Many appreciates PM’s move for extension of the lockdown but skeptical in implementation to the part of the state government

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Imphal, April 14

Prime Minister Modi’s announcement to extend the lockdown till May 3 has been appreciated by almost every political parties and scholars across the country as the measures is the only option left to contain the spread of the pandemic Coronavirus in the state. However, some political leaders are skeptical on the part of the state government particularly for the state of Manipur as not everything that the Prime Minister had announced was converted into action.

State secretary of CPI-M Shanta Kshetrimayum while appreciating the Prime Minister’s move to extend the lockdown said that even though the PM’s announcement needs to be appreciated by one and all, it is disheartening to learn that the state government failed to convert into action to what the PM had stated.

“The state government particularly in the state like Manipur the lockdown called is often make as a mockery”, Shanta Kshtrimayum said while talking to Imphal Times. He said that they acted in their will without following the advisory in proper manner.

“This government instead of making a policy acted on their will and open the lockdown anytime when they wishes”, the CPI-M leader said.

Among the scholars, Professor Amar Yumnam of the Manipur University do appreciated the extension of the lockdown. He said that the Prime Minister has made two things very clear. First absolute restrictions continue one more week and location-wise reviews only after this. Second, he has acknowledged that there are some critical issues relating to farm sector, poor and daily wage workers (the migrants might also be categorised here). The policy response to these issues would be known only on Wednesday when the Guidelines are announced.

“While the extension is felt necessary, the critical issues need to be addressed in right earnest. Further each State should also have  Advisory Committee of their own to assess Contextual Situation and evolve appropriate responses rather than waiting advisories from Delhi all the time”, Professor Amar Yumnam said.

Senior Journalist Oken Jeet Sandham, in his Facebook post questioned the prime Minister if any person can stay home without food for two days.

Dear Prime Minister, please stay at home without food for two days, then you will know -What hunger is all about and what hunger can turn to what?

Yes, we all are fighting COVID-19, we all are equally serious, we have been staying at home with our children and other family members and others also do the same. My strong message is if we want to achieve our goal that is “to defeat COVID-19,” the only way to do it successfully is we have to reach relief to all, I repeat all. Please don’t use the phrases/words during such time – the nationwide lockdown, they are: “rich, poor, below poverty line, above poverty line, migrants, natives or any categorizing of humans” while trying to reach the “RELIEFS” to the citizens of our country.

We must remember that we cannot fight WAR in an empty stomach”, Okenjeet Sandham wrote over the state authority’s failures to reach out food to the people which the government promised.

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