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Money! Money!

by Rinku Khumukcham
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By – Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi

Independent Scholar

All we know is she’s powerful, intoxicating:

All we know is she’s damn beautiful and alluring;

She knows no boundaries; she’s Goddess and wealth;

She smiles miles and miles unto she’s torn into parts;

All is well, when she’s around us lavishing,

Hither and thither, she comes and she went away;

She’s no one’s daughter and she’s no one’s woman;

Neither she’s no one’s mother and no one’s sister,

She knows all what she’s unto and she loves counting;

All we know is she comes in bundles and hangs around,

She herself a class and a kind, she travels far and wide;

All we do is crazy after her money! Money!


No doubt she holds one; she unites people, men;

She blinks and she twinkles and sparkling;

No doubted, we love us when she’s with us,

She holds the magic wealth and showers peace;

All we do is we buy, we built and we destroy;

Behold! She loves her own way, smoother and generous,

She has ‘her’ own space; she holds ‘her’ place,

Buildings after buildings, construction after construction;

We laugh beholding ‘her’ and we dine upon ‘her’

We’re all brothers; we’re all sisters as she binds us;

We know no dirty boundaries; we see no good men;

We’re rich upon ‘her’, we’re captivating powerful,

All we do is crazy after her money! Money!


Alas! She’s hard to catch owning as she flies,

We dreamt and dream of ‘her’ in pocket plenty;

She’s a mirage sick; she’s mirage happiness too,

Peoples’ dying starving without ‘her’, she knows nothing;

She haunts hard back; men become poor and poorer;

She’s isn’t a friend; she isn’t a blessing when poor,

No doubt she holds lie, corruption and envy;

All we know is she’s a median; she’s a way living;

We fight over ‘her’; we kill and we kick over ‘her’

She knows whom to hold with, stronger and brave;

She divides no doubted, weaker and lazy and empty;

All we do is building bridges hatred, hatred amongst us;

All we do is crazy after her money! Money!


Something’s right as we sow ‘her’ through,

Surprisingly! She gives us hope so strong;

She multiplies ‘herself’ and she sum up too,

All we know is counting, bundles after bundle;

All we remembers is ‘her’ numbers in total,

She’s unseen, she’s blank and she’s written number;

Great we become, honored when own ‘her’ most,

She’s untidy when in laborers pocket;

She’s clean when in executive’s wallet;

She’s thrown fluttering when in politician’s hand;

She’s sweated when in hoofers’ clinching;

She’s being worship when in merchant’s lockers;

All we do is crazy after her money! Money!

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