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UNLF observes 51st Foundation Day

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Proscribed UNLF today celebrates 51st Foundation Day. On the occasion the Central Committee of the rebel group greets the people of the state and presents the group’s annual report.
In the introduction of the annual report the rebel group stated the necessities of co-operation among each ethnic communities residing in the Western South East Asia (WESEA). It stated that it is on this believed that the UNLF has been working whole heartedly to strengthen the relationship between revolutionary groups of the region. Stating about the present state of the movement the Central Committee statement said that on one way revolutionary movement base on ethnic line has been crumbling down and those struggling for sovereignty of all the region too cannot march ahead.
On one hand, there is the degeneration of armed movements based on ethno exclusive character and on the other hand, there is also stagnancy in the struggle based on national liberation objectives.
Both the forms of revolutionary struggle have witnessed their weaknesses over the years.
The UNLF pointed out that the weakness of ethno exclusivist struggles has been the process of forging a new identity based on mobilization of villages and tribes which eventually ends up with leadership crisis based on tribal lines.
Another character of such struggles have been the consolidation of their own tribal unity and identity based on generation of tension with neigbouring communities in an effort to acquire territorial expansion.
This has impacted on collective unity, said UNLF and added that the struggles based on such exclusivist model have ended with talks and agreement with the colonial power and their numbers have increased the recent past.
Even if all the nationalities in the region acknowledged the fact that a collective fight could liberate the region from the yoke of colonial power, the struggles based on community based identity have created a hurdle in the process of a unified collective struggle, stated UNLF.
The outfit added that instead of a unified struggle, the conflict between the India and WESEA has been treated as secondary contradiction and the conflict between the communities have been considered as the primary contradiction.
The communities in the region seem to be caught in a trap set by India, alleged the UNLF.
According to the UNLF’s perspective, the contesting tension between different nationalities and people in the region can be resolved through a collective liberation struggle which is the only way towards the future.
Meanwhile, those who are fighting for the restoration of the independent status of their countries have also not been able to bring the unity of all the peasants, workers and oppressed classes under an ideology that could consolidate the ongoing revolutionary struggle.
Due to this failure, there are incidents in which some people from within the revolutionary groups leaving the struggle as they possessed the characters of middle class serving their own interests, stated UNLF.
There is the now the necessity of rectifying and strengthening the weakness of both the types of struggles apart from consolidating the pivotal relationship with the people.
This is why, now there is also the need to adopt a guiding ideology based on the forces of historical experience of liberation struggles, stated UNLF.
UNLF said that the annual statement has been released based on UNLF’s perspectives on ideology, the foundation of revolutionary struggle and other related issues.
Since, the UNLF were established on 1964 had meet different kind of challenges in the form of  physically and pshycologically the organisation will stand for sovereignty until their last breath, their will be no changes on their ideology and principle/motto. UNLF has also request for collective efforts to all the arm-struggling group for their same goal. Here , the organisation clearly mentioned that the proposal of public referendum was made on 2005 to central Govt to conduct a plebiscite, but there was no any official reply to organisational and also blame the central Govt. were cowardice/ timid to conduct such democratic means of conflict solution. Further , the UNLF will continued the struggle with hand to hand on the bond of brotherhood  with western south-east Asia (WESEA) based revolutionary organisation. A humble appealed were also make to all the group inhabited in Manipur irrespective of small or big to support the struggle for regained of our sovereignty in a collective and co-operative ways describing the economy condition of the state were India made live us on captive economy the younger generation of our should aware the diplomacy played by Indian Govt. to continued their colonial rule and the future of the state also lies on our younger generation to make violence state. Last but no lease, UNLF had also pay the tribute to all those who sacrifice their live during their ongoing revolutionary struggle and asked to all CORCOM member to joined hands while framing a new policies to make a long run of struggle against the Indian government with these coming foundation day the central committee of UNLF, Manipur honoured to all the cadre those who lived their live in physically worst condition and taking part the revolutionary struggle from jail and prayed to “Taibang panb mapu” of wellness.

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