Without a Womb

/ Poem / Sunday, 17 February 2019 16:19

By :-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Happy she was, she was alive most extremely;
She blooms widely, with all those scented fragrances;
She painted ‘Red’ as though she owns a ‘rivulet’;
Her flattering favors so befitting; she grosses no profit;
 How wonder she was? She jumped around into the air;
She waves through excitement; joy and smiles;
Oh! I remembered how she cares her body;
Inch by inch; rubbing and sanitizing;
She smells as she went, she blooms like a rose;
Her petals scattering, she can’t hide it all;
Covering and hiding; so scented so fleshy;
I witnessed She loves her curves too plump;
She’s too expensive; she’s too precious glad;
She holds within a ‘cosmos’; a womb within her glow.

She cries and she weeps, the pains within hurts;
She bleeds heavily, deep and dark ‘red’ floating;
I can’t witnessed standing by ‘her pains’ as she groans;
She murmured and she sigh; ‘it’s hurting inside’
She flattens as she moves; on the right and to the left;
Her building bridge collapsed, walls’ shattered;
She witnesses a pattern; she’s injected half death;
Ah! Pale pink she’s lying on her scented bed,
Deck with tubes and piping; she feels so empty,
Out taken her womb; out goes her strength;
Out drained her clotting; she’s survive all with wimp;
 She’s all empty, she’s all weak;
Oh! Woman, how great you’re without ‘you’?
Nah! Nah! She turns to the right and to the left.

She tries and she manages, getting up holding;
Like first baby’s step, she steps one an again;
Flush after flush; sweep after sweeps
Her body on ‘hot’ so flaming; jingling chik chik;
Countless hair falls and too many sleepless nights;
She suffers endless, side effects all inviting;
Fallen down She’s so barren; her hairs growing white;
Her bones so weak, so bleak and her joints crushing;
Ah! She recalls she isn’t the same anymore;
Her body isn’t her; she’s so tired and so dull;
No blood shaded; her ‘period’ no longer survives;
I witness her scanty she’s all dries up, falling apart;
No motherhood stands long; without her ‘womb’;
Without a womb, she isn’t a woman, too hurting
She’s all in pains without her ‘womb’.

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