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The doll maker who dream to bring back the smile of her family

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By-Rinku khumukcham
Cramped by dreaded Polio, she had struggled to live every staged of her life with extra effort as she had never wanted to feel inferior from her friends. It was the almighty’s desired that she found her mate and got married to a kind gentleman after she completed her graduation. They were blessed with a cute son and a princess-like daughter. And life was going on in a fantastic way that she even felt that she was the happiest wife of a kind husband and mother of two kids in the world despite being cramp by dreaded polio which make her dependent on walk sticks. It’s again the almighty’s desire that her happy life didn’t last long. The joy, the smile, and the caring hands of her husband was shattered after their princess like daughter eloped and married when she was yet to attain the age that the law permitted. Her husband, family members of both her in-laws and her own paternal family members and even her son blamed her for letting their princess like daughter eloped before reaching the approved age for getting married. Unable to bear the blamed she quietly left everyone and stayed at a small rented house somewhere in Imphal West without letting any of his family members know the place where she stayed. “I will tell them one day, after I manage to live a life of successful entrepreneur”, the lady talk to me in a gutsy tone showing me some artistic dolls she made to sell. She is at her 50s and she didn’t have any problem in mentioning her name but she did caution me not to mention the name of her husband and son or daughter or any members of her family. She also didn’t like me to disclose the place where she is staying at present. Eager to know the reason for such stubborn decision I insisted her about the need to disclose the name of everyone related to her as my motive to write story on her is nothing but to promote her through beneficiaries provided by the Government of India and Government of Manipur
through Social Welfare department. “I am physically handicapped, and people may blame my family members especially my husband if they come across the kind of life I am struggling now. I never wanted that for he is my god and everything”, she said. When asked on why she did not want them to know where she is staying now, the answer was not more than– “I have to prove that I am a capable woman that can make them happy”. “By the time I succeed I will call them and provide them the most luxury life that people dreamt”, she said. I started getting confused on imagining the kind of story that I was going to file in my newspaper. I know it’s no use reporting the talent of a handicapped lady without properly mentioning the identity the person who had never gets any beneficiary from government side. I was puzzled. Then leaving aside the story of her personal life I started questioning about her ambition. I know her through social networking site face book – she is there by the name Echeleima
. It was through her face book wall that I saw some beautiful dolls she made for selling. “I picked up doll making as materials used to make are affordable, I know tailoring but as of now I am not in a position to procure a sewing machine”, she said. She said as she was handicapped she could not get access to directly supply her products but she is doing her business on demand from friends in face book as well as by those who knows and love to support her.
“You are a journalist and I think you might know a lot of friends, please tell them that my dolls are beautiful and please do tell them to buy my dolls so that I can fulfil my dreamt”, this is the last word I heard from her before leaving her. Yes Eche
I will do what I can, I assured before leaving her place.

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momon thoudam April 18, 2016 - 2:22 am

I salute Echemma your caliber and today 18th April 2016, I promised i will fight for you…i can feels everything you suffered, as soon as possible i will be DR and I am sure with thousand of Smile….

I would like to shared to all those who don’t know about the dreaded polio,

Pain that results from poor posture is the most common type of pain reported by polio survivors. Weakness in polio-affected muscles (particularly the legs) often leads to poor muscular balance and skeletal alignment. Years of walking on unstable joints and tissues makes polio survivors more likely to develop degenerative joint disease. Nerve compression syndromes like carpal tunnel at the wrist and “pinched nerves” in the neck and back may develop from years of altered body alignment.muscle pain as burning, cramping or a deep ache. This type of pain is usually associated with physical activity and typically occurs at night.Muscle cramps and / or fasciculations (muscle twitching) are indication of overuse of polio muscles.

momon thoudam April 18, 2016 - 2:38 am

i am really appreciate to Rinku Khumakcham for publishing for my lovely cheche

Deben Bachaspatimayum April 18, 2016 - 4:45 am

Hi Rinku
You are a Smart hunter for Good things of life. For me, from your report, Echeleima is already an inspiring living legend – a model of life that says “Die another day” or “Never Give Up” or Upholding the Dignity of Life. She seems to have put life in the Dolls she makes. She is changing the look of the dolls – I will look at the Dolls for the life with dignity.

Mimi May 26, 2016 - 9:15 am

Good article! Inspiring!


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