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RPF alleges hidden agenda behind persistent ethnic conflict in Manipur

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RPF alleges hidden agenda behind persistent ethnic conflict in Manipur

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Imphal, May 27:

The proscribed group, the Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), has stated that the persistent ethnic conflict in Manipur since May 3, 2023, has proven to be the manifestation of the long-drawn-out hidden agenda of the Government of India.
In a statement, the outfit’s Deputy Secretary of Publicity, Roben Khuman, asserted that the persistent ethnic conflict is aimed at subduing the liberation movements in WeSEA, meddling in the internal affairs of Myanmar for India’s own benefit, and countering Orientalism with the influence of Western forces by deliberately choosing Manipur as a battleground for regional and international political games. According to the statement, Manipur, as an Oriental nation-state populated by people of rich cultural heritage, could not easily be persuaded by India. In order to achieve this egoistic hidden agenda, innocent civilians of Manipur and Myanmar have become the sacrificial lambs.
It said, an analysis of the events in Manipur since May 3, along with insights from experts and eyewitnesses, suggests that the current ethnic crisis in the region is not only orchestrated by India but also reflects India’s indifferent attitude. Contrary to the belief of the RPF and its armed wing, the PLA, which have been persistently opposing the ethnic conflict, it appears that India has been implicated with malicious intent. This perceived strategy to malign and blame others to cover up its own culpabilities is seen as a recurring characteristic of the Indian state and its governance, according to some analysts.
The statement further said, in the morning of May 7, 2023, Kuki chiefs had called up RPF to inform what the Assam Rifles had told them. “Yesterday the Assam Rifles had come to our village and informed that PLA was prepared to attack us as for which chiefs are meeting today morning. Our acquaintance with PLA has been rather long, and we (the chiefs) know them properly and we do not suspect them to do any harm to us. However, for the sake of reaffirmation, we have called you up to know the actual truth”, narrated the Chiefs to RPF. To RPF’s utter disbelief, the villagers were informed that RPF had no such intent and the villagers must not believe in what the Assam Rifles had preached.
The villagers then requested to give the clarification in written; RPF sent the reply in the form of text message, which read as below
“ – India Government, especially Field Intelligence Unit (FIU) of Indian security forces deliberately creates Present communal tension in Manipur through their Henchmen to sabotage the Unity among the Communities of Manipur who has been living peacefully since time immemorial as brotherhood. Indian’s agenda is TO DESTROY THE UNITY OF MANIPUR, “Once the Unity is destroyed, the native people of Manipur cannot rule their own native land and to take the advantage of disunity … India rules Manipur totally!”
Dear Sir/Madam, please do not belief the false propaganda of Indian Army and their Henchmen. RPF and its Army PLA is for all community of Manipur and still stand for the Unity. Let us defend and protect the Unity of Manipur. Expose the Henchmen in our community and denounce their heinous crime together. Thank you”
“Similar spirit has been upheld by a section of Kuki armed groups who are not into any Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the government of India. The said Kuki armed group also opined “we know that the crisis is a handiwork of Indian government, have been telling people to refrain from indulging into it”. In addition, on May 10, 2023, 90 Meetei labourers were safely handed over to the Sugnu MLA K Ranjit under the aegis and initiative of the Peace Committee’s President. MLA Ranjit had even reportedly extended monetary support the Kuki Chiefs.
The statement further asserted that Indian agencies, displeased with the peaceful coexistence in the Sungnu area, began to disrupt the harmony by using local henchmen to sow discord. The tension between the Manipur State Police and the central forces, particularly the Assam Rifles, was cited as evidence of opposition to the alleged manipulations of the Indian security agencies. The RPF highlighted this confrontation as a clear indication of the disruption caused by these external influences.
“It was during this juncture, the government of India started to drag in RPF in the ethnic conflict to defame and blame. The evidence to such machinations became clear when a recent National Intelligence Agency’s (NIA) Special Court charge-sheet which initially identified Moirangthem Anand Singh who happened to be a leader of Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) Noyon Group has been now not only be rechristened as member of PLA but also made every attempt to drag in PLA into the ethnic conflict as an interested party. It is worth recalling what was published at the time of the arresting Mr Anand –
“One person identified as Moirangthem Anand Singh who was re-arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) on September 22 after granting bail by a NIA court, belongs to Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) …
KCP (Noyon) leader Moirangthem Anand Singh was arrested by NIA sleuths from the Imphal police station on Friday afternoon hours after a Special Court granted bail to him in a separate case …
One of the accused, Moirangthem Anand Singh, was a trained cadre of a proscribed Meitei militant outfit and previously arrested six times in 1997, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2005 and 2009. After joining the KCP (Noyon) Group in 2010, he was arrested again in 2010 for a case of extortion from government office and was detained under NSA.
Moirangthem Anand Singh was a member of RPF in 2001 but upon his arrest in 2004 by the 17th Assam Rifles and failed to re-join to the party, which led to his dismissal bearing DISMISSAL ORDER NO. A4- 6/01/2007. Dt. 2007-02-01. Since then he remains sacked from the party.
The question that RPF wants to pose is – Instead of pointing fingers to the concerned parties and individuals to the ongoing ethnic strife who are into frequent mudslinging conduct like – the Arambai Tengol (AT), Committee on Tribal Unity (CoTU), Indigenous Tribal Leader’s Forum (ITLF), Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), Meitei Leepun, Schedule Tribe Demand Committee of Manipur (STDCM), Kuki MLAs, the Chief Minister of Manipur N Biren Singh, the MP Sanajaoba, the Home Minister Amit Shah, the Indian Prime Minister N Modi, Officials of Indian Army, Indian Intelligence Agencies and their Henchmen, why have tried repeatedly to point fingers at RPF whose sole commitment is towards securing reconciliation the present crisis. Only the right answer to the very question can reveal the sinister design of the Government of India before the eyes of the commoners.
In the 1971 Bangladesh war of independence (the then East Pakistan), one hundred thousand Mukti Bahini were given military training to face Pakistan while India launched its Operation: JACKPOT. However, Indian Army disguised as Mukti Bahini by putting on Lungi (a Bengali attire for man) had been fighting against Pakistan Army.
In a similar role, the 21 Para Regiment in April end 2024 came to the 8th Assam Rifles Camp located at the India-Myanmar and launched clandestine military operation against the revolutionaries of WeSEA. Kukis from Bangladesh, Manipur and India were took part in this secret strike operation pretending as members of Kuki National Army-Burma (KNA-B) of Myanmar. As of Indian Army’s role play in Operation: JACKPOT of 1971, soldiers from 21 Para Regiment and the Assam Rifles including several serving and retried personal of the Indian army that took part in this clandestine operation disguising as KNA-B.
Not only the Indian army fought against WeSEA’s revolutionaries, they also clandestinely attacked the Myanmar Police and Army. The intruders ran back when the Myanmar forces launched counteroffensive with Helicopter gunship and intruders suffered heavy causalities. The injured were treated at Military Hospital of Leimakhong, IGAR (South) and Phaikhot.
Encounters prior to the counteroffensive of the Myanmar Helicopter, the WeSEA’s revolutionaries experienced skilful tactical offensive even though it was an “Unconventional Warfare”. It came to the light that the aggressors involved Elite Forces to which our-joint-fighters cautiously took on. However, encounters after the counteroffensive from Helicopter were so difference that it was like “the proverbial difference between the Sun and Moon”. Now it is a well-known fact in this offensive, the Indian Elite Special Force 21 Para Regiment has taken part. Statements issued by NSCN-IM, eyewitness report published in the news media and the indirect expressions of the Kuki Inpi Manipur’s propaganda has confirmed that India has not only launched clandestine offensives against revolutionaries of WeSEA’s but also launched “Unconventional Warfare” against Myanmar; that means India has launched a Proxy War against Myanmar.
In the midst of that shoot-out, with the machinations of Indian security establishments we have been made to hear things like, “… India’s attack on PLA is make them come to negotiating table…”, “if peace has to brokered in the border areas, make PLA come to peace-talks …”, “we (Indian army) shall continue with this onslaught until and unless they (PLA) do so …”. The antics of the Assam Rifles are so nefarious that they have asked and promised PDF and KNA-B to help in coercing “Manipur’s armed groups surrender so that they will be awarded with the weapons they (Manipur armed groups) would bring along with them”.
The RPF has appealed to all communities in Manipur to resist India’s sectarian propaganda. They emphasized the long-standing fraternal coexistence among the people of Manipur and urged them not to be influenced by outsiders from distant regions. According to the RPF, only those who are selfish and lack principles would become henchmen of India. They reminded the people of their proud heritage and distinctive cultural ethos, calling for unity and self-governance. The RPF reiterated that the people of Manipur should live together in peace and not serve foreign interests..
The weapons that we possess today are not to be meant for fratricidal acts. Instead, turn you weapons toward the Mayang India and let us free Manipur from Indian colonialism and let show our unity to the world.

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