When Chassad Blazed Our Hearts Burnt

/ Poem / Friday, 20 March 2020 17:47

By: Shongminthang Haokip, UAE
When Chassad blazed our hearts burnt
All churches, schools and households
Set aflame by insatiable human’s greed
Firestorm ascend into the air far and high
Cries and prayers echoed across mountains
Instincts may urge to revenge but we don’t
As heaven’s witnessed is enough for us
For justice bringing in God’s timing
Mothers weep inconsolable once more
As memories unfold 90’s atrocities upon us
Heaven protects innocent lives this time
Merciful is His mighty hand, God of Israel
Every goods and chattels robbed
A grievous misdeeds of humanity
It pains even more to see innocent kids
Who doesn’t deserved aren’t spared either
Children find no more books and bags
But only tents and torments surrounds
Hoping to see their classroom and learn
As they play under the tent hopelessly
When Chassad blazed our hearts burnt
We mourn, we suffer and we loss
but we get stronger and find unity afresh
How good and pleasant it is when
brothers live together in unity!

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