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Crazy for the hole

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Something’s wrong, Man! You’re shitting mistaken;
You never knew that wasn’t correct, period hell;
Driving your ecstasy hell high, with no road perfect;
Flying your bliss so rapture, with no eyes on it;
You search and you search for; your hands all full;
Losing all your strengths; with your perfection held high;
One and two; Two and three; Ah! I’m feeling so good;
Your eye sees none; your body all numb;
Your hands all shivering engaged –thirsty hell;
Holding your imagination up so high;
Like a diamond shining in your temple;
Man, Oh Man! Your fantasy all invented;
Yeah! You’re feeling so inviting visionary;
You yearn for other; you crazy for hole.

You can’t stand as you’re weak, damn hell;
Your eyes are all blurred; naked you seek all;
You judge none; young and old, minor and major;
Beating and vibrating you held up so high;
Dropping your head; addicting to visionaries;
You clinch to sources; ‘I need a one’ ‘make me one’;
Your spirituality so low; driving your inventiveness;
You search and you search; damn crazy for a hole;
Yeah! You care no witness; blinding to your ghost;
Spiting and engaging; your body all dead hell;
No good man creates ‘you’ a brother;
 No wise woman makes you a ‘son’;
No foolish man calls you a ‘friend’;
And no wealthy woman cares you a ‘damn husband’.

Man! You shitting your own, shitting the shitting;
You no longer a ‘man’ of the man;
No tiger’s so strong; No lion’s so calm;
You burnt a whole and you fear the catch;
Fire, Oh fire! Save me, save my hands;
Something’s crazy; you dash upon the rose;
Your feet so dirty; your hands so bloody;
Ah! You’re imagining too cold a haunting ghost;
 Not ‘hole’ a safer site as you lay eyes upon;
Hen, duck, cat, dog, cow, buffalo, goat;
Girl, boy, young and old, mother, father, son, daughter;
Death or alive; sick or cripple; able or disable;
Damn all the worries; you look upon all equal;
Trying and shitting your damn shits all rotten;
No hanging loop a ‘hole’ ,You’re crazy for hole.

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