NEFIS demands immediate release of FCI labourers

IT News
Imphal, Jan 2

North  East  Forum  for  International Solidarity (NEFIS) expressed strong condemnation to the arrest of workers of FCI and demanded their immediate release.
Over 30 FCI workers who had been agitating against the exploitative practices in FCI by the private contractor had been arrested in early December. They have still not been released and their families have been left without any financial source, due to their arrest.
In order to highlight the unjustness of the situation, the wives of the workers had demonstrated in front of FCI building and thrown their utensils in protest. The protesting wives had said that their families had been struggling to make ends meet following the arrest of the workers. They also said that since there was no money to buy their daily needs, it was better to handover their cooking vessels instead of keeping them empty. Moreover, few days back even the children of the workers had handed over their books and bags to the Education Directorate and had appealed to the authorities to get their fathers released since their arrest was affecting their studies and their families faced a bleak future due to loss of the sole breadwinner.
NEFIS showed solidarity with the FCI workers and their families and demanded that all the workers fired from their jobs should be reinstated. It also demands that action should be taken against the exploitative contractor and his contract should be cancelled.
NEFIS said they had pledged to support the workers’ and their families’ struggle in the coming days. 

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