Vagabond Queen

/ Poem / Sunday, 28 February 2021 17:10

By: Niranjan Bhuyan, University of Delhi

Wicked theologian scathing usurers 
Infused Martina - de - Azpilceuta with an anger born of pain and emotion.
Bullion’s diminution manufactured incentive
of being a serfdom of the Tudor.
Henry’s misogynist yet gnosis conjoined religiosity - similies drawn from life,
Bondservent turned into a ‘queen’ 
Like a dulogy of carefree vagabond,
Wandered million a Sanctum, Chidambaram, Srirangam... Thou endowing futurist plethora
Chaste intimacy embellished catharsis for them.
As time goes ‘ideal women’ paradigm manifested
plaque of commemorative conflagration,
Tudor injunction ostracized the duet :
Uttered inconceivable, a king with serfdom ‘queen’
At long last the two abandoned the world of bounty, as immutable foray on jurist.
Ilittérateur with paucity bemoaned :
Martina unpleasantly superior vamossed thou,
Still wicked theologian scaths usurers 
But she’s immutable, a ‘vagabond queen’.

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