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“We are not indians, We shall forcibly get back our freedom taken away forcibly by colonial master India”- PREPAK

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Imphal, May 30,

“Kangleipak used to be an independent and sovereign kingdom. Despite frequent wars with the neighbouring countries during the past hundreds of years, the kingdom never came under domination of any invading force except in 1819-1826 that witnessed the Seven Years Devastation. The borders of Kangleipak then recognized by the foreign countries used to be double times that of the present areas of today’s Kangleipak.  The kingdom had its own international borders that an independent and sovereign country ought to have had and that used to be ruled by patriotic and brave people. The King with a Council of Ministers comprising 64 noblemen of hills and valley ruled the sovereign kingdom without having to succumb to any kind of influence from outside or inside the country. The kingdom had its own written constitution in the 11th century.  However since India, which came into existence on the 15th August of 1947, forcibly annexed Kangleipak, its independence and sovereignty had been snatched away. Thus it is natural for a people who do not want to be colonized and dependent to launch a struggle for liberation to restore their independence and sovereignty”.
This was stated in a press statement released by proscribed group People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK).
The statement signed by Kh. Sathy, Acting Chairman, P R E P A K further said that
the PREPAK sees is the present struggle for liberation of Kangleipak is not a struggle to separate from the big Indian Union which had been patched up by Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, whom the people of India worship as a kind of deity, by using all sorts of wrong means. It is just that we shall somehow get back our independence and sovereignty that they had forcibly taken away from us. It’s just that the secret war waged by them is being met with by a war of people, in other word it is a war against war. Let’s all discuss the unpardonable crimes/acts committed by India that sealed the era of independent and sovereign history of Kangleipak.
“ First, King Bodhachandra had not sought consent of the State Council of the erstwhile independent Kangleipak before signing the Instrument of Accession on August 11, 1947, which is being hotly debated about as the main hindrance in the liberation of Kangleipak. All powers of the King were already vested with the State Council. King Bodhachandra had said in the first session of the Assembly of Kangleipak on 18 September, 1948, “I now bring to the notice of the people that I had transferred my powers and responsibilities other than the constitutional ruler of the State Council since the 1st July, 1947 before the lapses of British Paramountcy and since the I have already remained as a Constitutional ruler.”
“ Second, the then Governor General of India, Lord Mountbatten did not give his signature on the agreement of Instrument of Accession on which King Bodhachandra had signed. In the case of Jammu and Kashmir, King Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession on 26 October, 1947 and Lord Mountbatten signed it on 27 October, 1947.
 “Third, the Constituent Assembly had not ratified the Instrument of Accession which was signed by King Bodhachandra. Thus the so called agreement is not valid and practicable.  In the case of Jammu and Kashmir, their Assembly had ratified the agreement on 15 February, 1954.
“Fourth, according to the Government of India Act, 1935, the agreements of Instrument of Accession signed by the Kings should have been introduced on the floor of the British Parliament and after the Parliament gave consent to the agreements, the Court should have given judicial notices. As for Kangleipak, there is no record or any evidence of the agreement having been tabled in the British Parliament and thereby given consent and that there is no record of Indian courts having issued notice or any such paper that may throw light on the matter.
“ Fifth, assuming that the Instrument of Accession prior to the signing of the Merger Agreement on September 21 of 1949 had been signed, only Defence, External Affairs and Communication would come under the control of India and the rest would remain under the powers of Kangleipak making it still an independent country. In words only it was a Merger Agreement but in fact, it was a forcible signing which was far beyond the international law.
 “Sixth, the 3rd and 4th session of the State Assembly held at the Johnstone School at 2.30 pm of 28th September, 1949 had rejected the so called Merger Agreement which was supposedly signed on 21st September, 1949 stating that the agreement couldn’t be enforced.
 (Assembly proceeding was published in the State Gazette, part IV, dated 14 October,1949. Mr TC Tiankham, Speaker, Mr Mk Priyobarta Singh, Chief Minister and six other Ministers and Hon’ble 43 Members were present and adopted the resolution, this Declaration copy signed by PB Singh, Chief Minister, TC Tiankham, Speaker, MrArambamIbungotomcha Singh, Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs, was sent to the Government of India. But there is no reply on this issue from the Government of India during the last 67 years.)
“ Seventh, after India forcibly annexed Kangleipak, even though the Indian administration dissolved the State Constitutional Assembly, the Manipur Constitution Act, 1947 remained undissolved and still remains. This is also an act not only against the International law and the law of the land but also an uncultured act that would never be done by any  group of people of a civilized nation.
“Even though the Indians do not feel ashamed of their uncivilized act, Kanglei people, who are a courteous and disciplined race, feel embarrassed for them before the world.  
 “After this, Kangleipak, which was a sovereign and independent country, was subjugated and kept as a third class state in the status of a Part ‘C’ State for many years. It was made a Union Territory in 1956, then statehood was granted in 1972. During this long period of 20 years, three five year plans of India had passed but we had no House which had the powers to make its own laws. In addition, India gives colonial hardship to the Kanglei people more cruelly than the British, that;
“Another unarmed war being waged in Kangleipak by India is that their huge population is making endless influx into Kangleipak in an attempt to replace our population thus swallowing the indigenous population. Under this scheme, huge number of Aryan people of India has been waging a biological war to wipe out the small isolated indigenous ethnic communities since many years. Such crisis has already   happened in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Sikkim, Tripura and Assam.
  “The real stratagem of colonial master India is to drain off our resources totally dry. First, it was thought that Kangleipak is a place without any resource and products, and how such a place could stand on its own used to be frequently asked. But now it has turned out that Kangleipak is rich with oil, uranium and such underground natural products, and many Multi National Companies and India are competing against each other to extract the rich natural products.
“ Once an independent nation, our country could exist with our own products without having to depend on others but today all our means to produce had been obliterated and turned our native place into their captive market where they sell their merchandise. Thus everything we use from sunrise till bed time, we have been compelled to use only goods manufactured and produced by India. This has created a dependent psychosis in the minds of our Kanglei people that without their goods, we cannot survive. This has made our people unable to save a little bit of the funds allocated by India in their purse. The funds go back to India once again. Such a system of dependent economy, which particularly relies on the markets located in the heartland of India, has been continuously followed in Kangleipak.
“These factors prove that India uses the three essential techniques commonly applied in colonising a country, i.e. a) to cause influx of migrants; b) to clean and drain out all treasures and natural resources from the region and c) to create captive or colonial markets so that the colonised people would always remain dependent on them. These techniques will become stronger and stronger as time goes by. At last, the footprints of all indigenous people of Kangleipak will be wiped out.
“ Thus after forcibly annexing Kangleipak, India has been applying all the methods of colonization in the world in Kangleipak, entrapping its people and disabling them to see their future path. Time has come for the people of Kangleipak today to wage a war of liberation, and all people have to totally    join the freedom movement. Except this our people have no other future.
“The interpretation of a colonized land is to live a servile life. There is no freedom in socio-politico-economic life in a colonized land.  Those who are considered to be better off than the rest of the people in this colonised land think that they enjoy all kinds of freedom and rights just as any other people of independent countries in the world. But since the day the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act(AFSPA), 1958 was imposed in the North East, people of this region have not only lost all human rights but also the most basic right—right to life. The colonial master India has been suppressing the people’s right to life. Without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless and false. Right to education, right to employment, right to religion, right to protection and preservation of traditions and culture, etc may be granted but if the Army can kill any person on the slightest suspicion, what would be the meaning of all other rights that the people think they can enjoy? Imposition of AFSPA-1958 in the North East is a clear of example of the region being a colonized region. Ever since the Act had been imposed in Kangleipak, the state actors have killed more than 20,000 indigenous people.
“The Indian administration cannot see the people of Kangleipak as its own citizens till today. Just like the British did in India, India has been playing divide and rule politics between the people of the hills and the valley of Kangleipak and in most places of the North East. Clash between ethnic groups of Kangleipak had been orchestrated in which many lives had been claimed. And now efforts are on to break the age-old integrity and unity of Kangleipak by instigating a particular hill-based rebel group.  Thus they continue to instigate to create   ethnic annihilation between Arunachali and Chakma in Arunachal Pradesh, among Assamese, Dimasa, Bodo, Santhal, etc in Assam. India has been aptly following what the British did in their colonized places during the olden days. It clearly proves that India is continuously working to strengthen its colonial grip over the North East.  
“The population of Kangleipak is a mere 0.2% of the total population of India. Bringing to an end such a minuscule population is very easy to India. Just like the British made it easier for them to rule over the people of the North East by dividing them on the basis of community, language, religion, culture and tradition, the Indian political system is also dividing the people by creating a situation where the law of the land is not the same, particularly by enacting laws like Manipur (Kangleipak) Land Revenue and Land Reforms Act, Manipur (Kangleipak) State Panchayati Raj Act, etc, the hills and valley people who have been riding together the same boat of time for ages have been split and are heading toward different directions without proper destinations.
  “Besides attempts are being made incessantly to disturb the boundary of the land having its own history of more than 2000 years as an independent and sovereign country. Article 3 and other related provisions of the Indian Constitution directly support (are being used as weapon) the colonial policies of India. Ever since India forcibly occupied Kangleipak and usurped all powers of legislature and judiciary, the territorial integrity of this land has always remained threatened. Since our land had been taken under the fold of Indian rule, the colonial master, India, for some benefits, has time and again disturbed the boundary drawn by the blood that was shed from the bodies of our departed forefathers. Thus we have lost invaluable tracts of our land in the border.  The provisions of the Constitution of India and their leaders’ characters amply show that so long as we remain under their dominion, we cannot take for granted that the territorial integrity of Kangleipak would not be compromised. Thus the responsibility of protecting the integrity of Kangleipak lies in the united strength and determination of both hills and valley people.
“We can’t take solace in the thought that India will protect us. It would have done a great deal of goodness to the people and the reason if the talents, strength, time and wealth of the Kanglei people, which are being used in the communal confrontations due to the secret and invisible agenda of India, had been used in developmental works and welfare programmes.
“The acts of oppression and tyranny perpetrated by the mainland India are all characteristics of colonial rule and we shall have to face this pain and anguish until our freedom is restored. But then whenever Indian citizens are assaulted or ill-treated in acts of racial discrimination in Australia, UK and USA, India protests and lodges complaint with the countries concerned. However these same political leaders look the other way when the so-called citizens of India, the people of the North Eastern region are blatantly discriminated and ill-treated in any part of the mainland India.
“The way the colonial masters brutally oppress and torture the   people of a colonized country in a systematic manner as they wish, as if they have no human values, can be seen abundantly in the history of colonial rule in the world. Such happenings demonstrate that our native land Kangleipak is a land occupied by India. There had been a number of incidents in which the Occupation Forces of India had perpetrated most barbaric crimes in Kangleipak including rape of middle-aged and married women right in front of their own young   children and husbands, outraging the modesty of young girls including students, who couldn’t bear the ignominy anymore and took their own lives, and not only that, after violating the women’s modesty, shooting the victims to death at point blank range. On the other hand, many innocent men and young boys had not only been brutally tortured in the name of searching for insurgents but also sodomised by the Black Heroes of Occupation Force of India. Such incidents of bestial acts had happened for the umpteenth time. So many men had been arrested, executed secretly and buried at unknown places. Such incidents have come to be known as forced disappearance which have caught international attention as one of the most shocking and heinous crimes in the world ever perpetrated by the state actors. These incidents still remain as a cause for the mothers of the region to weep. On the other hand, many women, who do not have a clear idea or information whether their husbands are still alive or dead, live an uncertain life as half widows. This phenomenon of half widows prevails widely not only in the North East but also in the Occupied Kashmir”, the statement added.
On the Current Phase of Movement the proscribed group stated that  India has been consistently trying to project the ongoing revolutionary movement to restore the lost freedom of the people of Kangleipak as acts of terrorism and extremism in front of the world. Our revolution is to state that our freedom which was never India’s and that was forcibly taken away should be returned. Even in this war, our people and the revolutionaries have never provoked the Indians. The armed revolutionary movement has been necessarily launched only to drive the Occupation Force out of our motherland and to defend ourselves. We have never crossed the territory of India to invade or never beleaguered   them.  Being the descendants of our brave forefathers, Kangleichas (people of Kangleipak), who have never been used to living dependent upon others, are only trying to push the Occupation Force back from the soil of our motherland. This is not aggression but defence. It is the resolve of the United Nations that in order to protect itself or escape from the colonial torture and oppression, an occupied country can use either peaceful or violent means.
 “It may be mentioned here that the main objective of the struggle for freedom launched by PREPAK is that the independence of Kangleipak forcibly taken away by India should be returned, and the one and only problem of the revolution is the Expansionism of India. However as for India, having the resolve not to give back Kangleipak’s freedom taken away by them, innumerable soldiers in terms of thousands and thousands are being sent into Kangleipak to suppress the revolution and are carrying out mass executions of civilians and revolutionaries. Nevertheless except for some obstacles created on the path of revolutionary movement by betrayers and fifth columnists now and then, no significant hindrance has hampered the struggle for liberation. On the other hand, even though they commit acts of torture and repression at their level best, the people’s struggle for restoring independence can never be weakened at all.
 ” Kangleipak was forcibly annexed by India, and the fact that our revolutionaries are fighting a war of liberation against the new colonial rule established to further that annexation has been clearly shown to the people of the world. As a result of the efforts of the revolutionaries, today most of the nations of the world have recognized the revolutionary movement of Kangleipak. The issue has been raised on several occasions at the sessions of the United Nations and the European Union where many distinguished personalities from different parts of the world have discussed it.
 “Our revolutionaries have been consistently fighting against the Indian Occupation Force since the mid 1970s till today. Many revolutionaries have laid down their lives in the continuing guerrilla warfare. In different incidents of trying to save the lives of the revolutionaries, who are the soul of our people, many fellow countrymen have fallen victims and their lives had been snuffed out untimely.  Our people have been facing a great deal of unbearable hardship while the people’s war of liberation has been brought up to today’s level. In brief, our people have been waging a relentless war for restoring our freedom against the Indian Occupation Force during the past many years.
  “This is itself the arrival of a very significant stage or phase of a country where people’s war of liberation is going on.  All these are the contributions of the untiring and unyielding efforts and courage of the revolutionaries along with the endless and   invaluable support and patriotism of our beloved people.
“The most important stage in a revolutionary movement is the reaching of a phase wherein a large number of people voluntarily takes part in the war of liberation from the phase where only the revolutionaries used to fight against the Occupation Force. The people’s war is the final stage in a war of liberation between the Occupation Force and the colonized country. This is what is lacking now. Most of the forts or camps of the Indian Occupation Force are made of 300 or 1000 personnel.  About 20,000/30,000 of our people live in the neighboring areas around the forts/camps. It is because of our people’s failure to build a united strength that the Mayang soldiers can carry out series of torture and killings among the people. But when the people, who are fed up of colonial life, simultaneously rise up as one without having to ask each other like that of June 18 of 2001 picking up any available weapon, all the Occupation Force would be turned into paper tigers and not a single soldier would be visible in their camps. This is exactly how the Vietnamese fought the American soldiers during Vietnam’s battle of independence.  Dead bodies of more than 50,000 soldiers of America who used to arrogantly claim as the strongest military power on earth then were brought in coffins back to America from Vietnam. Though poor and small in number, the Vietnamese people with single mindedness and determination not to ever succumb to the threats of powerful enemy, and not to become a dependent and subservient nation, broke the conceit of American government. The history of the world is the unquestionable testimony to the fact that no power on earth can ever stand against the might of people’s war. Once in Kahshmir, the Indian Occupation Force killed not only the freedom fighters but also the civilians, many men were arrested alive and made to disappear without a trace forcing a number of women including young newly married ones to become half widows. Such acts used to be perpetrated at will by the Indian Occupation Force as if there was no one to stop them. But today all the freedom hungry people of Kashmir have woken up and they, including students, boys and girls, have come out holding sling-shots and stones in their hands to fight against the Occupation Force in the face of barrels of sophisticated guns. Many of the people of India might have been mesmerized by the honey-coated hollow slogan of Narendra  Modi that “The hand that holds slings and stones should give them up, instead pick up laptops.” But it has not entered the ears of the growing anguished Kashmiri students—boys and girls. Today, leave aside killing of civilians, the Indian army cannot even touch the fine hairs of the Kashmiri freedom fighters, who India calls terrorists, as the people of Kashmir are solidly protecting them.  The Indian soldiers operating in Kashmir do not dare go out of their camps out of fear of the people as though the rats are afraid of the cat. As for our land Kangleipak, knowing that one day such a situation would come about and people’s war would happen, different laws are being enacted and unequal administrations are enforced in hills and valley.
“Though it may take time, the revolutionaries and intellectuals are confident that one day people of hills and valley will realize and stand together on the same foothold with the common ideology. To restore the freedom of Kangleipak that was left for us by our forefathers is only the people’s war.
Lastly, in this highly developed human society, there is no stupid person any more. PREPAK firmly believes that the living history of this land cannot be misled or distorted by the acts of some people who are pseudo intellects. Thus before our people, who are bearing the brunt of the colonial rule, take a decision on certain matter need to think twice that our people are living under the colonial rule of India and to escape from this, a revolutionary  movement has been intensely going on since many years. Many dear and near ones have sacrificed their invaluable lives in the course of the war of liberation. All these facts be remembered every moment and appeal to all not to adopt any resolution that might put a spoke in the revolution’s wheel and divert the question of Kangleipak’s freedom.

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