5 Best Horse Racing Games Available on Console, PC, and Mobile

Are you a fan of horse racing games and need something to spend your pastime on? We’ve got you covered. The internet is filled with excellent horse racing games available across various devices – PC, console, and mobile – so you can play from almost anywhere.

Ranging from Western to English riding, fantasy gaming, or realism, you’d find something exciting to spend your pastime on. Here’s our list of the top 5 best horse racing games playable on console, PC, and mobile.

Best Horse Racing Games for Console, PC, and Mobile

Dating back to ancient Greece, the century-old sport has become a top feature across significant sports websites. It is usually discussed among top sports journalists in their roundtable talks and the events draw thousands of spectators. Also, the races are popular with punters as they are a good way to make wagers and make money through some of the best online horse racing betting sites.

If you cannot participate in the sport, these racing games and more are handy tools for enjoying your favorite sport from the comfort of your home, PC, console, or mobile.

1.      Star Stable (PC, Mac)

Star Stable attracts users from all over the world. This highly famous online game allows users to interact with one another and play online racing from anywhere on the planet. With something always available to do and new adventures to take, many animal racing betting and gaming fans are sure to love this game.

Throughout the game, players complete quests, aiming to level up their animals and character. Advancing in the game sees the animals’ speed and abilities improve. Players can become club members on the picturesque island of Jorik, play in tournaments, and tour different places. Touring the game’s virtual world also exposes the players to equipment, outfits, and other treats to include in their travel inventories.

It’s safe for all ages; any player can enjoy playing Star Stable without getting bored. Star Stable lets the player own as many animals as they want. The game also features an extensive range of both real-world and fictitious animals to choose from.

2.      Horse Riding Tales (PC, Mac, Android, iOS)

Like Star Stable, Riding Tales is another trendy adventure game that both young and old horse racing fans enjoy. The player’s first challenge in this game is creating animal-taming orbs using different materials. Doing that enables the player to catch their first horse. The player can also put up a stable where the animal retires after time on the field.

Players can have as many animals as they can, and each horse has its unique range of features. However, the play environment in Horse Riding Tales is more limited than in Star Stable, which could give a seemingly repetitive feel after some time.

3.      Rival Stars Horse Racing (Android, iOS, PC, Mac, PlayStation)

In Rival Stars Racing, the character inherits a family animal farm from their grandfather. After receiving the estate keys, the player is left to decide what to make of their family’s legacy. With the challenge of maintaining the family’s legacy set, the player has various means of playing this animal racing game.

Players could play virtual horse racing betting or work as jockeys and use the proceeds to upgrade their ranch. Players can also practice genetics and breed their racehorses to create the ultimate champion. Each animal has a unique color combination, stats, and colorful graphics to make the game more exciting.

4.      The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox)

Here’s a game for animal racing game fans who also fancy magic. This open-world action horse racing game allows players to travel through the land of Skyrim. Set in the province of Skyrim, players race through the mountainous regions to earn enough money to purchase their favorite animals.

A sequel to The Elder Scrolls IVL Oblivion, the player caked the Dragonborn, is destined to destroy a dragon called Alduin the World-Eater. Players progress in the game by completing quests and can get into other adventures when they complete ‘side quests.’

5.      Riding Club Championships (PC, Mac)

Riding Club Championships lets players compete with other players. However, you can own only one animal at a time. Players can’t breed between the animals but can choose between animal colors.

Riding Club Championships lets players ride in one of three tournament locations. Players can also care for their animals, build and judge courses and get riding equipment. Overall, it’s a much simpler animal racing game and will be more enjoyable to younger players.


Playing animal racing games is far safer and more exciting than riding a horse against another furious rider over a race track or rough mountain region. All animal racing games here are great for spending your pastime with your favorite sport.

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