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Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Some may say ‘everything’s’ good’
‘Everything’s okay, everything so loves’,
She wonders much ‘thinking’ of ‘his’ kind activism;
Not wrong enough ‘when she says it’s a sort of essence’!
Fight on me and piss me off! Crazy unstable,
Rule over me and command over me! His strong caliber,
Argue after argue; spitting and shouting;
No topic so necessarily good and accepted;
No statement so essential review;
Ah! His superiority, his own enemy;
So challenging and so undoing;
Pity that ‘he’ fights over dominance;
Pity that ‘he’ sways ‘her’ so nobble controlling;
No adjustment can be so strong lasting;
Man, oh man! You’re stealing thy show;
Rumbling and crashing; your purity so weak;
 She awes ‘his’ admiration so erroneously foul.

Living’s too difficult, oh! It’s like surviving;
Quantum’s of debates; and quantum’s of consideration;
‘Houte’, ‘chaningde’, ‘leite’, ‘si kadaideino’?
‘chat khro chatlo’, ‘yeng ningde’, ‘nasak tuga’, ‘kaou ra’,
‘His’ words too sharpening; edging and perfecting;
As if ‘she’ kneels down, bowing and looping;
Feeling so sorry ‘she’ knew not what bounds ‘rules’?
Her clarity dampening; her image so ugly;
Man, oh man! Your hands so rude impolite;
Scattering and chasing, throwing and bowling;
She works as if ‘he’ knew not any longer;
She cooks as if ‘he’ knew no battles available;
She serves as if ‘he’ knew no benefits tired;
No manners shown a fancy proud;
No styles shown a technical;
Heated and furious; your purity so weak;
She awes ‘his’ admiration so erroneously foul.

She’s tired and she’s afraid;
No love could bind that so easily;
Well said intellectuals; he paws down ‘her’ under;
So violent and lively; she feels no pains;
She feels so deadly alive; no bed roses of bed;
No sheets softer to those tempests;
Forcing and weighing; sounding and authorizing;
Propelling and expelling; pressurizing and compelling;
What the man! What the muscle!
‘He’ rules as he thought; ‘he’ won as his impact;
Never the kind so hearted; ‘she’ laughs within;
‘She’ judges ‘his’ instincts’ not so mankind;
Those words! So piercing so intimidating;
‘Yadaba yaroi’, ‘Kanada touhandoino?’
Terrifying and threatening; your purity so weak;
She awes ‘his’ admiration so erroneously foul.

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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