ZOLENGTHE extends a helping hand

CCpur, Aug. 1: ‘ZOLENGTHE’ a social media platform for Zo Community has extended monetary help to the victims of the outbreak of infectious disease in Churachandpur district.
According to a release,  members of Zolengthe donated a sum of Rs. 4000 towards KKL Contingency fund for accommodating hundreds of patients who are camping at KKL Complex at Chiengkonpang, Lamka.
Zolengthe admins also pay a sum of Rs. 1000 to Simte Youth Orgn Ghq as a condolence to late Thangkhanlun Simte who was allegedly murdered by some known persons while interrogating on account of the accusation that he had stolen a huge amount of money from his employer.
Mention may be made that, more than a hundred people from Henglep sub-division had been camping at KKL Complex in CCpur due to the outbreak of mosquito borne diseases in their area. KKL is presently accommodating them by providing shelter, food and other necessary needs. ZOlengthe means a humming bird in the woods which have group on Facebook and WhatsApp. It has more than 40,000 members in its facebook group and 5000 plus in its WhatsApp groups.

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