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Procrastinations and protests

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The build-up to the 48 hours general strike called by MUSU and staunchly supported by various student’s organizations which began from midnight of 17 July have been long and gradual in the making. After a considerable lull in protests and social disruptions after the BJP-led coalition government snatched power from the Congress, the state is now truly back to its familiar albeit uncomfortable social scenario, with uncertainty, suspicion and a general air of pessimism pervading the entire state. Meanwhile, the adamancy of the BJP-appointed Vice Chancellor whose resignation is being demanded by every quarter of Manipur University without exception clearly manifests the collective attitude of total disregard and disdain of the BJP at the centre for the concerns and demands of the people of the state to the point where even the Chief Minister has to almost plead with the power at the centre to take up the issue with right earnestness. If the issues and concerns raised by the people of a state under BJP rule is neglected and dismissed, the thought of the plight of the people in states under non-BJP rule is scary to put it mildly.
The escalating tension and social disruptions is an avoidable tragedy. The Chief Minister have finally found the wisdom to take steps to settle the issue by knocking at the corridors of power at the centre and appraising them of the developments in the state to those who matter. Meanwhile, the call for the resignation of N Biren as Chief Minister is getting shriller. His image of a proactive and decisive leader has taken a huge dent, more so after the determined and orchestrated portrayal as a leader with a radical and hands on approach which raised the expectations of the people to unrealistic heights during the initial euphoria of maneuvering into power. Promising the moon and delivering mediocrity will definitely prove to be the perfect recipe for social disaster and chaos, and if the present government of the state has enough wit about itself, there should not be another next time of disruptions and social unrest to force it into action. It would be pertinent to point out that the state government failed to correctly feel and read the pulse of the society- whether from overconfidence or from lack of foresight and finesse is anybody’s guess.
The most important- or perhaps the only question that matters is –what now? If our opinions and suggestions would have any impact on the thoughts and actions of the power that be in the state, then the following points might provide some food for thought and action. First off, taking proactive steps to settle issues before things spin out of control and become a grave issue affecting the lives of the public. Use of public posts and positions for other political or personal gain should be discouraged and publicly dealt with without further ado. The state force should be sensitized on the matter of handling protests and public demonstrations as ruthless gagging would only make matters worse- for themselves and everybody, what with the already not-so-favorable perceptions of the general public of their integrity and dedication towards duty. But above all, a strict delegation of rights and responsibilities towards the authorities will ensure things will not get out of hand and issues will get resolved in a more pleasant and amicable manner.

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