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Total of Kuki UG groups reached 38; some ensuing SoO with Govt.

by williamgurumayum
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Imphal, April 29: The total number of Kuki Underground groups have now reached 38 with the addition of three newly formed group in 2016. According to a highly reliable source from state government, the number of Kuki UG group was 35 in 2015. With the formation of three new armed group called Thadou People Liberation Army (TPLA, Aimol Defence Force (ADF) and United Kuki Liberation Force  (UKLF MC) the total number of Kuki UG group is now 38.
List of Kuki UGs, as according to government sources, includes KNO/KNA, KNO/KLA, KNO/KRF, KNO/ZDF, KNO/UMLA, KNO/PAKAN, KNF (Z), KNF(S), KNF(P), KNF(N) J Group, KNF (N) D Group, KNF (MC), KNO/ZRF, KUFO, KRA, KRA (Assam) KLA (Assam), KLO/KLA, UKDA, USRA, KTU( Kuki Tribal Union), KLA/MC, UKRA, KIO/KIA, UKLF, KPLA, KRF, KNO/KRA (U), UKLA (MC), UTLA (SK) UTLA, HNA and HPC (D).
Among these group those which comes under the KNO and UPF are presently ensuing Suspension of Operation with the central and state government.
However, others are still yet to bring under negotiation table.
Meanwhile, both state government and central government agency are strictly monitoring the movement and activities of those group which are under suspension of operation as multiple complaints has been made about illegal activities being carried out by them.

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Mark Paite April 30, 2016 - 4:31 am

How about ZRA

khai October 2, 2016 - 7:55 am

ZRA claim that they are not kuki but Zomi. Its not good to force. It should come from them. Actually The name zomi is a foreign to the meitei and also in indian context. In burma context its fine but in indian context it shoulh be term as kuki. Our identity murt be kuki. The land must be term as kukiland, kuki state. Even PA Sangma called it as kukiland.

paupu October 2, 2016 - 9:02 am

Recently i found in sangai express that kno was confused whether to name the land as kukiland or not. I was abit surprised becoz for 25 yrs , kno and other kuki ugs has been fighting for kukiland. Just for the sake of few people to give up our identity is like a frog in the well. Zoland is a foreign word to the indians. Even in the parliament PA Sangma proclaim it as kukiland and not as zoland. For me i think zoland shoulh compose of chinland, mizoram and kukiland but for now in manipur the land should be term as kukiland. Remember not as zogal but anglo kuki war, otherfwise meitei people will call us foreigners. For meitei and indians we are kuki and not as zomi. The reason is that in manipur only three communities exist i.e meitei, naga and kuki. Zomi exist in manipur only in 90s thats why zomis are call foreigners not kukis. I m also abit surprise how paite became majority in songpi district, if we really check the censes, 80s i think many of them took advangtage of the confict and who knows might have comeover from mizoram or from burma. I say this becoz thadou- kuki were alwzys more than other tribes. Now they want to name chirachandpur as lamka its very contrxdicting. Its good that the govt. Also should know the past, the story behind churachandpur. I think even the common language in air dourdarsan, i think itsgoodto have the findings once again. I think compare to paite, thddou kuki number wil be more. I say this becoz i found the findings very true. Fìrstly why paites are more vigorous than hmar and thadous becoz they are zomi, and zomi is foreign to the meitei. In sadar hills thadou did it to hep their paites bros and sisters but paiteis will never help them. For eg. Kuki-naga conflict is very very clear instead they fought with their own brothers and sisters.

Onother thing is that we say guite is the eldest brother in songthu geneology how is it that he is speaking another dilect. Its very contrsdicting. If we look at doungel to thadou all are speaking the same language. I wonder in the same family how can diffrent dilect otherwise all would have spoken guite dialect. Its very confusing. Any way my eldest brother to my youngest brother we all speak the same language.


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