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By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Life isn’t shine bright, happy and smooth;
Living’s a dream; rich too materialistic;
Weak as poor, downtrodden as straight forward;
Courage’s power and power’s a maneuver;
Money! Money! Spoils the innocent, if I may say,
Understanding always a mistaken, priority always a fake;
Evidences not proven, lies standing tall true;
How may I? I understand little, a small lot;
You know! Circumstances aren’t that easy going;
One after the other; shout after shout;
Fight after fight; Anger overcomes anger;
Right and wrong, there isn’t judgment;
Deal me with care! Standing in between bribes,
I lay eyes upon the two, one to the other;
Still my heart beats equally, one a son two a father.

Listen to me! I try managing all cool,
Isn’t the way ‘you’ talk? Child’s a learner, learning;
‘Listening’ all that important; ‘Forgive’ is rewarding;
Brave as lion, stand tall front to front, son and father;
Family isn’t enemy; house isn’t a war field;
None lesser in pride, both equal in footage;
Nothing stopping, all Eye to eye; arm to arm;
Words to words, blame after blame;
Heavy as I carry, fearing my heart what may I do?
Oh hale! I stand in between, Weak as glittering glass,
How fearless I’m? Consoling and lecturing either,
Shaken and upset and disturbing and jiggling;
I beg, ‘no’ ‘no’ to all!
Hard as I deal! Not a wall has fallen,
Hear me! I lay thin murmuring in between.

Living’s a sacrifice, Hope isn’t a memoir;
Small and big isn’t finding different;
Equip ‘him’ I pray hard,
‘Maturing and understanding and forgiving’;
‘Bordering’ isn’t loving, Father to son;
And son to father, and ‘I’ in between a wholly entity;
Fair ‘me’ enough, ‘I’ a woman, a mother and a wife;
See ‘me’ through in between, ‘Kind’ enough I pray;
Stop! I request, ‘it’s your father’ feel enough;
Listen and be listening, good as I care;
Never! I coach ‘him’, beating’s a sin;
Say a word feels a hug;
‘Fasting’ isn’t a solution, hear me my dear;
Tired and exhausted I compromise in between;
Feebly I slay angers,
Strong I stand tall in between favors.

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