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Items filtered by date: Saturday, 07 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Why should media be dictated on what or what not to publish ?

The advancement in information technology has made today’s world a ‘Global village’ – the term first coined by Canadian-born author Marshall McLuhan. Man born at the extreme corner of Far East Asiatic countries knows, cry and pray for the kind of disasters that happen in Middle East countries or in Latin America. Installation of internet technologies to cell phones which every human being can afford makes the people of our Earth- whose circumference is estimated at about 40,075 Kilometer staying at a communicable distance. Now every human being equipped with cell phone can now talk or stay in touch with any of their friends or relatives staying thousand miles away. Point bringing here is about the changes in the theory of mass media in relevance to today’s journalism. The very concept at which the older generation considered ‘proximity’ as a characteristic of news is somewhat losing its foot.
Professor M.L Stein, the then chairman of Department of Journalism, California State University, Long Beach, Carlifornia in his book “Shaping the News” in 1974 wrote that people are more interested in what happens in their neighbours. The one time presumption that ‘a dog fight on Main Street is of more interest to our readers then fifty thousand foreign troops killed in battle somewhere’ seems to have no relevance in today’s society. Readers are now interested about happenings at distance places if the subject matters is his or her interest.
However, another characteristic of news - ‘Prominence’ on the hand is becoming a matter of more interested subjects for almost all readers. People now want to know what had happen to their leaders, celebrity or the bureaucrats irrespective of where they stay or which country they reside. Every news readers are eager to know the story of successful personality.

Points bringing up here are not to lecture on what is news and what should be reported but this is an attempt to make some of our critic to understand on why the newspaper especially the kind of ours often published story about real heroes or events that happen far far away from our state. Sometimes a mere insignificant event at which some people are of vested interested are often left of and the result is not always good for we in the media fraternity of Manipur state in particular. The other kind of pressure that the media persons sometimes remain helpless is their intentions to get publish their story.
Manipur or say Imphal is not a safe place for even VIPs who are escorted by security personnel days and night. It is an open secret that almost all the politicians including MLAs or Ministers or even the Chief Ministers have linked with the UGs , the only thing we don’t have is the proof.
So, what would be the security of those working with the media if in case, some of the individuals or rebels force us to publish stories of their interest. Being taken up this profession, we always stand with our ethics and there is no question of compromising ethics while publishing stories. But when the government said that this should not be published and this should be published then where is the freedom of speech provided under the constitution of our country. Government machineries can invite news editors and can discussed about the content on objectivity reason but dictate the media. Calls of bandh or blockade by any organisation are in some way an essential news items for media houses living in conflict zone – because it is for the safety and security of the common people that the government machineries cannot guarantee their safety. We have PCI guidelines, local code of conduct and this should be respected.
Bottom line is that media should not be harassed at any cost for any reason because we chose this profession not merely to earn for living but with full intention to serve our nation.  

Scrapping Special category status – A blow to Manipur

State govt. failures to provide share likely to delink important Central Scheme

Scrapping of the Special Category Status and modification in centre-state funding pattern for schemes by the Union government of India has given a big blow to the region particularly Manipur which lacks development and have been suffering from backwardness and insurgency. With the state government failing to contribute its share based on the plan outlay of 2015-16, many Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs) meant for the State are likely to be delinked from centre’s support thereby leaving the state administration in a critical situation.
Sources from State Planning and Finance Department revealed that the economy of the state is at its worst today and there is all likelihood of a severe financial disaster by the end of this year.
The State Government has already received the Central Government’s fund share for the CSCs for the first 6 months of the current fiscal.
The amount sanctioned has already been allocated to the respective departments according to the given guidelines. However, the State Government is yet to contribute its share based on the plan outlay of 2015-16.Execution of many important central sponsored schemes in the state was severely affected by the Centre’s decision not to sponsor them further.

Till the last financial year, the Centre used to give 90 percent funds for CSS schemes. Now the reverse has happened putting the state government in a quandary on how to continue such important schemes. Now the state government has to take the entire burden of expenditures to continue implementation of schemes.   With the State Government failing to provide its share and submit utilization certificates for the funds of the first phase installment even when it was already time for receiving the second phase installment, it is speculated that the centre is not likely to hold back further fund for the CSS scheme, source said.
The sources further revealed that since the Manipur Government has not been able to provide its share, some CSCs are already on the verge of collapse. If the state government fails to contribute its backlog share, many CSS schemes are likely to be delinked from the state.
As many as 12 schemes, which received budgetary support from the Centre till 2014-15, have been now completely delinked from central support. The schemes which had been delinked from Centre’s support are National e-Governance Plan; Backward Regions Grant Funds; Modernization of Police Forces; Rajiv Gandhi Panchayat Sashaktikaran Abhiyaan (RGPSA);  Scheme for Central Assistance to the States for developing export infrastructure; Scheme for setting up of 6000 Model Schools; National Mission on Food processing and Tourist Infrastructure As per the Budget 2015-16, Centre/State funding pattern for some CSCs had undergone a change with the State supposed to contribute higher share. Now there are 31 Schemes to be fully sponsored by the Union Government. Eight schemes have been delinked from support of the Centre and 24 Schemes are now supposed to run with the changed sharing pattern.   Some of the schemes to be run with the changed sharing pattern are Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture; RashtriyaKrishi Vikas Yojana; National Livestock Mission; National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture; Veterinary Services and Animal Health; National Rural Drinking Water Programme; NationalAIDS and STD Control programme; National Health Mission; Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA);  National Land Records Modernisation Programme; National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM);Rural Housing-Housing for All; PMKSY (including Watershed programme and micro irrigation) etc. Considering the current financial situation in which the state is in; the Finance Department has taken up all possible means to save the economy of the state from any possible disaster. Earlier, North east chief Ministers including of Manipur Assam urged the centre to restore the special category status for the troubled torn states which are economically backward.

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BSNL employees said GM J. Lunkim as inefficient head

Pen down strike by employees of BSNL Maipur enters three day today, freezing all official works relating to telecommunication service in the state. The strike which was called by the employee’s body of BSNL in protest against the high handedness of General Manager J. Lunkim, who had allegedly assaulted a sincere employee in his office room, now said that GM J. Lunkim is an inefficient leader with no marks of any achievement in the functioning of the BSNL.
The employees said that unless Lunkim is transferred from his present post they will continue the strike. They further added that the matter has been forwarded to the national level body of BSNL.
With the strike being underway, all revenue collection works of the BSNL has been put to complete halt. Complaint about internet line defect or land line connection has not been accepted creating lot of inconveniences to the consumers. An employee in the state of anonymity stated that J. Lunkim is a flop employee to lead the BSNL Business Service in the state.
Manipur, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh is under the Secondary Switching Area (SSA) of North East Circle one. Other service provider like  Vodafone, Aircel, Reliance, Airtel, Idea etc. can promote business service of the BSNL but as Mr. Lunkim is showing no interest in this sector Manipur BSNL is becoming a complete flop. An employee said that Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh is doing much better comparing to Manipur even though Manipur is blessed with more numbers of consumers.
The employees further added that most of the time the BSNL Manipur is receiving frequent complaints from nationalized bank as there banking activities are completely depended on internet service. Frequent break down in the internet service is the main reason for the complaints from the banks.

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AMESTA condemn killing of School teacher; protest staged, threatens intense agitation if fail to punish culprits

A sit-in-protest against the brutal killing of Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu of Keirao Makting Awang Leikai, Headmaster of Keirao Primary Madrasa School was held at Keirao – Urup Thongkhong bazar of Keirao Litan Makhong today organized by AMESTA, Keirao A/C.
Speaking on the occasion, Ch Santakumar Singh, Secretary General, AMESTA said that the brutal murder of Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu is not an insult to the Keirao constituency alone but it is an attack to all the teachers of the state.
The unwarranted allegation leveled against Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu as a cow thief has brought bad name to all the teachers in the society which is unacceptable.
Government must bring out the fact and the truth over the killing of the school teacher, AMESTA urged. “Those involved culprits must be brought in front of the public as soon as possible and the truth why Md Hasmad Ali @ Oja Babu was murdered”, Shantakumar added. Ch Santakumar Singh further said that the reason for organizing the sit-in-protest is against the charging of a school teacher as theft which in reality is an insult to all the teachers community of the state.
AMESTA Head Office, All Manipur Teachers Association, Clubs Organization and the whole society of Manipur demanded the Government to look into this matter seriously and demanded immediate arrest all those involved in the of the school teacher. AMESTA also urged the public not to politicalise or communalise the issue.
The teachers’ body also threaten intense form of agitation if the government fails to arrest and punish all those involved in the killing of the school teacher.

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KYKL cadre held

Troops of Red Shield Division apprehended one KYKL cadre from Kangwai Mamang Leikai, Churachandpur. Based on a specific input regarding the presence of a KYKL cadre, the troops of the Division  launched an operation on 05 Nov 2015 at around 0200Hr. The party reached the location & apprehended the cadre identified as Oinam Ibungo Meitei @ Ibomcha, aged 34 yrs, S/o Late O Dhiren Meitei, R/O Village Kangwai Mamang Leikai, PO/PS Moirang, District Bishnupur (Manipur) at 0250Hr on 05 Nov 2015. The apprehendee was handed over to Police Station Moirang.

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Meet on Peaceful Co-existence held

With the concept to rebuilt the almost shattered relationships among different communities and ethnic groups inhabited in Manipur, NIPCO ( National Identity Protection Committee) in association with EECHAL ( Ereipak Enaat Chanura Loinsinlon), Konthoujam Maning Tribal and Konthoujam Mamang Lagairong today organized a one day discussion program at “Peaceful Co-Existence”.
Karam Sunil, Vice President, UCM, Th Manihar, Advisor, MAPI Council, Kh Ratan, Convenor-in-charge, JCILPS took part in the discussion program as resource persons held at Konthoujam Maning Tribal Community Hall, Konthoujam, Imphal East. “The raising intensity of ethnic identity among different ethnic groups intensified concept of the self centric. The intensified self centric concept is sowing hatred among us, Kabui, Tangkhul, Maring, Meetei”, said Th Manihar while tracing out the bondage existed among the communities in Manipur.
He blamed the divide and rule policy of British and India Government as “Divide and Destroy” policy. He called to identify our self as one instead of Kukis or Nagas or Meetei.

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Killer suspects arrested

Waikhong Police have arrested the husband of the deceased lady who was found murdered- with both hands and legs tied from Wangoo Nongyai Khong Maril (river) yesterday. The accused husband is identified as Y. Sanjoy Singh of Tokpa Ching near Kakching Khunou under Waikhong Police station.
Police source said that the husband was arrested after getting some evidences of his involvement to the killing of the lady identified as Yumlembam Ongbi Sorodhoni Devi. The investigation was carried on under the supervision of SDPO Sugunu N. Mangi. He was assisted by OC Waikhong M Binodkumar and OC Sugunu N Rajen. She was reported missing since the last three days before the dead body was found. She was reported to be six months pregnant. Doctors at JNIMS had conducted post mortem of the deceased lady.  As the case is related with crime against women the matter has been handed over to Women Police station Thoubal for further investigation.

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Online newspapers to take over?

By Iboyaima Laithangbam
Playboy, a sexy magazine with lots of nude women’s photographs had a print order of more than 6.67 million copies per issue. However in the recent past it was slashed to mere 60,000. The publisher feels that
this may have something to do with the nude photographs since parents would not like their children and other family members see them. They are planning to decrease the number of photographs.
It will be a suicidal move. Because this is not the root cause. Online editions are the “in” thing in today’s highly computerised world. More and more people are depending on online editions. They have no time to
wait for the paper boys or take around the copies while going to work places. Besides it is rather late for the subscribers in the remote areas. The national and regional newspapers reach Imphal only in the afternoon. People in small townships like Moreh, Senapati or Ukhrul get their copies much later. The Nagaland newspapers are made available rather early in some parts of the state. In this information age people cannot wait that long. Besides there is heavy air surcharge which means that a subscriber has to pay higher amounts. When there are general strikes and other disturbances or some traders want to transport betel leaves and other perishable goods the newspaper packets have to be off loaded either at Guwahati, Silchar or not booked at all in Kolkata.
This explains why the number of online publications is increasing in this region and almost all of them are doing exceedingly well in all respects. Many regional newspapers published in Guwahati cannot be
dispatched to Imphal daily and other NE capitals for obvious reasons whereas people anywhere in these landlocked states can and do read the online newspapers and magazines any time.
The number of persons owning laptops and high tech mobile handsets is increasing everyday. It sounds the death knell of several newspapers. Long sighted publishers had already started their online editions which are commanding good readership. Manipur cannot be lagging far behind.

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