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Valley lawmakers agreed to unite and protect Manipur at Arambai Tenggol’s meeting at Kangla

by Aribam Bishwajit
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Valley lawmakers agreed to unite and protect Manipur at Arambai Tenggol’s meeting at Kangla

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Imphal, Jan 24:

The highly anticipated meeting convened by Arambai Tenggol concludes today at Kangla, drawing a multitude of participants, including its representatives and lawmakers of the state. The historic Kangla became a focal point as over 50,000 individuals, comprising Arambai Tenggol members and a diverse array of people, gathered with bated breath to discern the outcome of the deliberations.
The leader of Arambai Tenggol, Korounganba Khuman, spearheaded a noteworthy procession from Kangla Western Gate to Ima Keithel, accompanied by a throng of hundreds, which included prominent leaders of Ima Keithel following the meeting. Against the backdrop of this iconic marketplace, Korounganba Khuman unfolded the intricacies and revelations stemming from the pivotal meeting.
Addressing the sea of thousands at Ima Keithel, eagerly awaiting the outcome of the historic meeting, Koroungamba Khuman poignantly remarked, “It is not only Arambai Tenggol that has rendered today historic; it is the collective effort of people from all walks of life – men, women, the elderly, girls, boys – everyone who came out to support today’s meeting. Since the war broke out, the people have united, and I pay my deepest respect to all gathered here, along with my obeisance to Keithel Lairembi Ema.”
Acknowledging the gravity of the ongoing conflict, he continued, “We cannot claim victory or success today. The ten Kuki lawmakers stand united, but regrettably, our Meitei lawmakers are not. Many valley lawmakers have yet to address the issues since the war erupted in May. Today, in Kangla, we called upon them to unite. “
Expounding on the developments, Korounganba, amidst the resounding applause of thousands, elucidated, “Yesterday, we presented six pivotal points demanding urgent attention. These encompass the abrogation of the Suspension of Operation with Kuki Militants, the implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC), the removal of Assam Rifles from Manipur’s soil, border fencing, and the revocation of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status from illegal Kuki immigrants, among other crucial issues. I am pleased to announce that all representatives, including the honorable Chief Minister N Biren Singh, have not only acknowledged but also consented to these points by endorsing their signatures. The next step involves forwarding this signed document to the Central Government for careful consideration soon.”
Continuing with an air of optimism, he shared insights into the discussions with representatives from the Ministry of Home Affairs, stating, “The representatives engaged in a comprehensive deliberation on the prevailing issues. They have assured us that their primary focus will be on addressing the Suspension of Operations (SoO). The outcome remains to be seen. Arambai Tenggol, through these proceedings, aims to underscore a fundamental principle – that all lawmakers, including the Chief Minister of the state, are not positioned above the citizens but beneath the people of Manipur.”
With unwavering conviction, Korounganba declared, “Gone are the days when lawmakers could conveniently evade accountability by claiming to be in Delhi or elsewhere. Starting today, they will find it challenging to escape to the capital as before. Their allegiance must shift, and they are now obligated to fight for Manipur. The onus lies on them to collectively exert pressure on the Central Government. While lawmakers are entrusted with the responsibility to apprise the Central Government of the current situation, they have, unfortunately, fallen short, resorting to blame games instead of uniting to apply pressure on the central leaders.”
In a bold proclamation, he continued, “Henceforth, they will unite in pressing the Central Government to heed the voice of the people. Should the Central Government remain unresponsive to the legitimate demands of our citizens, the lawmakers have unanimously committed to staging protests alongside the people of the state. The clock is ticking, and we set a timeframe of 15 days for all the points to be addressed.”
The flames of communal conflict between the Kuki and Meitei communities have engulfed Manipur since May 3, 2023, turning the once serene state into a crucible of turmoil. The elected lawmakers of the state, unfortunately, proved ineffective in quelling the escalating crisis, allowing law and order to teeter on the brink of collapse. The repercussions have been devastating, with over 200 lives lost, numerous individuals left injured, and a staggering 50,000 people forcibly displaced from their homes.
Faced with the alarming deterioration of the situation, Arambai Tenggol, a grassroots volunteer group, took matters into their own hands to confront the dire circumstances. In a bid to galvanize a response, they orchestrated a crucial meeting at Manipur’s historic Kangla, demanding the unequivocal attendance of the state’s lawmakers. The objective was clear: to compel the lawmakers to collectively and decisively address the unabated killing of civilians and thwart the sinister attempts to sow division within Manipur.
The urgency of the gathering echoed the palpable distress of a state in peril. The historic Kangla, witnessing the convergence of diverse voices, stood as a symbolic venue for the pivotal discussions that could determine the fate of Manipur. Arambai Tenggol, emerging as a voice for the people, sought to bridge the gap left by the faltering governance, urging the lawmakers to transcend political inertia and forge a united front against the forces threatening the unity of Manipur.
In the shadow of the ongoing conflict, the meeting at Kangla became a rallying point for collective action, a plea for swift and resolute decisions to salvage Manipur from the brink. The call for the lawmakers to attend and engage in substantive deliberations underscored the gravity of the situation and the imperative for immediate intervention. The eyes of the people, disheartened by the prolonged chaos, were fixed on Kangla, awaiting a beacon of hope amid the shadows of uncertainty.

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