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Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Understanding’s the humanity;
Understanding’s a divine option;
Understanding’s a caution, kind tender warmth;
Understanding’s the decency, a mystery;
Understanding’s the respectability, correctness to morality;
Understanding’s the etiquette, a politeness;
Understanding’s the civility, a consideration;
Understanding’s a formality, a custom;
Understanding’s a regulation, a mandatory;
Understanding’s a necessary, an essential;
Understanding’s a conception, an idea;
Understanding’s an appreciation, a respect;
Understanding’s an admiration, a regard;
Understanding’s the adulation, the worship;
Understanding’s the devotion, a loyalty;
Understanding’s the spirituality, an observance;
Understanding’s a dedication, a commitment;
Understanding’s the perseverance, a determination;
Understanding’s the worship, the homage;
Understanding’s the awe, the wonderment;
Understanding’s the veneration, the devotion;
When ‘he’ mis-understands, understanding’s a sin;
A fight to ‘understanding’ and a ‘submission’ to ‘acceptance’;
Understanding’s the humility between the two.

Understanding’s the sympathy, a support;
Understanding’s a pity, an emotion;
Understanding’s a notion, a belief;
Understanding’s an opinion, the concept;
Understanding’s a sense, the feelings;
Understanding’s the feelings, it’s a care;
Understanding’s the understanding, it’s a concern;
Understanding’s the tender, it’s a kind-hearted;
Understanding’s the reasoning, it’s a thoughtful;
Understanding’s the supportive, it’s a concerned;
Understanding’s a belief, it’s a standpoint;
Understanding’s an acceptance, it’s a realization;
Understanding’s the acknowledgement, it’s an acceptance;
Understanding’s a salute, it’s a noticing;
Understanding’s the awareness, it’s an appreciation;
Understanding’s so gentle, it’s the mercy;
Understanding’s a love, it’s an attachment;
Understanding’s the gentleness, it’s the approach;
Understanding’s so sensitive, it’s the charity;
Understanding’s a promise, it’s the vow;
Hold within those ‘misunderstanding’ I pledge;
Makes ‘me’ no’ deference, makes no conflict;
Understanding’s a bonding between the two.

Ah! He shouts and he frightens a soul;
Makes ‘him’ more energetic, still confusing;
Understanding a fondness, it’s an intuition;
He never knew what he’s up to, delivering speeches;
He takes and he talks thousands and thousands;
‘Believing’ and ‘impression’ all gone murky;
‘Understanding’s the misunderstanding so conflicting;
He won and I lost; confusing and all mix-up;
Understanding‘s an agreement, it’s the gentleman’s agreement;
Fancy and decorate himself, so tough I elaborate much;
Oh! Man disagreeing and alternating and falling out;
 Mis understanding a mis conception, it’s the mistake;
Understanding’s the intelligence, the ability of the two.

Huirem Naresh

Huirem Naresh, a resident of Keishamthong Elangbam has been with Imphal Times since its start, 2013. He handles mostly Press release and announcement related news. Naresh is also a social worker. He can be emailed at [email protected]

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