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Items filtered by date: Tuesday, 01 December 2015 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

State observes ‘World AIDS Day’ CHCs, PHCs to be equipped with HIV testing facilities; ART centers on the anvil - CM

Manipur, like the rest of the world observed “World AIDS Day” today under the theme “Getting to Zero” with the main function being held at the 1MR Ground organized by the Manipur State AIDS Control Society (MACS) with Chief Minister O Ibobi as the Chief Guest. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister stressed the importance given by the government to the continuing menace of HIV/AIDS in the state. He also disclosed that the state government is planning to equip CHCs and PHCs in the state with free HIV/AIDS testing facilities as well as to set up ART centers with special emphasis on the centers located in the hill areas, while reiterating the broadening benefits made possible by the revision of the Manipur State AIDS Prevention and Control Policy, making each and every afflicted individual under the BPL and APL category to avail of the various facilities and assistances which were earlier given only to the BPL families. Highlighting the award secured by the state for having the lowest infant mortality rate and also the very high standard of arts and culture, not to mention the dominating position of Manipur in sports in the country, the Chief Minister emphasized on the improving scenario with no new recorded case of infection or death from HIV/AIDS for the last three years in Manipur as well as the absence of discrimination of infected persons while lamenting the fact that the percentage of infected individuals is still one of the highest in the country. He further voiced the need for a concerted effort of the NGOs, CSOs, individuals as well as the implementing bodies to fight the menace, while lauding the efforts of MACS in raising awareness and mitigating the problem. Phunzathang Tonsing, Minister for Health and Family Welfare, in his Presidential speech states that the percentage of infection has climbed down but Getting to Zero will still remain a big challenge in the state. He also points out that the prevalence rate of infection amongst pregnant women still remain worryingly high and the main routes of infection are the injecting drug users and sexual route.  The Chief Minister inaugurated a Voluntary Blood Donation Camp as part of the observation and awards were distributed to six outstanding doctors working in the field. A rally comprising of participants from thirtynine contingents representing various NGOs of the state was also taken out from Chingamathak Hao Ground till the 1MR Parade ground.       

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K.D Steels bluffs consumers; sold inferior quality iron bar by mixing with ISI mark materials

At a time when people are talking about converting Imphal into a smart city, some traders supplying iron bar for construction of houses are bluffing consumers by mixing iron bars which do not meet the quality.
“They told me it is high quality Kamdhenu -500 FE with ISI mark, but when we check it is learnt that not all the iron bars are of the same quality”, said Mayengbam Dhananjoy.
The iron bar (Kamdhenu -500 FE with ISI mark) is being sold by an agent called D.K Steel located at Thangal Bazar. It is being sold at Rs. 1680/- per 40 Kg.

“Usually they mix the original quality iron bars with inferior quality iron bars as the consumers are not aware of it”, said Dhananjoy.
But the construction workers easily differentiate the original Kamdhenu -500 FE with ISI mark and those mixed along with them.

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‘Valley based civil society leaders need to attend Functions organized by hill people’

Discussion on “the pros and cons of the present peace talk process between GOI and NSCN (IM)” was held today in connection with the observance of 1st Foundation day of the Committee of Civil Societies Kangleipak (CCSK) at Manipur Press Club.
Ng Tejkumar, Director of Public Prosecution, Manipur who attended the function calls on the need for participation of Valley base civil society organizations in functions organized by Hill based civil society organization.
“The valley based civil society leaders need to attend the function organized by Hill base civil society organization like the way Hill based civil society organizations were invited by valley based civil society organizations” Tejkumar said.
He further  pointed out to rebuilt the Emotional and Cultural Integrity,  among hills and valley people which had been departed by misconception of religion, custom and so on. He urged women leaders of different civil body organizations to lead people to do the right thing in rebuilding the unity. Other resource persons in different fields of teacher, advocates, social activists, economist also gave their critical perspectives in the present socio-economic-political scenario in the state.
Professor Chinglen Meisnam, Economic Department, Manipur University, urged people of Manipur to remain alert on the Mines and Minerals Act, on which the President is almost ready to give his assent. If once the bill has passed and become an Act, the act will be like a Tsunami to us, said the Professor.
Understanding the upcoming consequences following the unrest in Manipur, he appealed all the communities, hills and plain in Manipur be united instead of throwing stone each other and to defend ourselves from the unwanted social changes brought by so called Political terrorists.
Taking part in the discussion, RV Mingthing, Ex Minister called people to unite whole North Eastern States as one formed based on Unity in Diversity. 

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CADA and MNP+ jointly observed World AIDS Day

Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA) and Manipur Network of Positive People (MNP+)   observed the World AIDS Day at Manipur Press Club, Imphal today, on the theme “Getting to Zero; Zero new HIV Infections, Zero AIDS related Death, Zero Discrimination”.
The observation was presided by Advocate Yumnam Ratankumar, President Coalition Against Drugs and Alcohol (CADA), Pradeep Kumar Jha (IAS),Project Director Manipur State AIDS Control Society (MSACS) as Chief Guest, Wangkhemcha Shyamjai,President All Manipur Working Journalist Union (AMWJU) and Dr.N.Sunil Kumar,HOD Defense Studies DM College of Science attended as guest of honours respectively. Speaking on keynote, L.Deepak, President,MNP+ said that “Getting to Zero” Zero new HIV Infections, Zero AIDS related Death, Zero Discrimination” would not happen and millions of people will die unnecessarily unless governments do the right thing and live up to the financial pledges they have made.
He said that the government should have a sustained commitment to comprehensive treatment, prevention and care service. Further talking on the HIV treatment prospect he also urge the desire of having drug resistance test machine installed in the health setting.

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KNO & UPF appeal to discontinue their adversarial activities towards the Aimol people

Siamchinthang Tangpua:
Ccpur, Dec.1: Armed group Kuki National Organisation (KNO) and United Peoples’ Front (UPF) while welcoming the peace initiative being underway between the NSCN-IM and the Government of India today appealed any armed groups to discontinue their adversarial activities towards the Aimol people in the interest of the larger tribal unity.
In a joint statement of the two outfits presently ensuing suspension of operation, the outfits appealed to maintain mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with all communities, particularly with the Tribals of Manipur. “The Govt. of India and NSCN (IM) has signed a frame work agreement and the KNO and UPF entered a very critical stage in the peace process”, said Calvin H, convenor KNO & UPF and T.S. Haokip, co-convenor, KNO & UPF in the joint statement.
The joint appeal said, these political developments are welcomed steps collectively taken by Govt. of India and the concerned groups for political survival of the Tribals and fervently appeal to all concerned to desist from taking steps that can hurt the sentiments and upset the peace process.
It may be recalled that, on Nov. 20, 2015  a stone was erected at Aimol Satu village,in Chandel district stating that Aimol tribe belongs to Naga. This was reportedly carried out under such a pressure from certain armed groups. The KNO & UPF joint appeal further said that, “today there is no better where we should maintain mutual strive for tribal unity”.

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How smart are our traffic police?

‘Talks’ about smart city, of which Imphal is among the 100 selected from across the country to implement the project, is becoming a real issue for almost everyone of us. According to the guidelines Imphal Municipal Corporation (IMC) has been entrusted for the dream project. The concept of “smart city” as mentioned earlier in this column is about making the people smart by providing smart requirement for all like – providing 24 hour potable water, dwelling for all, electricity for all, roads for all etc. etc.
One more important concept of smart city is to make the people smart which can be literally translated as making the people more civilize by improving their civic sense. When we talk about improving civic sense of the citizens there are certain areas that has to be associated with the functioning of government machineries. For example, the aggressive attitudes of so call bureaucrats who are running the state need to be changed first. The law enforcers  - ‘police’ should be people-friendly and should be smart enough to tackle situations giving top priority to protection of the common people. The government employees at the government offices need to be checked by their concern head of department about the way that they are dealing with the common people. Schools, colleges and Universities need to be improved and not the least the present traffic management system need to be properly streamlined.
Beauty of a house is often judged by the way that the owner arranges the contents inside the house in an organized manner. The way the owner plant trees, manage garden and arrange his living room shows the standard of the person. Likewise, it is the way that a person dressed and combed his or her hair that people judged him as a respectable person. (Mahatama Gandhi’s story is different as he was protesting the British colonialism attitude).
Point being here is to let those who are working hard for converting into a smart city realize about the need for proper traffic management. According to feedback received by this newspaper, people are of the opinion that both the people driving smart vehicles as well as the traffic police are both to be blamed for the present chaos in Imphal area particularly at Paona Keithel and Thangal Keithel.
It is not that the parking area should not be allotted in this small stretch of road, but it is about the way that the smart vehicles drivers park their vehicles in these road stretches. May be due to the lack of proper man power with the traffic police, many private security personnel ,both men and women are seen on duty managing parking for vehicles at many places both at Thangal and Paona keithel. Besides these private securities mainly assigned (on contract basis) for parking management, few policemen and women are also seen at certain check area.
To be precise, the men and women hired for parking management seem to be powerless, or rather clueless to properly arrange parking for all the vehicles. Many vehicles are seen parked beyond the allotted parking area creating lots of difficulties for commuters. This is perhaps because private security personnel are sometime helpless as they are not authorised even to take any action against them. On the other hand the police men and women too never bother to rectify the way vehicles are parked at their wishes.
Traffic police are sometime seen with loud speakers to check this kind of unorganized parking but only at the time when some VVIP are to pass the route.
Well it is not only the Traffic police that are responsible for the traffic chaos, but the whole department that are members of the TRPC (Traffic Regulations and Parking Committee). PWD, Transport, Police etc. are all members of the committee. They are directed to at least have a sitting once in month to review about the failure in the traffic management.
The dream about smart city is likely to be sabotaged by the failed traffic mismanagement in the Imphal area. It is time now those responsible officers need to be sincere and proactive in tackling this issue.

Manipur tribals held indefinite Coffin Protest in Delhi for 27 days now

9 dead bodies unburied for 91 days, MTFD set Coffin Rally on Dec 9

The ongoing indefinite sit-in-protest organised by the Manipur Tribals Forum, Delhi (MTFD) here at Jantar Mantar completed its 27th day today.  Mr CL Ruala, Congress MP (Mizoram), Mr Majeed Memon, MP (Rajya Sabha) and Mr Vijoo krishnan, Joint secretary, All India Kisan Sabha and a CPI-M leader  attended the protest on Sunday. The relay protest has been held every day since November 4, from 4PM to 8PM. Mr CL Ruala, though from a Congress party, gave a short speech in supporting the Manipur tribal’s cause. He said he came to show his support and not to give speech.
Mr Vijoo Krishnan continues to grace the protest almost every day. He said he will try his best in helping the tribals of Manipur.
Mr Majeed Memon expressed his support for the tribal movement and promised that he will be with Manipur tribals and help them in all the possible ways he can. He said that he will apprise PM Narendra Modi at the earliest. “This fight is not just a Centre or State issue but more of a Humanity issue,” Memon added.
“MTFD earnestly calls out to every individual who believes in justice, peace and equality. Because enough is enough. We deserve to live in dignity and in tranquility in our own homes. We will fight together, for our brothers, sisters, our mothers and fathers, our children and our future,” said J Maivio, co-convener of MTFD.
MTFD leaders said that the issue was also raised by Nagaland MP Mr Neiphiu Rio on Nov 25, 2015 at the NDA Allies Meet. Prime minister and Home minister responded and told the meeting that they will seriously look into the matter and resolve it as soon as possible and a dialogue is also soon to begin and a solution will be found soon too. He will be raising the issue again in the Parliament. Neiphiu Rio is the first MP to support the tribal movement and also first MP to join the ongoing protest at Jantar Mantar.
The nine youths who lost their precious lives during the protest in Lamka after the passing of three Bills in Manipur Assembly on August 31 were Enkhankhup (20) h/o Chingngaihniang s/o Nangzachin, LV Lane, New Lamka; Robert V Jamminthang (30) s/o (L) Vungkhozam College Veng, New Lamka; Khamsianmuan (22) s/o Kamkhenthang of Vengkhang, Pearsonmun;  Khaijamang Touthang (11)  s/o (Late) Haokhothang Touthang, Bijang;  Henlalson (18) s/o M Khaikhothang Headquarter Veng, Lamka;  Pausuanlian (19) s/o Haulianching Vengnuam, New Lamka;  Thangzalian (30)  s/o Vungching Hiangtam Lamka;  H Paulianmang (23) s/o H Thianlal, Dorcas Veng, New Lamka and K Lamkhenthang (45) s/o K Ginzalian, Vengnuam, New Lamka. “As we remain vibrant and committed to our political causes, we also reiterate our support to the JAC against the three anti-tribal bills, Joint Philanthropic Organisations, Manipur Tribal Forum formed in various cities and towns, Inpis, Church leaders, and a host of civil organisations in their movement against the three Bills,” said a joint statement of the Kuki National Organisation (KNO) & United Peoples Front (UPF) signed by Calvin H and TS Haokip on November 28.
The KNO and UPF have unanimously decided to pursue common political objectives which would be nothing less than a ‘State status,’ send joint delegation to Delhi and recently worked out its ‘common political road-map’ on 25th November, 2015,’ the statement said.
The nine tribal martyrs were still lying unburied for the last 91 days. Earlier JAC, JPO and Inpis decided to bury on November 30, but it turned out to be futile. However the burial date is not yet known. In its meeting on Monday, the Joint Action Committee against Anti-Tribal Bills (JAC) resolved that starting December 1, 2015 all schools as well as shops and establishments including government offices will be allowed to re-open as normal. However, *‘Lengkhawm’ *at the Lamka District Hospital will continue under the supervision of the Joint Philanthropic Organisation (JPO) and the JAC, Women Wing till the mortal remains of the nine Tribal Martyrs are laid to rest. In pressing the central government the Manipur Tribals Forum Delhi (MTFD) is set to organise a massive Coffin Rally in New Delhi on December 9.

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