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Prof. N. Rajmuhon’s “Nutrients for The Youth”

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By: S. Bhubol
Title of the Book:   
-“nutrients for the Youth”
Written by: 
– Prof. N. Rajmuhon of Manipur University
Edition: 2016
ISBN:  978-81-920990-4-0
– Raj Publications Pvt. Ltd.  [Published on behalf of the Manipur    Association for Promotion of    Science (MAPS)]
Foreword by:
– L. Kamakhyakumar Singh
No. of Chapter: 6(Six)
No. of Pages: 502
Price: Rs. 750/-(Paper back)
Rs. 1000 (Hard Copy/ Library Copy)

Dedicating his latest work the “nutrients for the Youth” to the Youth specially, the energetic research scholars and students, Prof. N. Rajmuhon begins jolting down his maiden remark as ‘The will power and physical strength of the youth is no less and should be utilized in the establishment of a new and ideal country citing the fact that in all fields of life be in space, race or business, the youth is quite capable of taking a lead and can tackle any issue. Categorizing his exemplified views closely related to youth empowerment in six chapters as Of youth and youth’s power, Youngster’s Guide for Personality Development, Inner Wisdoms/Virtues, Ingredients for Success, The Foundation to Success and Leadership, Rajmuhon strongly appeals to the entire multitude of youth to recognize their great potentials, mental and intellectual as well as spiritual and utilize these powers for the personal development as well as for the betterment of the society.
Submitting strong diagnostic arguments, the author says that the present day films, T.V. channels, and videos are full of violence, terror, war and sex, which sweep away the youth’s interests of preserving reading habits and at which again the youth incline upon harmful books that are leading them towards nadir, the world of day dreams and wishful fantasies. Questioning upon the youth’s real power to speak against corruption as- if they are tainted by the same sin, who can point the accusing finger; the writer firmly puts down as that the dirty hands of politics is spreading violent tendencies among the youth who nowadays need to move on with concrete principle to glorify the clean image of democracy. Believing in the fact that there are two important great forces in this world as one is ‘faith’ and another is ‘fear’ and on which the ‘faith’ is more stronger than ‘fear’, the author confidently puts his remark that we are passing a critical stage and by enlightening the youth we can solve a number of problems by inculcating the Japanese spirit of being one of economic and technological giants of the world even when the country has almost no mineral resources of its own.
Education is a fundamental pillar of human rights, democracy, sustainable development and peace (UNESCO-1992) and it is for how best to show the youth its possibility, how to arouse its latent energies, how to give the boy and the girl a perfection of the highest possible self, and how to stimulate its growth and development. Stating such stimulus, Prof. Rajmuhon points out on it that the children in schools must be introduced to the world with its history and its dynamics and to aware of knowledge without values is incomplete and at which teachers are the role models to the young generation, family, community life and religion. Lucidly describing the present dilemma of the youth, drug addiction and consumption of intoxicants, HIV/AIDS, youth related crimes, cyber crimes, the author heartily appeals all the concern to jointly lead  our youth to be positive thinkers who only can see the invisible, feel the intangible and achieve the impossible by adopting C. Maxwell’s formulae to change attitude as such ‘ Say right words, Read right books, Listen to the right tapes, Be with right people, Do the right things and Pray the right prayer placing the truth that it is impossible that a person with bad attitude continuously be a successful person.
Professor strongly recommends for our present day youths to keeping up with good manners, to move ahead and never to give up till the objective is won. With citing the remarks on the importance of ‘Today’ as ‘Yesterday is spent money, Tomorrow is a cheque, and Today is a cash to be used instantly’, he asks the young people to retain self confidence, self reliance, tenacity and will power as they are the ingredients to success that they conjoin to form the powerful force of positive thinking (Mandela). Defining a good leader as a person who takes a little more than his share of blame and a little less than his share of credit (John C. Maxwell) and referring to the verse of unknown monk (1100AD) “If I had changed my life, I could have an impact on my family, My family and I could make an impact on my town, Their impact could have changed the nation, and I could indeed change the world”, Prof. N. Rajmuhon heartily propagates the unfailing importance of individual responsibility in the society by saying that one’s personality is judged by three aspects as what others think he is, what he thinks of himself and what he really is and our youths have to grow up and are to be nurtured as such.
Professor N. Rajmuhon’s ‘nutrients for the Youth’ can really be the catalyst to mould the energetic young minds towards mounding up the creative and innovative talents to achieve the serene goals to lives. Encompassing with the essential thrilling remarks of many of the great personalities in the world, he not only mend up the dues in his previous book ‘ Inspiring the Youth’ but also make it a cradle to succoring the youth to live up with APJ Kalam’s proposition of the essence of ignited minds. The author with the elaborate presentations on the most essential requirements to effectively guide the youth of the day amidst various challenges, concludes his book by professing four aspects to be considered as propping pillars to uplift the youth as real development, committed mobilization, professional organization and proper utilization towards triggering in of their compulsory participation and involvement in the overall development of the nation. Now, the book is passed to the attentive readers. Professor N. Rajmuhon as an unraveling academic, intellectual , environmentalist and writer, is always ahead of his time on all fronts, and it is ( nutrient for the Youth) indeed a new feather in his cap towards empowering the Youth. Take time to taste it and perceive at once the rightful change.

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