Subhana Begum says Md. Tajuddin got injured in her father’s self defense act

Subhana Begam (32) wife of late Sahidur Rahman and daughter of Haji Khomei whose house have been ablaze on last Tuesday night at Lilong Haoreibi Atoukhong Mamang Leikai claimed that allegation over her father and family is completely wrong.
While speaking to media persons today here at Manipur Press Club, she counter alleged over the one M.Tazuddin who is presently under treatment at Shija Hospital, Langol after he was attacked by his father with dagger was actually an act of self defense.
She countered that Tazuddin a man with characterless had been following her since last 8/9 months with bad intention. He is already charged with rape, drug use, and vehicle robbery cases.
Narrating the incident of that night, she said, Tazuddin with another friend knocked her door saying to open the door as he has to give mobile phone for her at around 6.30 P.M. But she replied to meet her father who was out for farm work and to say whatever he had to say and did not open the door. Coincidentally, her father came back from work and asked the two to come at day time not like this and they went back.
After they had dinner, her father also left for farm hut where he stays at night. Tazuddin again went to father’s farm hut and tried to locked father from outside. Her father somehow broke the door and ran after him with a dagger. Tazuddin had a gun at his hand at that time.
She with other family members rushed to the spot after they heard of the incident. Her father was lying unconsciously on the ground.
She further said, after Tajuddin ran away from the spot, one Wahidoor (40) son of Abdul, Riazudin @ Amuthi (32) who is a policemen, son of Ashab Ali from her same local with other men started shooting many  rounds at the gate of their home. They even mobbed up by going publicity that “ Haji Khomei attacked Tajuddin and killed him, lets burnt down his house”.   And the mob started burning their house, by the time her three little kids were sleeping, broke down Subhana. There was non- stop gun fire too.
She said, five houses including her elder brother’s and neighboring relatives burnt down completely and one house has been destroyed badly in the incident. Nearly around will be of 80 lakhs from her house alone has turned to ash. Properties have also been looted by the main culprits from the houses, she complained.
She further said, she called fire serve and police for help but did reached only after everything been over. An FIR has been lodged to Lilong Police.
She broke down and appeal to all the organizations, governmental and social bodies who seeks for truth to come out and look after the case and to bring out judgment on the light.
A local man on the sideline of the press meet told Imphal Times that presently the five families are staying in a temporary tent house like refugees inside their own courtyard. Haji Khomei has gone underground out of fear. 

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