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Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden- A potential Tourist destination

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By- Laishram Ranbir
Imphal, May 14,

Once a peak in the legendary myth Khamb-Thoibi of Manipur, where Thoibi came to pick the very special flowers known as Thoibi-Lei from this peak and a historical site for the World War 2 where allied force put up their camps, Langol Peak or Tlanglhungbung is now becoming one of the favourite tourist centres in Manipur.
Surrounded by beautiful landscape, hillocks and breathe taking sceneries, Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden lies in the Langol Village of Machi Sub-Division in Chandel District about 60 kms drive from the heart of Imphal city along the Indo-Myanmar road.
“Hearing the folktales told by our elders and forefather of our village Machi since ancestral times about how important is the peak to the people of Manipur and about the mythological tales of Khamba-Thoibi attachment to the peak, I came up with an idea to preserve and built up a garden for the people of Manipur otherwise I worldn’t have never dreamt off in my entire life,” D.K Tolshilthang, Proprietor Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden.
We all know that most of the parks and gardens in the state are set up to provide comfort for the people who wish to visit a place where they can relax and enjoy for sometime but Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden, which is yet to complete is especially set up with a dreamt to preserve its historical facts of the peak and its surrounding areas.
D.K Tolshilthang said “looking at the inspiration of the elders of the villages established in and around the Machi sub-division, the garden is being built up so that one who visits can relax and enjoyed the breath taking views and sceneries surrounding the four corners of the peak as well as the historical tales.”
Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden, located in one of the oldest Maring Villages that is flooded with elements of historical importance, began its construction with four entry points in the year 2013 and before the end of the year 2017, it was officially declared open for the public.
“As told by our forefathers, there used to be a huge stone at the peak while the peak was called Kaadangching during the ancestral periods but disappeared after the peak was named Tlanglhungbung by the villagers.
We have underwent search for the stone and it was discovered at a different location between two hill slope not so far from the peak though naked cannot see it from the top of the Tlanglhungbung Leikol or Langol Peak garden, we cannot deny the historical facts,” said D.K Tolshilthang.
Except for eye-witnessing the beauty of the flowers grown at the garden, looking back at the myth of the Khamba-Thoibi, the flowers known as the Thoibi-lei, the proprietor is working at her best level to preserve and grow as much of the special variety of the flower like it was once blooms at the peak so that visitors can witness and with the customary one who pluck and garland the flower in their body has downfall future, as per the historical myth connected with the flower.
Micheal, a visitor with family said “never knew that such an amazing place can be set up with breath taking views and sceneries, the fresh air, it’s very relaxing and coming here, we even witness the Thoibi-lei that was once heard only in the folktales told by our grandparents. If a lot more unique related to the history can be establish in the garden, this will be a whole new level of tourist spot for the people of Manipur and for tourist from different states and countries to thrive here.”
During the holidays and festival seasons, the garden is a centre of attraction among the locals and people of Manipur and being a large area around seven to eight staffs has been employed to look after the garden though requirement of more staff can be witness.
Proprietor D.K Tolshilthang and her partners strives to make it a unique garden in the state and also aim to bring the excellent learning and enjoyment of the scenic beauties, crafts and unique flowers found in the garden for the visitors and working on their best level to make it one of the best tourist spots in the state.
There are thatched huts where two or six people could easily sit to rest or chat. There are also places where enough people can accommodate for a group meet.
Set in one of the tallest peaks in the state, a tree-level watch tower is station where people could visit the garden which provides amazing views of natural beauty and a pleasant ambience besides the variety of plants and flowers including a green pond which completes the enjoyment of the garden.
A cafeteria is tucked in one corner of the garden for the guests’ pleasure and a small museum where visitors can witness the remains relics of the world war 2, historical items of the maring tribes of the Machi including an statue of the one of the maring tribe reaching a height of more than seven feet.
If one wants to have a family picnic, birthday celebrations and many, it cannot be wrong to say this is the right spot by paying Rs 20/- only as entry fee at the entry gate of the garden and the rest are free of cost as of now.
Ksh Santi, a college student who visits the place with her friends and colleagues said “the garden is amazing with fresh air which is so relaxing, even forgot the tiredness while climbing up to the top of the peak through the somewhat stiff route and the most mesmarising is the breath taking views from the top of the watch tower where almost

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