness and benevolent ideas can pent-up emotions among communities or may create thriftless barriers. Of course, trust-deficit, misunderstanding need be restored mutually but remain vehemently stubborn to certain demands deteriorates together spiralling backwards.
6)    Centre always appears and has been riding roughshod over us on many sensitive and delicate issues without sound knowledge and understanding be it cultural, historical, strategic, sociological and economical.Be it fanciful Projects which return unimaginable exploitation and dislocation, many still pending and delayed in granting deserved returns or assurances.
Through upcoming railway-projects and Act East Policy, the large wheels of commerce will start rolling for sure;apart from lack of intricate readiness and requisite set-ups, narky and unwantedly influx of beggars or its related activities is highly probable through train routes or other routes which should beforestalled.Maintaining our sanctity of beggar-free society since immemorial is a must. Undeniably, there are undefined groups extorting and demanding money like a powerful-beggar but we shouldn’t add another burdenor pestilence of overt-beggar inflowing here, that areprevailing in many parts of India and world at large. Our railway station need be declared ‘Beggar Free Zone’ and necessary drastic measures be set-up at any cost, like special task force or Anti-beggar force or whatever. Without properly heeding ecology, topographyand its aftermaths, project and mining activities shouldn’t be consented or initiated. Furthermore, deprivation of constitutionally valid rights, thenmade struggle unnecessarily investing peoples’ time, resources, blood, lives and vital energies in innumerable cases- say some; statehood demand, language inclusion, repeal AFSPA, Indigenous protection issues; proper justice for extra-judicial killings, inhumane torture, rapes and extortions, etc. continues to wreak havoc compounding directly or indirectly on masses and states over-all development. Recent 300 odd army officers’ Supreme Court move is a sort of blatant confession yet desperate cry to condone their illegal actions and misused of power by ironically evoking security and integrity of nation should atop constitution.
7)    False projections, discrimination and abuses for racially different or different food-style and lifestyle justifies the much-uttered step-motherly treatment and prejudices towards us.OH! Less MP. Hollow is thy Unity in Diversity! And pathetically, pliable and shabby-genteel nature of State govt. at different periods and episodes have also its lion’s share of timidity, submissiveness and impotent-patriotism. Problems of trafficking and smugglings need to be tackled with efficient and fair measure starting right from law-enforcing officials themselves is the opinion of hoi polloi. Lack of judiciousnessand incompetency of the govts. have been the norm if not always.

8)        We as citizens, still hope against hope that association of politics with favouritism, charlatanism, deceptive and hypocritical traits need to be promptly ceased at the earliest for the betterment of motley of deficits at present and naturally future generations to come if digested with vision the pros and cons in any of your passive or active moves. Probable? Impossible?  Reflecting yourselves the pragmaticalness of Patriotic-day and public speeches, leadership responsibility decide the answer.

In many of these issues; masses, Meira paibis, civil societies and clubs, human rights groups, student and various organisations, effective JACs have played a great role of patriotism even though there is lapse of patriotism and bravery from political leaders and concerns. Also, we can’t deny, lot of black sheep and imposters are strewing, being part of this society if we are to speak of ground realities.

I hazarded a lot of scattered guess, suspicions, insinuations, possibilities and doubts which stink to hold on and majorly are of macabre nature but lace through us magically in daydreams and nightmares for events and incidents sharply dented and etched in our memory, psyche, emotions and relationships; may be such that through digesting, understanding, unravelling and exploring collectively and responsibly evolve to find solutions. Taking resolute stands on this Patriots’ Dayor before the vibe ends at least, of these alarming present situations will the time come to dissolve and root out those avoidable or unnecessary lot of loads, which is what bravery and love for people and land is about. It’s time we asked ourselves and brave out the necessities and possibilities in tune with the present. So too the case for many dear compatriots who celebrate and adore patriotism to take unflinching stand and resolution, apart from celebration and narrating historic moments only! Won’t that be the needful tribute for Patriots’ Day celebration? Therefrom and henceforth, days ahead invite us the clarion call to sustain and show the patriotic readiness.

Generally Ivory-tower Commemoration Ways

Just commemoration sake-like without substantial considering of present day enemies and threats, lacking currently contextual ideas and discourses with fitting relevant applications highlight something of now-generation and some-back, scarcity of much needed commensurate patriotic spirit and zeal taught by our patriots whom we revered. Many celebration are of ritual-esque and monotonous whereby political rhetoric, redundant anecdotes and stories are parroted. Appears strongly ‘complacent just’, remain proud-pleased as we are their descendants and pass on the celebration by investing time, money and energy mostly on programmes that induced only fantasies, projections and ‘old is always gold kind’ that too filled with redundant hindustani-based songs as a contagious norm in many venues, concomitantly amounts to unsafe conceits. Don’t want to bring in those celebrated names of hindustani-music-based ‘old is gold’ tag fellows. No doubt, beautiful lyrics enormous but highly hindustani-based reflects the image of their times— influenced and dear adoption, also themselves were/are part in perpetrating the hegemony of alien culture and music. What consequential influences has penetrated deep in our conscious and unconsciousness in many art-forms and films can’t be another secerned story.  Does it sound reclusive and conservative or of question of identity crises? What has happen has happened regardless of varied perspectives. Ok let’s cut short considering music is universal and they were globalized ahead! Unmissably and very unfortunately, any of 3O-plus communities’ folk or indigenous music and songs hardly accentuated except some few Leiteng-thangs and Ta-khousarol, which are taken for granted by majority because of the ways of presentation without inculcating the philosophies and spiritualties involved to the intended audience due negligence or ignorance in effectively organising which we see as a norm ubiquitous in many celebrations, praying if not all. Another thing whether important or notis for readers to decide, why should we loan words when we have precise vocabularies? Mention can be made of Bir, Neta, Pandit, Shahid Minar, etc. Whether you like/accustom or not, we have ample vocabularies to express them say Athoubarel, Luchingpurel, Lamjinglen, Maichou, Mainou, Athou-Yumbiren/Khubmlen, etc. We have already and also many can coin indigenous punching vocabularies to replace them. For more information, I don’t meant to say we can translate, coin or have better or sufficient words in advance or now for any discipline. Who can replace Phanek-mayeknaibi, Singju, etc. exactly in other language with suffice, similarly we better not attempt in case of others’ origin which we don’t have at all before, say graphene, robot, Hubble-constant, many scientific terms, etc. Explaining and interpreting is another matter. If I am not mistaken, language evolve by importing what we don’t have but not at the cost of replacing what we already have precisely. Ignorance, habits and certain indulgences and influences plays humongous role in moulding certain unwanted vortex. Learning other languages is not an issue but boasting, replacing or unnecessary substitution or sometimes even out of ignorance is unhealthy. Exchange, interaction and globalisation has its beautiful side but we can’t always go on imitating, importing or neglecting our roots or assets for certain impulses. What props-up our patriotic pride and bravery today as descendants of those patriots? Just to mention a few- 1891 Anglo-Manipuri war, Nupi-Lals, Gaidinglui & Jadonang Resistances, Kuki-Rebellion, etc. areour remarkable incidents that continue to imbibe, impart and motivate eliciting us to continue and go beyond those legacies of patriotism whenever demanded and required, for more visionary extra miles. Often, isn’t it fair to be suspicious or umbrageous at our govt. in the prevailing atmosphere and certain episodes?

On Patriots’ Day, not redolent with present context and burning issues is a damning flaw! Shouldn’t this vantage platform be utilise for present contextual application of patriotism too? Organisers hardly or not-at-all invest time-slot for substantial discussion, consultation and finding ingenious practical ways and approaches or stand firm resolutions to defend present threats, enemies and designs for bringing effective solution shows our lack of true sense in patriotism, myopic vision and  superficial nature in celebrating. I don’t mean to question their patriotism nor mine holier-than-thou. Just stating the facticity.

On this day, the state govt. needless rhetoric speeches and dabbling initiatives but emphasise and pursue out of conviction rather than compulsion form public on rejuvenating Thang-ta(not only martial, but for its spiritual and philosophical values) which is of paramount importance in regard to this day and revitalise innumerable dying traditional games, exercises and disciplines which shapes our ethos, culture, identity and varied art-forms. Further new-technologies and possible improvements through scientific applications be inculcated and boosted. Perhaps, traits that inherit through those art-forms are the key to our virtuoso towering sport-persons and artists ever-mushrooming till this day even though infrastructure, timely support and grants are pitiable as per global standards. Stamps and books need be released, various competitions and timely relevant constructive debates be organised.

Importantly, brave patriots meant, not only those recognised, known and sung ones; we need room and also revered our offerings to those “Unknown and Unsung heroes/patriots” at least by writing this words enframed and keep among those ubiquitously celebrated known heroes’ portraits. That will encompass at least some justice, the needful deep reverence that can highlight our inclusiveness. Effective measures to boost locally compatible projects and revitalise what is organic to us but with rational, scientific and far-sighted approach defining our uniqueness is a must. As the adage goes- Think globally, Act locally; development with identity is indeed needed and here lies our thrust concerns.

This day calls forth for voluntary yet co-ordinate efforts to thwart influx divisive policies and strategies in varied facets which exacerbate in depriving our overall developments and rights to live together and gnawed by piling stacks of accumulating suppressed unsolved problems which lies dormant that can erupt any time if not careful and vigilant. Otherwise it amounts to passive self-sabotage if we skip and neglect to digest the hindsight and actuate the foresights to its fullest potential and commitment possible by converging prevailing misalignments to melt trust-deficits and regain concord. Hope it is not only about celebration and preservation of history; we learn and go beyond to transcend and transform barriers of any form into bridges.

We as a composite society nurture by this state and resources, should jump in to collaborate for rapprochement and progressive co-existence but not jump in or out to defend each other at the cost of further unwanted continuances. Sometimes unbridled emotions guided jerky reactions; mismanagement or disregard from any group or any authority should be tackle rationally and humanely with proper law-enforcement and if needed give enough-room to self-correct and wane. No doubt; need sincere, judicious and rational approaches from the concerns. By open-mindedness and open heartedness, mutual understanding and consonant co-existence can be winnowed from discontentment and unholy conditionings but calls-for ground-reality based concerted efforts to understand the differences through interactions in various spheres as the aphorism goes expansion is life, and contraction is dead. As history taught us, we should also never forget and vigilant all-the-time that almost cent percent of the political promises and speeches many gossip-like that harangue about benefits, commitment, fanciful delusions and music-to-ear for ‘Certain Sections, Divisions or Partisans’ to the extent of boosting adrenalines for revenge, past grievances, hatred and stupefying victories for their targeted audiences’ manipulating emotional chemistry and as if nearingheaven-hopes create unnecessary overall chaos by pulling our strings. Many are sycophants at its best, speciousness their skill, and in fact their commitments and promises untimely gutter. They hardly connect or bamboozle people when it comes to needed holistic development, magnanimity, judiciousness, possible forgiveness, compassion, rationality, mutual-understanding, cooperation, universal harmony, embracing of constant self-correcting, practical possibilities and open-mindedness; for by partisanship and creating enemies they gain votes and satiate their selfish or unpatriotic motives .But strangely or by conditions, we fuel our hope against hopes and hardly learned from unsought past for better politicians and leaders. Of course, it’s painful, disheartening and angst-filled to acknowledge later who they are after elected while we realised quite late for being swayed and disposed to status-quo, and have been so credulous.

Changing dynamics and Unavoidable flexibilities:

Laws have been added and amended around the world; ethical issues go on adapting to changing systems; trend of mixed-up lifestyles, exchanges among socio-cultural entities and science influencingly go on changing; outlook and approaches in various spheres and disciplines is a flux in itself; system of govts. debatably evolve or devolve, security and strategic relations still in dynamics of blocs; religions, doctrines, zealotry and anthropocentricity hardly changed; monopolies, forms of domineering tactics, crimes and violations too manifested in intricate new-facets. New and strange ways of deprivation, hostilities and censorship borne out. Pockets of ignorances receded and more perplexing questions, quest and wonders open-up in unimaginable ways. Comforts, conveniences and communication improved at large but climate, ecology and environment is changing for worse though there are concerted efforts while less collective in responsibilities as of now.

Merits and demerits, pros and cons, uses and misuse/abuses, advances in healthcare and technology but severe side-effects and mortality of adverse-drug-reactions(ADR), muddling of brand-products between quality-based and bogus with deceptive information and precarious motives, questionable judicious utilization of resources becomes the flummoxing normal at large. Not to be mistaken as pessimist, since lot of befuddling grey-areas are coming up. Some scientific finding rebuff or modified the other in various disciplines too. But that’s the way how science progress by continuously modifying, self-correcting and rebuffing. Obnoxiously, some scientist are blighted by corruption and affected large population mainly in medical and consumable industry by advertising misleading information.

Awareness in whatever we are influenced, collective responsibilities and convergence of rational attitudes by accepting differences and amenable exchanges to bring lasting peaceful co-existence as one humanity and needed enriching ecology prerequisites flexible ‘holistic being’. So sense of bravery and patriotism have to go beyond or demands paradigm shift. How?

Ok, for the time-being, we shall simulate ourselves or wander a bit with few quest. Some facts, fantasies, fictions and whatever between. It may look like a dreamland! Ok let that be, we all daydream and dream at night!

How many generations will we wait for the concept of borderless world and humanity to thrive? In reality there is no naturally defining borders or demarcations. All are concepts which became useful in the course of human evolution, also seen in some other species, which can become useless or old-fashioned when we evolve further appertaining how effective or it creates unnecessary blocks if we go on rationalising to this concepts in respect to changing settings. Rationality and rationalising can be diametric. Borderless world seems like a pipedream nevertheless ‘indeed a perceivable possibility’ with miles to march toward but at least better quicker than never or too later. This vice-like grip of territorial imperative and affixed greedy sinister motives of human has cause more than enough bloodshed in our history? Shall we continue? As a matter of fact, we go on continuing even today in various changing styles. When will these piling-up of arms and weapons, pompousness and gallantness of armed-forces the world over, their show of strength, victories and defeat become non-extant? Weapons of mass destruction exist, if instances and accidents trigger them, who will be the winner? Of course, no winner and whole species to extinction, perhaps forever and ever. Every elite, political leaders and many know this grave possible and probable nonextant consequence of entire species and the planet very well. But queerly, these are questions and initiatives that are repulsive to politicians thus remained rich-concepts yet unwilling to practise or implement by sorting viable and co-operative means, nevertheless which have exuberant existential answer in itself if implemented!

Implementation? The crux! Convergence of collective responsibilities cutting across countries through far-sighted, benevolent and rational nature of individuals and leaders with paradigm shift towards a higher consciousness or evolving further from present scenario and real sense of civilisation will do. Open-mindedness, awareness covering nook and corner and realisation of voluntary law abiding matters. With so many hungry mouths, deprivations, ever-increasing population, extreme zealotry, monopolies and if teeming vested interests go on thriving, it will never work. Even so-called philanthropies, with sinister designs are functioning today. No doubt, philanthropy motives and potentials are abundant, but meagre real philanthropists. Inauspiciously, for most benevolent and healthy initiatives; marring doppelgangers too sprouted. To stand up against all these is what I called the new patriot and bravery. Understanding ways and tackling climate and environment too isbravery plus altruism. They are patriots for whole humanity and world, the only planet we altogether inhabit. That’s where transcendence of Patriots’ day, expanding and embracing whole humanity and beyond boundaries of any group irrespective of ethnic, regional, state,  country, continent or civilisation has the potential to metamorphose our earth to heaven that exist only in fantasies or very unlikely after-death. Irrefutably, it can’t be invoke through supernatural or occult means. Earth or universe as motherland or fatherland, preserving ecology and collaboratively devising and making sustainable plans, effective implementation in the long run defending undesired violence, rights to universal citizenship in context to their essential links and evolving characteristics is earthly patriotism, which will be so beautiful and progressing.

Sports and competition need not be played only for national or state or regional interest. Certainly it will have ways to evolve and devised amicable and interesting ways. And so-called securities or armies need not lost jobs but utilize in calamities and disaster management or emergent exigencies. Of course many conscientious objectors is bound to arise increasingly. Then, when copious numbers of defence-forces become redundant and useless, its large part of investment can be streamline for betterment of humanity, ecology, environment and holistic development devising flexible rational and judicious plans. By all available parameters at present, its seems like an utopia and too fast forward but should human relationships and its environment should let change and contribute ourselves for worse or better pokes us consciously if not unconsciously. Unless we(people and mainly govt. and leaders around the world) commit and act with far-sightedness, we as human beings will remain juvenile, less evolved and yield to maladjustments from time to time. With scientific advancement, magical-like scrutiny and plans for over-all betterment can be devised instead of investing on where and whom to spy, how to advance sophisticated weapons or production for lucrative business, what to exploit, how to satiate power-hunger and be Machiavellian, so and so! Randomly and accidentally, we seem to survive inspite of so many weapons of mass destruction surrounding us and many sinister persons given responsibility in high pedestals all these years. There is quest in us that repels the idea of us being terminated along-with/defeated by problems and questions that arises but the affinity to solve and find answers haunts us much stronger.

This piece of writing broaches and points to some or may appear to be reeked of self-contradicting attributes. Even life itself is marked by contrasting(strongly appears) extremes of birth and death which in-between survive and fuel by relative concepts of truth, imaginations and circumstantial practicalities. But what concerns here is about unhassled evolutionary course, complementary and supplementary perspectives instead of contrast and comparison that barriers and divides. When one look up at a clear night sky(deep dark background), one see celestial objects(bright) in their majestic beauty. Because of that contrast between the deep dark background and bright brilliant light, though distant we enjoy clearly the wonderful curiosity and wander our imaginations. It’s about realising, sometimes existential wholeness and embracing the contrast as complementariness towards inclusiveness and necessary corrections of concepts and ideas. It’s about looking inside out and looking outside in too, how naive or adventurous one may be. It’s also about certain concerns of melting each other cultures or defining identities as broil into soups but also opportune alternate perspectives, say retain like the attribute of Singju’s components in their distinct uniqueness and symphonic flavour too. After-all, varieties enrich the garden called earth and who knows what scientific and on-going trends have to offer in future about our defining patterns. It is also realising about the highly probable actual magnitude of the macabre denouement of infinite problems likely to face soon how near or far so relative to the prevailing power dynamics. It’s also about, one may not be powerful enough to initiate challenging campaigns and movements by circumstances, may not be able to script, invent and discover stuffs that ameliorates over-all problem quickly, unluckily or vagariously fail to walk the rope of ideal kind or conform to society that happened tenably, but still have the right to constructive criticism, suggestion, share opinions and reflections that suits and deem demanded in permutation and combination of ways as per differences of angles, perceptions and outlook even from a prison cell, from one about to be hanged or executed or from top of the pyramid or anybody dare to, through any medium if it makes sense, relevant or able to decode what it truly meant or points for.

As usually said and agreed, it always starts a journey with a single step, oceans are made-up of innumerable droplets, butterfly-effects and even placebo effects are existential phenomena in addition to wonder and mysteries of known unknowns and unknown unknowns. Sometimes it seems, seamlessness and sharp boundaries have its deepening plays in different dimensions as sides of a same flipping coin. Differences and variations meant to me richness of values and embracing existential realities including wild imaginations whosoever wonder and wander daringly or at ease.

It may be easy to talk, write, dream or fantasise but the path to make it happened is often meandering with unexpected acquaintances along entailing painstaking efforts. By virtue of human tendency to be ‘Happy within-and-around’, whatever it be, for success, development, relationships or endeavour anything; itself deduces the fact that no human or the humanity need no-more war and bloodshed whether incidentally or accidentally, to yield patriots or heroes of any form. Instead we need heroes or realise one’s own unique heroicness for favourable holistic advancement as a whole. Fairly, as a matter of fact, strangely and very commonly, majority of the individual, people or govt. often freaks out when it comes to dealing with ‘neighbour’ be it in context to locality, state, country or region; sorry to mention the resiliency of that inextricable human-nature as of now. There dwells the baby steps and teething issues. Wish always, the ability to start walking and pushing limitations should not amounts to signature on water.


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