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Proscribed group PREPAK greets the people on occasion of its 41st Anniversary which falls on October 9

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Imphal, Oct 8,


Acting Chairman of the People Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) , Kh. Sathy today greets the people of the region on occasion of the  41st  Anniversary  of the party.

A statement of the Acting Chairman of the proscribed group while offering  revolutionary salute to the people of the hills and plains, term the people to have been bearing the brunt of living as colonized people for the past 69 years under the colonial rule of the common enemy of the present-day generations—India.

It said that India had forcibly annexed the land to the Indian dominion hardly when the people could heave a sigh of relief after regaining independence from the British, who spread its colonial empire throughout the world.

The statement further stated, “Kangleipak, which was once an Asiatic Sovereign State having its own history of more than 2000 years, today has become unable to protect its own traditional identity and territorial boundary ever since Dominion India forcibly annexed the land on October 15 of 1949 in contravention of all international norms, has become unable to stand on its own without having to depend on the Indian economy and has become a state affected in all spheres. The nastiest policy adopted by India to make the people of the state unable to rise ever again is to try to create divisions among the peopleso that they will never be able to build united strength and to deprive the people of their right to live which is an indispensable right of the human beings. India isusing the AFSPA-1958, the new version of the AFSPO which the British had used to suppress the people of India, and meting out all kinds of brutal torture and killings unabated till today.

“The manner in which India had forced the erstwhile King Bodhachandra, who had no authority and power then, was intimidated and forced to sign the so-called merger Agreement and forcibly annexed Kangleipak had been considered illegal not only in the eyes of International Law but also had not been approved by the then Assembly and State Council formed by the elected representativesof the people nora referendum of the Kanglei people was held for approving it. Moreover, the 4th sitting of the 3rd Session of the first Manipur Legislative Assembly of an independent country held at 2.30 pm of September 28 of 1949 at the Johnstone High School had rejected the so-called Merger Agreement of September 21 stating that King Bodhachandra was made to sign it under duress. Many other people’s conventions held in the later days had also denounced the so-called Merger Agreement as having no legality and constitutional validity.

 “Thus challenging such erroneous act of India, a National Revolution Movement had been launched by the people of Kangleipak since the very year India had occupied Kangleipak in 1949 to drive out the Indian Occupation Force from the region and to restore independence and still continuing.National Liberation Movement is a political expression of the Right to Self Determination. The first one is a political process of the people. The later one indicates whether it is legitimate or not in the international community. Conforming to certain agreed principles, it is mutual coexistence under the umbrella of the world family. The most important right among all human rights is the Right to Self Determination. Not only laid down in the UN Charter, considering the Right to Self Determination as the paramount right, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights(ICCPR), 1996 and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), 1996provide in the first articles that “All peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.” India had ratified the ICCPR, 1966 on April 10, 1979 and implemented it on July 10, 1979. The 3rd Article of the Draft United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People’s also clearly points out in the same manner as that of the above two Covenants about the Right to Self Determination of the indigenous people. However, India has been ignoring and disregarding the Right to Self Determination of Kangleipak.

“The Resolution No. 1514 (XV) adopted by the UN General Assemblyon December 14, 1960, “Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples” was a very important resolution meant for doing away with the system of colonial rule in the world. According to this resolution, every human being will have his political status, i.e., the Right to Self to Determination. No act of torture or military operation should be carried out against any human being. Besides,independence of a country and its indigenous people and their territorial integrity cannot be disturbed or splintered. No one can ever break the territorial integrityof Kangleipak that existed in 1947. The Right to Self Determination of the people of Kangleipak still remains intact. No community or country should ever use the right to break the territorial boundary of Kangleipak that had been drawn by Henry Yule way back in 1500 AD. 

For the UN General Assembly, the Right to Self Determination and the National Liberation Movement of a people has been kept as a legitimate regulation. If a colonial, racist or foreign rule does not provide the reasonable Right to Self Determination of a people, it remains condemned as an act of terrorist. Astonishingly, India still pretends as if it doesn’t know this. According to the Resolution No. 2625 of the UN General Assembly, states cannot act in a forcible manner that may affect the freedom of a state and cannot use any kind of force. The resolutions of General Assembly 2189, December 13, 1966 and General Assembly 2326, December 11, 1967 prohibit use of any kind of force by a state against a people who are demanding their Right to Self Determination. As per the Declaration of the UN General Assembly of 1970, a people who are fighting for their Right to Self Determination may use any means of force at their command. Instead of granting the Right to Self Determination, if the state uses force to suppress or break the movement, it will be considered as an international crime amounting to committing genocide. Despite all these, the main cause of weakness in intensely advancing the movement ofrestoring independence of Kangleipak and in achieving the Right to Self Determination is the failure to bring all the revolutionary parties of both hills and valley together on the same platform to make the movement an international issue.    

“In the history of all revolutionary movements in any country, there had been incidents of different revolutionary groups emerging and factions cropping up in the same organization. However all such events had been brought together and settled in time. Eminent political scientists of the world have maintained that there are different classes of people—educated class, fairly educated and middle class and proletariat class who are facing a lot of hardship, etc. In the midst of all these classes, the leaders of revolutionary organizations and CSOs need to stand and build up ideology for protection of the communities and the land together with all classes of people. In such case, experts will be accompanied with; moderates will have to be allied with and farmers and workers will have to be associated with.  However, we have been experiencing opposition from the privileged, high and middle class people to all kinds of movement. Yet those people who are underprivileged and far from getting any kind of benefits but high in thoughts and attitudes, who naturally understand the rights and wrongs and good and evils of the society will extend cooperation. The leadership needs to be the conciliating point for this.So it is natural that there should be a single united strength.Now it shouldn’t be that difficult to unite because all revolutionary organizations know pretty well that our goal is the one and same. The experience of Palestine Liberation Organization(PLO) may be mentioned as one that is more compatible with that of Kangleipak.

“The General Assembly of United Nations recognized the movement of the PLO since 1974 as a right movement for Self Determination. All that the PLO had faced and is facing are comparable with the happenings in Kangleipak. If everyone in Kangleipak studies the merits and demerits of Palestine and brings a semblance of their experience to our state, it will be quite beneficial. Just like the forcible so-called Merger Agreement of India of September 21 of 1949, following the Balfour Declaration organized by the British in 1917, Palestine was dissolved and Israel was created which caused the emergence of the liberation movement of Palestine. As part of the major objective of the Palestine Resistance Movement (PRM), several organizations and factions of Palestine launched resistance movements. As a result of the movements, certain major changes had taken place in 1994. Though the PRM had lit the fire of liberation movement of the Palestine Arab people whose state had been snatched away, the uniting platform of all the movements was provided by the Palestine National Council(PNC). Within the united assembly, the popular Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), as the only representative organization, led the movement and succeeded.

“On January 1 of 1965, the PLO launched a successful military operation against Israelthat made the key objective of the Palestine people’s liberation movement known to the world. Thus the PRM as the torchbearer of all that connected with theliberation movement led the people to the right direction of success. Thus while the broad vision of the revolution of our Kanglei people and the singularobjective of the revolutionaries needs to be viewed together, brave patriots and vanguardsshould have the commitment to understand and analyze the elements of our lost sovereignty and sit together to discuss how to go together as one. This compelling need lies in front of all people of the hills and valley.Not a single factor can be found why all the armed revolutionary organizations of the WESEA region couldn’t come together and unite as one since every organization belongs to the group of peoples who are not that different from each other in looks, life style and settled together in the same region. Thus it is fervently hoped and believed that we all shall one day unite and launch a more intense offensive against the GoI.

“The GoI is nurturing a dream that once a settlement is arrived at between the GoI and the NSCN (IM), the rest of the armed insurgent groups of the NE could be suppressed and that the NSCN (IM) is dreaming that it would build a Naga unity. Both would be right to realize  that these are impossible and impractical theories. Assuming that the NSCN (IM) has no further major contradiction, it is still hard to find  groundsto believe that there won’t be any inter-tribal contradictions again.Even if there is no major contradiction, Naga may face a wave of factional crisis creating a frighteningly uncontrollable situation in Nagaland wherein the Tangkhuls originating from Kangleipak could be seen as the colonizers and within Nagaland itself, in the midst of war of supremacy among Angami, Aao, Sema, etc smaller tribes such as Chakhesang and Konyak may look at the four others as international colonizers which may create a more horrifying situation than the tribal wars happening in Africa. In fact when they are about to reach the goal, many small tribes may disappear from the surface of the earth forever.The NSCN (IM) and the colonial master India should never try to rupture the boundary of Kangleipak that existed in 1947, to keep away from the hill-valley people’s governance and to disintegrate the emotional bond of the people.

“It would be wrong to believe that India will bring development to the Nagas while keeping the Nagas as dependent people. All the steps to be taken up on the pretext of Nagas’ interest but in reality in GoI’s interest, would be to break the bond of brotherhood between the hills and valley people that has remained since time immemorial. Only when we are free and can stand on our own, would we be able to live in peace, progress and with love. The fact that Naga, Kuki, Meitei and Meitei Pangal can live together and protect Kangleipak togetheris proven by the geographical condition, language, indigenous tales based on bond of brotherhood of the people of hills and valley, traditions, customs, costumes, food habits and many other similar characteristics. We are all inseparable from each other. No group engaged in liberation movement in Kangleipak has any ideology based on blood, clan or tribe, but based on the united territory of Kangeipak. This view is the same idea that inspired the National Liberation Movement of 1949 in which people of all communities of hills and valley took part. Now also it would be right on part of all Kanglei people to lead the movement based on the tradition of the people of Kangleipak bearing the responsibility together during the course of history.  While it is time for the State Government to think deeply, it acts as per orders of the Centre and remains nonchalant even though the state is sold off.Since the rulers have remained occupied with the thought of saving their own seats, today all kinds of artificial problems have created a chaotic situation in Kangleipak. This indicates the right characteristic of a puppet government.

“ As for PREPAK, right since the conception of the party, we have been keeping faith in a united liberation movement. Thus since the early stage, the Party has not only been working together with other revolutionary organizations of Kangleipak but also been trying relentlessly to keepgood relationship with otherfraternal revolutionary organizations of the neighbouring WESEA region so that a united liberation movement could be carried through. Keeping in mind the principles of a united National Liberation Movement to translate the objective of achieving Independent Kangleipak into reality, first Kangleipak Communist party (KCP), People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) and Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) joined hands and formed the Revolutionary Joint Committee (RJC). Then PREPAK, RPF and UNLF joined hands to form Manipur People’s Liberation Front (MPLF). Then KCP, KYKL, PREPAK, PREPAK (Pro), RPF, UNLF and UPPK got together and formed the Co-ordination Committee (CORCOM). Even now the Party firmly believes in “unity is strength” and that only a united National Liberation Movement will be able to restore our independence. On the other hand, even though an armed group of the hills that earlier demanded independence has gone into peace talks with the colonial master India without knowing where its goal would be, a large number of people of the hills have no trust in that talks and still stand firmly for an independent Kangleipak. Launching of a liberation movement against India by the hill brethren is a big step ahead toward restoring independence of Kangleipak. Thus  considering the new emerging direction in the National Liberation Movement, PREPAK humbly appeals to all fellow revolutionary organizations to stand together on a united platform and jointly defeat India to have Kangleipak’s lost independence and sovereignty restored”, the statement said. 

   The proscribed group also offered revolutionary salute to all brave martyrs who had sacrificed their lives for our motherland during the course of the liberation movement and those who are languishing in the jail as the enemy’s prisoners of war, and conveys warm greetings to all hill and valley brethren, and wishing for a happy, peaceful and progressive society free of all ills and sufferings. 

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