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MPSC Row: Fate of many youths in dire straits due to erroneous system

by Rinku Khumukcham
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Imphal, Oct 16

With the case to the alleged irregularities in the selection of candidates being reserved by the Manipur High Court, fate of many youths are in dire straits due to the erroneous system which went unnoticed until 42 MPSC aspirants petitioned to the High Court seeking justice. Any ruling of the double bench of the Manipur High Court will shock either of the two parties and it would have been difficult times for Justice Nobin and Justice Shimray.

“To be or not to be” the famous quote from Shakespeare’s play would have occupied the mind of the two justice. 

Well, the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC) had conducted the MCSCCE 2016 Examination for selection to 62 posts of MCS, MPS, SDC, EO. These said posts are the top posts in state that commands huge respect and corresponding accountability. It is unfortunate that so many controversies have come up in this examination .The findings of the enquiry committee constituted by the order of the Manipur High Court is in public domain and it has concluded that there were indeed irregularities in the conduct of the examination. 

Huge totaling errors, unevaluated answers, marks being awarded on the front table but not inside the respective answers, marks awarded inside the answer scripts but not on the tabulation column, over attempt questions being awarded marks, absence of examiner’s signature, invigilator’s signature, supervisor’s signature in many answer scripts, no record of handling over of answer scripts to examiners, different signature of same examiner. Alterations of marks without initials, and in some cases by a totally different signature; tabulation sheet found signing only by the Chairman and no one else; are some of the irregularities mentioned in the enquiry report.  In addition to these, there was no Head Examiner, no evaluation guidelines, and no Model answer paper as per RTI information.  Furthermore as per the submission of MPSC in the High Court, some answer scripts were taken by the then Secretary who knew the code numbers for evaluation outside Manipur. Upon query whether doing so won’t disclose the confidentiality; MPSC was not able to produce any document /rule where it was permitted to do so by the Secretary who already knew the code number.

It was also confirmed that for Public Administration the evaluation got over only on 03/09/2016 and the final result was declared the very next day in the morning on 04/09/2016. Some examiners evaluated more than 75+ answer scripts in a day. Above all this, another point worth noting is that the then Chairman was due to retire on 7th November, 2017. Without going into the merits of the allegations, the fact that such illegalities and irregularities took place in the conduct of such a reputed examination call for a serious introspection to find out if there was more than what meet the eyes. MPSC has indeed failed in performing its constitutional duties and accountability should be fixed.

Now that final judgment is expected shortly, all eyes are now on Judiciary as to what decision it will deliver. No doubt the case and the judgment will remain a watershed moment in generations to come and everyone starting from youth to old, in unison, is expecting the judgment to help in rooting out corruption and transform Manipur.

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Raghunath October 16, 2019 - 1:44 pm

The much awaited verdict from the High Court could be the paradigm shift in fighting corruption ridden institutions in Manipur like the MPSC which has for long taken out the critical life factor of merit in matters of competitive examinations or other job related examinations due to the inherent system of jobs being offered to the highest bidder . Still positive that the High Court will deliver justice to the justice starved people of Manipur.

Lalam October 16, 2019 - 5:10 pm

aside from the much awaited judgement of whether the HC will quash the selection of the said candidates or order for re-evaluation or any other directions, it is of utmost importance to fix accountability at the highest level. People in authority has been long playing with the lives of the citizens. Irrespective of who were involved, heads must roll else it would be just another case in the case files of the HC.

Eddy October 16, 2019 - 5:41 pm

Well, the judgement is still in the cage. Can’t say much. Even if the judgement is in or favour or against, one thing is certain – justice, as we hope, will never be gotten. The petitioners say that the system/process was unjust and to be screwed. The respondents feel that why should they be victim of the system/structure. They gave the exam in examination Hall and they got through because of their hard work. Both sides have point. Whereas the lawyers who fight for them sees an opportunity to leap along their career-heirachy – strictly professional. They get money for that as well. If that’s for corruption, there should be petitions for other recruitments as well. I heard for a post as Asst. Professor in Medical Colleges, a sum of 1 cr. is justified. What about police recruitments, Forest Ranger jobs, and other exams conducted by the same MPSC? When will we get to see similar attention in these exams too. There are news of many police recruits at medium level (not gazetted) who are drug addicted yet recruited by the system. What about them? Is there another team to handle such thing? Point is by stretching too much on an alleged ‘corruption theory’, the case has been sensationalized so much that it already affected the patience and will of sincere aspirants who have been waiting for another exam since 2016.Don’t you think dark obsession of personal vengeance among a few petitioners against a few successful candidates have just consumed the flames of many bright and relatively younger aspirants? I don’t think this is for justice as such but vengeance in disguise. The best way was to let exam be conducted while the case remains in the Court. They are just spoiling the ambitions of aspirants.

Anan October 17, 2019 - 2:59 am

Eddy I m not favoring both side but.. By this article… If another exam is conducted, do u think the young aspirants will get justice for there hardwork? Same thing will follow and another scam… So let the accountability be fixed and penalized… Yes do the “Assam public commission”


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