City Bazaar

/ Poem / Sunday, 21 October 2018 16:34

By-Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Morning’s so lazy dull and dirty and stinking;
Boring and calm and composing and collecting;
Yawning and scratching; relaxing and unburdening;
Unwary and thoughtless; careless and unwatchful;
Less Driving and empty and all seeing cautious;
Poise and pacific; bright and sunny and cloudless;
One Five and ten fifty and hundreds;
Coming and gathering; loading and parceling;
Peep peep and peep; teett teett and teett teett;
“Dawn” the best; selling’s fresh and plenty;
Oh! It’s early, ‘I’m the early riser’ she thinks
‘Let my vegetables sells’ quickly and hurriedly’
As she sells and calls and calls; she isn’t tired;
She sells and she moves; she talks and she blames;
She sings and she relaxed; she loves and she’s done.

Busy as buzzing bees, swamping over in and out;
Busy as I walked through, consuming and burying;
Indulging and besieging, flooding people again and over again;
Walking and talking; running and tension;
Shouting and laughing and yelling and calling;
Screaming and hurrying and shrieking and boring;
Murmuring and smiling; breathing and sighing;
Battling and muttering; whispering and complaining;
Driving and sitting and charging and controlling;
Sweating and heavy; thirsty and hungry and empty;
Dealing and buying; regulating and supervising;
Driving and honking peep peep peep and peep;
Coordinating and operating and Beating and charging;
Working and performing and directing kak kaka kak and kak;
Rickshaw rickshaw and Rickshaw Rickshaw;
Auto Auto and  Auto auto.

Brighter the day, it’s thirsty and sunny;
Busy and conducting; unknown to unknown;
Stranger to stranger; pulling and loading;
Selling and selling and bargaining and leaving;
Trading and exchanging; trafficking and promoting;
Marketing and advertising; pimping and procuring;
Strolling and dashing; styling and sporting;
Darling and smarty; trimming and well-dress;
Bitching and winning; dressy and flattering;
Crossing and criss-crossing; hither and thither;
Colliding and facing; touching and moving;
Eating and drinking; tired and weary and thirsty;
‘Come’ and ‘buy these’ ‘I want to go home’
Echoes by echoes, ah! Those waving hands;
Those hands ‘rocking the cradles’ by their laps;
Alas! I fear to notice those, with hundreds
Spotting dreams and discerning desires to life;
A city a bazaar, a grouse and a precious prize
A perfect blend to practicing a home to life

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