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No selling and buying of lands without its consent: Chakanlong PEIDAI

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Imphal, Aug 30:

MLR & LR Act, 1960 is not yet extended and applied in the hill areas of Manipur except in some catchment areas. However, the hill areas is governed by customary law and other traditional practices of different traditional customs and traditions and Chakanlong (Charoichagotlong) village is no exception to that.
A press release of the Chakanlong (Charoichagotlong) Peidai (General Customary Village Court) said, “It may be noted that the Manipur Hill Areas (Village Authority) Act, 1956 was enacted by an act of Parliament for aiding the authorities concerned in village administration and development activities only. And it is not authorised/entitled to be ownership over the village land. There are Khunbu, khullak and Pei (customary court) which are the traditional ownership over land and resources in consultation with the general public. This has been in practice from time immemorial in the Rongmei community in particular and Nagas in general and Chakanlong being a Rongmei Naga Tribal village is no exception to that.”
As per Rongmei (Zeliangrong) customary practices and traditions the clan/family that first settled/founded the village becomes Khunbu and Khullak. In the case of Chakanlong village, has been the Phaomei clan who first settled and founded the village and that is why the – Khunbuship and Khullakpaship have been inherited and continued from generation to generation from amongst the Phaomei clan/family from time immemorial till date. Literally the Khunbu and Khullak are the real owner of the village land. There has been Pei/Peikai in every Rongmei village and in Zeliangrong community to assist and run village administration as per customary law. Every member of the village community is bound by the age old tribal customary law and Pei/Peikai is the custodian of the customary law.
The press release further added, “It may also be noted that there is Village Authority in each and every tribal village numbering not less than 20 (twenty) tax paying household under the Manipur Hills (Village Authority) Act„ 1956 and each member is elected for a term of 5 (five) years.
The powers and functions of the Village Authority is to aid/assist the authorities concerned in running the village administration and developmental works at the grassroot level. The said Act does not authorised the Village Authority the right to ownership of village land so also it is not allowed to sell or dispose any plot of land without the consent and approval of the Khunbu, Khollak and Pei in collaboration with the general public.
Besides, there is no elected Village Authority in part I & II of Chakanlong (Charoichagotlong) village since 2018 because the SDO Noney in its Order No. SDO(NNE)/4-VAE/2017 dated 25th October, 2018 has cancelled the Village Authority election of CCL-i& ii and no fresh election is held till date. There is no officially elected Village Authority in both Part-I & II of the Chakanlong village.”
It has come to the notice of the Khunbu, Khunllak, Peidai (General customary court) and the general public of Chakanlong village that some vested interest have been selling village lands to outsiders and collected lakh of rupees without the prior inform consent of the above mentioned institution/authorities and general public and it will be treated as null and void. The Chakanlong village and public will not be responsible for the unauthorised selling and buying of lands through the unscrupulous few vested interest, the press release added which was sent out signed by Gangdimlung Kamson Chairman,PEIDAI, Agui Kamei, Secretary PEIDAI, DuanchuiPhaomei, Representative of Khunbu and DuanmeiPhaomei, Representative of Khullak. It further said, the Khunbu, the Khullak, the Peidai and the general public are not averse to any individual or group from outside the village who want to settle and become part of the inhabitant/citizen of Chakanlong village provided anyone, comes through proper channel. The Chakanlong village always welcome anyone particularly from Zeliangrong community with open arms and we have enough accommodative spirit to everyone in our village except people with criminal antecedents.

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