“Quarantine Dilettante”

“Quarantine Dilettante”

/ Poem / Sunday, 07 June 2020 17:21

By: Mandakini
All my bags are unpacked ,
All my things are scattered,

It’s time to pick up a paint brush,
Affirmative & paint under languish!

It’s not just a paper that will swing and fly by,
Where dear one may not ask why?

It’s a memoir that forever going to be treasured,
That no other means and ways could measured!

To the one Melophile!
You’ve old tracks medley in a file’

To the one acoustic standing!
You’ve guitar strings and banjo waiting’

To all Vocalist be freeway!
Let the medley relay’

To all Baker!
You’ve Charlotte to assay’

To all knitters!
You’ve weave to shaped in’

To all Gardener!
Fertilize & cultivate your prolific for better tomorrow’

And yes! Not to forget
To all the writers in brye,
Your Journal has been on Standby!

Waiting for a while,
An indigenous Chronicles reaching aisle!

High cheers to all dilettante !
Amateur in Quarantine

It’s not Adieu to your creativity
It’s a new beginning for an end

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