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Manipur Maoist blames Ibobi for the ongoing imbroglio at National Highways

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Imphal, Dec 1: Armed group Maoist Communist Party Manipur (MCPM) has stated that that the economic blockade which is being carried by the Communal Forces right under the nose of the Delhi Govt, holding the common mass as hostage is nothing but a dirty politics played by Ibobi and his political party.
The statement said that the winner in this so called staged managed tussle is none but the foxes. As the embargo hardened the hearts & the minds of the people, an aura of animosity between the different communities, which from time immemorial have existed harmoniously, has now turned into a full blown discord between the different communities of the land, much to the glee of Mr Ibobi & alike and the communal forces including UNC, NPF and NSCN-IM.
The picture painted at this juncture is that Meeteis are against all Chingmees or that the Naga Chingmees are against the Kuki Chingmees or are dead against the formation of certain districts, it added.
“As they say you can fool some people for some time but not all the people all the time, Maoist Communist Party Manipur can very clearly see a wicked and a nefarious ploy being hatched by Mr Ibobi led Congress. Scared and with adrenaline surging in a fight or flight mode to save his throne, Mr Ibobi fearing of being dethroned by the formidable alliance of Naga Peoples Front & BJP and especially after his near demise politically was shown to him in the recent Ukhrul, started the old game of pitching one against another. Or else why of all the world will he suddenly start fanning the flame of Sadar hills and that too within a week of the so called attack on him at Ukhrul ? The obvious reason is to kill two birds with one stone. Knowing that one of stake holder (read the Chingmee Nagas) is going to oppose tooth & nail, the blockade was not an unforeseen knee jerk pathetic response”, it added.
A question which the Manipur Maoist raise is how on earth the committee on Re-organisation of Administrative and Police District Boundaries formed in 2011 has been implementing for the last five years the various administrative demarcations without any formal announcements or the public knowing ahead of the implementation, while this time the announcement of the formation of Sadar hill district was formally declared instigating an already uncooperative prodigal son of the soil.

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1 comment

raj December 1, 2016 - 3:37 pm

Amazing, Naga tribes or should i say especially tangkhul tribe have been trying to inflame the emotions and instilled a sense of insecurity amongst other tribes through coercive tactics to achieve political gains out of desperation from long ceasefire even if it destroyed the very fabrics of unity and oneness of Manipur. NPF MLAs resignation, boycott of ADCs, even assasination of elected representatives, all these incidents in one way or other sow the seed of present chaos and turmoil. Here one can ask. what was the framework agreement. Was it to intentionally block opposing parties to campaign in hill constituencies, was is to incite hatred amongst the hill peoples against the present government and to linger it till election to shift the pole of voting, to come in power in coalition with obviously Lotus party and what will happen when in power, wnt they disturb the integrity of Manipur. All these are questions in the mind of the common people. If the present government had favored to one party, everything would be chaos till now. It is the iron hand policy of the present govt. that sovereignty of the state is safe till now. So educated masses are seeing the clear motives behind and the next election will reflect who is who and what is what.


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