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Height of obscenity

by IT Web Admin
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By- Nganthoi Lourembam

Is the increase of crime against women in the state due to lack of moral policing? Or defying  moral   policing is   required to battlesuch heinous   crimes. Frequent happening of crime against women and children, really is a worrisome for all the parents whohave girl children  and the state is facing such callous incidents back to back. Before the destruction is severe the government must take a quick decision and resist from happening such crimes in the state.The state was the best in terms of respecting elders and women in the past, but in recent time, the state has become worse than the capital state of the country. It is indeed shocking to learn about an eight years old girl who was brutally killed after getting raped. What could be worse than the place where you get no respect for women and children? In another shocking incident, seventeen years old was allegedly raped and killed by her cousin brother, just few days back. After listening to such news what triggered in mind is ‘have we all become animals?’ One can imagine what kind of nightmare the girls’ parents must be going through.There might be various reasons to why such inhuman crimes are taking place in the state. The fast growing scientific technology could be one of the reasons in creating such criminal offences. The state has witnessed massive increase in using mobile handset every year which leads everyone, even five years old, to know how to operate mobile and other technologies. This leads to increase in watching of pornography through quick access of mobile internet. Becoming more liberated to shamelessly expose obscenity could be another reason for such crimes. There are various shops which expose obscene products to gain more profit. Just a week ago I happened to go to Paona Bazar with my brother to fix my Laptop. Just next to the servicing centre there was Lingerie shop and displayed an obscene photo showing undergarments. I felt awkward while looking at the photo but it was displayed right in front of the road which is being passed by various people – men, women, oldies and children. Such things can harm the minds of criminals and lead to increase in crime against women and children.

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Waikhom Michael December 18, 2014 - 8:41 am

About Obscenity, a lingerie advertise is nothing when weighted against those old movie posters of Imphal Talkies, Jina and not to mention those small video theaters in Lillong. It is not the posters or billboards that makes one rape and murder. Reason lies with the upbringing and behaving of the offspring.

Bandana December 21, 2014 - 4:09 am

You’re taking up a very challenging topic, Nganthoi. This topic requires an in-depth knowledge of human psychology but your article is just ordinary. Try to be more professional. I read your article just because it was nicely presented. You got potential… keep it up.


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