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Voice of Imphal Times: The War with the invisible Virus: Strategy not appreciable

by Rinku Khumukcham
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The War against humankind by the unseen coronavirus which killed over millions peoples across the Globe and put at risk the lives of over 1.5 crore people across the Globe with around one Lakhs waiting to die has rendered acute the question of the place of warfare in nature and the effect of the invisible war on the human race.

The Covid -19 , that is invading to the human race is alien and invisible. Besides its move is fast and it is hard for any Government across the Globe to prepare a counter mechanism, when almost all the world’s powerful countries are busy creating weapons of mass destruction or rockets to reach out to the galaxy, spending cores and cores of money which could have feed the entire population of the world. The irony is that scientists today are busy spending money to build rockets when they are yet to understand the living beings that exist in the mountain, forest, and deep blue sea of our earth.

The Novel coronavirus which causes covid -19 and killed millions of people and attacked over 100 million every day besides putting the lives of another million in hell indeed have diverted almost all issues including scientific studies, Government administration, Food production, and sales, and what not?     

Maybe because the virus is known to humankind for just a year or maybe it is alien, different scientists have different opinions on how to fight this unseen virus. Perhaps, the issue is a long-debated problem with no complete consensus agreement.

Until we the humankind make up our mind collectively and put all effort to fight the enemy, we can gain no solid ground from at all events serenely or at all events firmly the crisis which mankind is facing now. 

It has sometimes been maintained after the first wave in our country (India). But while celebrating assuming the virus has completely been defeated, today India becomes the largest hit country by covid -19 pandemic. 

The total death case by coronavirus has 3.11 lakhs people and the total active case is over 24 lakhs.

Coming back to Manipur, the number of Covid-19 victims is also on the rise. A state with just around 34 lakhs population , have recorded the number of people killed by covid-19 has reached 730. Number of positive cases as of May 26 is 7,243 people. And to be precise almost all people of the state are being hit severely. And as per experts, the pandemic is not going to end soon. Who Knows it may last forever. 

Saying so, the human mind is strong enough to protect himself from any kind of attack. We have put under control the HIV/AIDS epidemic, defeated plague, diarrhea, malaria, Spanish flu etc.

If the Covid -19 virus (SARS-2) continues to live among humankind, the intelligence of humankind will definitely find a way to live making sure that the covid-19 virus may find a way to harm the human being. But this case is only possible if those running the government of each nation and their respective states act with a commitment by leaving aside their selfish idea of earning more or their desire to use these hard times as their tool to come back to power.

We the people of India and Manipuris in particular have seen too much publicity from the side of the Government in the war against the covid-19. But people today have realized that publicity is not the weapon of the choice for the common man.

It is not the bullets and bayonets needed at this hour but a piece of bread that could make people survived. What is required are hospitals and infrastructures plus manpower with more Oxygen generating plans that will give hope to the people. It will be the shield to protect themselves from the attack of the virus if the government speeds up covid-19 vaccine. And it will be the collective wisdom of all people that will enable us to live even if the coronavirus refund leaves earth. 

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