MU Community still stand firm with their demand even after 60 days; ‘Now the country has to make a choice between saving Education or saving AP Pandey’

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Imphal, July 30,

A joint statement of MUSU , MUTA and MUSA today said that there is no turning back to the demand for removal of the VC AP Pandey.

The agitation by the Manipur University Community to remove the present VC, Prof A P Pandey, has now entered the third month.

“At this juncture, the University Community would once again reaffirm the demand for removal of Prof AP Pandey from his position coupled by an Independent Enquiry to his financial and administrative misdeeds to establish accountability and generate lessons for posterity. The Insistence on the enquiry by the Independent Committee has become paramount as Prof. Pandey and the government continuously behaves in a manner to be the judge in one’s own ease”, the joint statement said.

“In this journey for restoring sanctity in and maintaining the health of higher education scenario in Manipur, the Manipur University Community would like to express extreme gratefulness to the civil  Society Organisations, members of the general public and the colleagues in the colleges of Manipur for their Invaluable support the struggle.

“Having completed the Second Month with the shared commitment to remove Prof A P Pandey, the country now needs to decide on a trade-off. the State Government led by N Biren Singh has all along played the game of ostrich claiming Inability to do anything as the institution happens to be a Central University. At best, lt has played as agents of Pandey or conduits of the MHRD to sabotage the movement in favour of Prof Pandey” , the statement said.

It further added that the non-response by both Central and State governments to the agitation implies that, come what may be , the protection of AP Pandey overrides any other concern.  In words, the interest of one person, Prof A P Pandey, is much more significant than the absence of knowledge creation, knowledge sharing and facilitation of social advancement. The social and Intellectual advancement of society can wait if the Interest of one A P Pandey B protected.

“Now the country has to make a choice between saving Education or saving AP Pandey. For the Manipur University Community in particular and the society at large, the choice has best made amply clear in favour of Saving Education”, the statement added.

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