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UN Day observed: Declaration sent to International bodies

by Guru Aribam Naocha
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International Youth Centre (MIYC) and United People’s Front (UPF) with several CSOs of Manipur on 24 October 2023 with RK Sanayaima in the Chair. The UN Day made a Manipur People’s Declaration on the theme “Manipur Needs Protection under R2P Principle” signed by All Manipur Nupi Marup (AMNM), All Manipur Student’s Union (AMSU), All Manipur Tammi-Chingmi Nupi Marup (AMTCNM), All Manipur Women’s Social Reformation and Development Samaj (AMWSRDS), All Manipur Women’s Voluntary Association (AMAWOVA), Chanura Lamjinglen Kangleipak (CLK), Human Rights Alert (HRA), International Peace and Social Advancement (IPSA), Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA), Leimarol Lamjingkon (LEIMAKON), Manipur Chanura Leishem Marup (MACHA LEIMA), Manipur International Youth Centre (MIYC), Manipuri Students’ Federation (MSF), Nupi Union for Peace and Integrity (NUPI), Poirei Leimarol Meira Paibi Apunba Manipur (PLMPAM), United People’s Front (UPF) and Women’s United Development Organisation Manipur (WUDOMAN). The copy of the Declaration was sent to the Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect, the United Nations Office on Genocide Prevention and the Responsibility to Protect and the International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect. The Responsibility to Protect – known as R2P – is an international norm that seeks to ensure that the international community never again fails to halt the mass atrocity crimes of genocide, war crimes, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity.
Giving his introductory speech, MC Meetei, Coordinator, MIYC highlighted the establishment of the United Nations on 24 October 1945 with a hope of global unity and ending colonialism in the world. He said Manipur, itself has been a civilization that could withstand the test of time and human tyranny. Stone tools found in Manipur dated back to 30,000 years ago.
At the time of the birth of Polo in Manipur, the more than 5000 years old Manipur Civilization was contemporaneous with the Egyptian Civilization and that of Mesopotamia. The Harappan and Mohenjadaro Civilizations were much younger to Manipur Civilization. However, these great civilizations of the world vanished with the epitome of time but Manipur Civilizations continues till today facing the test of history.
Manipur is the only nation that has a two millennia old documented history with lineages of 76 kings that ruled uninterruptedly in this golden land with a territory ten times bigger than the present day territorial area of Manipur, he claimed. He pointed out that Manipur could not signed the Instrument of Accession and the Standstill Agreement as both Manipur and India were British colonies and didn’t have the sovereign power to do so. The Manipur Merger Agreement of 21 September 1949 stands a clear testimony that Manipur was never a part of India before the alleged annexation of Manipur by India on 15 October 1949 in clear violation of the Article 2(4) of the UN Charter of which India was a signatory member among the 51 original member states. He stressed that the present Manipur-India Conflict could only be resolved through a peaceful dialogue with the government of India or through the mandate of the people of Manipur to join the United Nations family. Later, referring to various norms under the International Humanitarian Law, he deplored the failure of India, the 4th largest military power in the world in containing the present crisis in Manipur and doubted the Kuki armed groups are being used as mercenaries and auxiliary forces to wage a proxy war in Manipur as the ethnic cleansing of Meiteis have been completed in Churachandpur, Moreh and Kangpokpi.
RK Sanayaima, in his presidential speech, deplored the rise of new sovereign countries and nations with rapid decolonization process in the 60s after the establishment of the United Nations after the Second World War. However, there remain still some remnants of colonialism in Africa, Asia including this part of WESEA region in the Fourth World even though the world has moved into the 21st Century with many struggling peoples and nations fighting for National Self-Determination under the UN Charter obligations. With the breakup of the former USSR in 1991, the world became unipolar with US as the lone superpower. However, the US has seen many threats in its supremacy with the emergence of China has a world power having unbounded influence over various member states of the UN General Assembly. China has expanded her influence over Africa, Europe, South Asia and South East Asia with her ambitious infrastructural developments which the US seems to have an impending threat over US Economy.
Mentioning about the violence that erupted on May 3, RK Sanayaima said the ethnic cleansing of the Meiteis by Kuki Aggression on Manipur has been completed with the government of India taking no responsibility to protect the innocent civilians, public properties and religious sites. The Indian security forces remained a mere spectator to all these varied crimes and atrocities perpetrated by the Kuki aggressors. There must have been somebody or some forces behind this Kuki Aggression of Manipur threatening the very existence of Manipur and her indigenous people. Quoting the visit of some KNO/KNA and other Kuki leaders in January 2020 shortly after his release from the Gauhati Jail, he said those leaders abandoned the idea of separate administration for the Kukis but hinted the idea of the formation of a territorial council. But, now, the formation of a greater Kukiland by merging Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh, Mizoram, Parts of Manipur and Nagaland of India, the whole Kabaw valley and other parts of Burma has become imminent with this unceasing military campaign by the Kukis including the illegal immigrants except for those old Kukis whose forefathers were loyal to te land of Manipur.
Later, RK Sanayaima expressed his discontentment on Manipur becoming a failed state wherein the chief minister has been completely removed off the home affairs. The Manipur People are left to defend their villages, land and the territorial integrity of Manipur as if the government of India has no responsibility to protect her people’s lives and properties. This stands the facts where the Manipur People are compelled to explore the ways to protect themselves under the international doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect – also known as – R2P Principle. He urged the CSOs and Meira Paibis to stand unitedly to thwart any evil designs to disturb the territorial integrity of Manipur.
Ima Sakuntala of Women’s United Development Organisation Manipur (WUDOMAN) emphasized that the women folks should stay away from dirty politics to keep the sanctity of the Meira Paibi Movement.
In his valedictory speech, L. Jadumani, advisor-UPF (United People’s Front) appealed all the CSOs, big and small to come together to raise a common voice to bring peace and integrity in Manipur.

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