“It’s all due to me”

/ Poem / Sunday, 09 August 2020 18:48

By- Rabin Prasad Kalita

Sowed me on your big green,
Blessed me to use it to the fullest:
I chanced to play
With the intelligent crowd of all animals:

I forgot being a part of this big green,
That fed me grow and shine
Could hone my psyche along:
Started a perverted living

Busy played with molecules,
Spread at large on the veneer.
Instead seeding on the greens,
To grow up plural all over

Except to blend them with one another,
I didn’t do much;
But upshot was imperishable trash,
‘Cause I played it adverse:

Chucked all over your face,
The ground turned
Gray from green,
Got covered with a toxic sheet:

No new sprout from now on
Can flash through the deadly turf;
No space for a newborn,
To withstand and breathe:

Why did you make me so soaring?
So I overlook for bending,
Why did you design me that way?
Not alike other living beings:

I turned this globe, gray from green
Rusted planet declined for worth living.

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