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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 10 November 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Everything ready to host Sangai fest, except for an effective traffic control system

One filed that the Traffic Police neglected is the managemnent of effective traffic control for smooth flow of vehicles in Imphal city. Many commitment has been given and many more will be heard. But there will never be a good change to the traffic system of the state particularly in Imphal.
Change of new rule in traffic management make not different for Imphal which is preparing to host the largest festival in the state. The more arrangement made, the more inconveniences will be face by the general public. The tourists who will be visiting the state of Manipur to witness the largest tourism festival under the title Sangai festival will surely laugh at the present management.  Driving or walking both suffers equally if it is the street of Imphal. The comforts expected from driving a car is now a distant dream with traffic managers in the state had failed to prove their efficiency. The construction of Bir Tikendrajit Fly over and the widening of the roads seem to have no use with the authority failing to manage the situation. We do not simply blame the authority, the people too have responsibility. But it is the paid government authorities who are assigned for the job to make the traffic flow smoothly.

The state of Manipur has been witnessing a phenomenal increase in the amount of vehicles an indication of the rising social status of the public and improving economic conditions in the state. While these factors are welcome sign, the fact remains that the concerned authorities have failed to keep pace with the times and the changing social scenario in the state resulting in heavy traffic jams and delays which needs to be addressed immediately. The short term policies and systems being implemented from time to time in an attempt to ease the congestions and traffic jams have not been able to alleviate the problem in any way, on the contrary these ad-hoc measures have managed to confuse the public and compound the problem the authorities have been trying to solve. The formation of Traffic regulation and parking committee has not been of much help, and one can only wonder if they are functioning at all. Queries put up to the concerned departments have only resulted in more bewildering responses a classic example of the effectiveness of passing the buck around that has been at work in all government set ups. While formulation of policies and systems to control and regulate traffic may be a beginning in the right direction, the fact remains that the increasing number of vehicles need additional space to accommodate them and juggling acts of the traffic system by the experts, however efficient and experienced they may be, will not bear fruit. Construction of additional parking spaces at strategic locations, bypasses and flyovers, and most importantly providing subways at important and crowded junctions will go a long way in reducing these problems. Construction of public utilities does not automatically guarantee improvement their proper usage is as important an obvious example being the use of footpaths by the vendors and shopkeepers to stock and ply their goods forcing the pedestrians to walk on the road. The need to streamline and re-orient the traffic police personnels is also being felt by the public. Turning a blind eye to the irregularities being committed by the drivers of various public and commercial transport vehicles in consideration for a “quick handshake” has been well documented despite the dangers and inconveniences such greedy acts causes. The present government ministers and high ranking officials may not be feeling the burden such traffic jams causes as they seem to have a prerogative of the right of use of the road over the common public but unless some concrete steps are taken up very soon, the only option that would be available to them would be to use their feet with their retinue of escorts and assistants wading through the impossible traffic surely a distracting relief for the stranded common public on the road.     

NSCN-K declared unlawful organisation

Khaplang led group of NSCN which had abrogated peace talk with the government of India in March this year has been once more declared as an unlawful organisation by the government of India . In a notification issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs the outfit, which had taken up arms against the government of India after nearly 15 years of peace talk, has been charged of various violent activities including killing of security forces, bomb blasts and waging war against the government of India and declared as an unlawful organisation under sub-section (1) of Section 3 of the Unlawful association with immediate effect. The same has been directed to the state Home Department of the government of Manipur and Manipur government to issue a notification regarding the matter

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Time to take up cudgels

IT Desk
Traders are taking advantages of the total absence of the price fixation committee and the rampant extortion of illegal taxes. Okram Ibobi once told the House that militants of all hues are extorting Rs 30 crore everyday from the vehicles of Manipur. This illegal tax is collected indirectly from the consumers in the state with impunity.
In an overcrowded metro like Delhi or Kolkata one kg of chicken is sold at Rs 130 whereas it is Rs 200 in and around Imphal. Pork is available in Delhi at Rs 150 a kg though it is sold at Rs 300 in Imphal. Before the beef ban it was available at Rs 120 a kg. Fish is also much cheaper in the metros since there is no group extorting illegal taxes. Some chicken sellers could sell chicken at Rs 150 or lower since they brought it straight from Assam. However the traders dealing in locally sold chicken objected. They even took law in their hands to intercept the trucks to distribute the live chickens to the urchins along the highways. In other words consumers are forced to buy costlier.
The government has failed to protect the truckers from the tax collectors including those of the government offices. Most of the police and other posts along the highways are for this purpose and not to maintain law and order. A hamstrung government may fail to do so.
But why should the people remain half dead and half dumb? Millions of Rupees will be splurged on Ningol Chakkouba on buying imported items. The appeal to depend on local fruits and products had fallen on deaf ears since there is not enough substitute. This vicious cycle has been going on. It is somewhat surprising that the people are now immune from this kind of exploitation.

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CM, Speaker and IGAR (S) wish on Diwali

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi Singh wishes the people of the state on occasion of Diwali Festival tomorrow. In his message the Chief Minister stated that Diwali is a harbinger of peace, joy and prosperity. It said that the festival signifies the victory of good over evil, virtue over vice and light over darkness.
The CM further wishes the festival to strengthen the bond of friendship and goodwill between the people of each communities.
Speaker of the Manipur Legislative Assembly Th. Lokeshwar also wish the people on the occasion.
Let the festival which symbolise the victory of light over darkness brings peaceful co-existence among the various people of the state. “The festival is a symbol of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance , right over wrong and and good over evil”, Lokeshwar added.
Major General VS Sreenivas, VSM**, IG AR (South) and All Ranks of Assam Rifles extend warm greetings and sincere goodwill to the people of Manipur on the auspicious occasion of Diwali.
Symbolizing the victory of good over evil, it is wished that the occasion will promotes goodwill and understanding amongst people of all castes, creed and religions. May the lights of Diwali dispel hostility, conflict, mistrust and disaffection among the people and herald an era of peace, progress and prosperity in the region enhancing the spirit of unity, cohesiveness and brotherhood, the IG AR (S) said)

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72 hours Gen. Strike suspended

The 72 hours general strike which was called by the JAC against the murder of School Head Master Md. Hashmad Ali has suspended the general strike in view of the upcoming Ningol Chakouba and Diwali festival. However, the JAC said that it will continue other form of protest until the culprits are booked under the law of the land.

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KCP Poirei warns Mela organisers

Armed group KCP-Poirei today reiterated its stand to ban all kind of Mela that provide seat to non-Manipuri who come from outside the state and said that the outfit will continue its support to the sales and exhibitions of Handloom and Handicraft product of the state. In a statement the outfit warn of serious consequences if outsiders are allowed in Mela organised at any part of the state.

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Action sought against highway blockers

A press conference has been held at Manipur Press Club against the highway blockade call by UNC and its related organization, today.
Speaking at a press conference held at Manipur Press Club, Rk Joysana, President, Kick Boxing Association, Manipur thanks for lifting of the blockade during festival time but expressed apprehension on guessing when it will resume. Looking at the situation a PIL has been file to the court in which his demands are no publication of blockade news at any media and newspapers and shot at sight for the agitators, he added. Notice from the court is still waited.
Any organization comes up with any demand which includes blocking of national highways, government should reject their demand.UNC is an unlawful activist and must be banned, he added.

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Award distributed to eminent personalities

3rd Annual Regional and National Award presentation, 2015 was held today at the Manipur Press Club at around 10:30 am.
The annual award presentation for both regional and national to extraordinary personalities in different field  was organized by North East Biography Forum in association with PAFINLA Foundation, NEBF Head Quarter, Imphal.
Dr Th Meinya Singh, MP, Lok Sabha (Inner), Rk Nayansana Devi, Former Chairperson, MSSWB, Patron NEBF, Imphal, Dr S Bimolakumari Devi, Padmashree Awardee and Soraisam Manaoton, International Awardee, Patron NEBF, Imphal attended as dignitaries in today’s function. Speaking to the media persons at Manipur Press Club, Kangabam Ingaremba, Founder Chairman of North East Biography Forum said that the idea of today’s function is to bring all the unknown persons of Manipur together who have contributed so much to the society in different field, yet their story remains. As recognition of their work, this is the third time that North East Biography Forum has organized such award giving ceremony, he added.
During the function 40 people were awarded were 20 of them were awarded for North East Regional and 20 for National for the year 2015.

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SEACO wishes people on Ningol Chakkouba Festival

South East Asia Cultural Organisation (SEACO) while terming the Ningol Chakouba festival as a unique traditional festival to strengthen the bondage of between brothers and sisters and maternal fathers of the married women of our society, called upon the people of the state to celebrate the festival with the spirit of our traditional fervour. In a press statement the organisation appealed the people of the state not to have race in presentation of costly gifts to their near and dear sisters or daughter. SEACO also reminded that there are also familiar festival of the kind observed by other communities like Bhai Dooj, Raksha Bandhan to bridge the bondage of relationship between brothers and sisters. Manipur too have been observing the tradition in its own style but some changes has been brought after the advent of Hindu religion, at which the organisation term it as unfortunate. SEACO also also wish the people of the state especially the sisters and mothers to lead a prosperous life. 

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Rock Music as tribute to Richie

Club Muzik is hosting a rock music concert at Oinam on November 14. The concert is a tribute to Richie Nongthombam deceased in 2014. Richie was a big fan of rock music and a guitarist as well. The tribute is a mark of respect to his love for music and being a talented guitarist in Oinam and the  surrounding areas.
All together 11 (eleven) bands will be performing at the concert which includes Crush N Burn, Dominix, Morning View, Akaxia, Bitter Symphony, Cleave, Pendulum Swing, Eros, Red Devils, The Wishess and Pariah of Paradise. The event is organised by the Organising Committee of Among The Stars in association with the Progressive Youth Association of Oinam and is financially sponsored by the friends and families of Richie Nongthombam. Club Muzik request all to attain the show and cheer the talented rock bands of the state on 14th November at Oinam Kangjeibung.

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