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Plastics should be banned

Respected Sir,

Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I beg to state that the careless use of plastics are damaging the environment.

These days many people chew, smoke tobacco products, pan masala, eat chips and kurkures and throw the plastic packets in the road. These packets polluted the streets and drain at rivers. As a result the waste water from the drain comes in the road. Many peoples take polythene bags and use them carelessly. They tie the vegetable peels and other things in the polythene bags and throw it in the roads or beside the roads. As a result, animals like cows are coming and trying to eat those vegetable peels, they aren’t able to open the bags and thus, eat the vegetable peels along with plastics which leads to death of animals. These happened just a few days ago in my locality.

Government should take necessary steps to prevent this harm to environment. I hope that you will grant my request and add it to your editorial columns.

Thank you

Your’s faithfully

Dhanapati Yengkokpam

Class XII, Yaikhom Mani Girls College

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