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Koubru and Kangla are Cradles of Kangleipak – PREPAK (Pro)

by Rinku Khumukcham
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IT News
Imphal, May 31:

Chairman of the People’s Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (Progressive) L. Paliba M greets the people of Kanglichas in connection with the 11thProgressive Day of PREPAK (Pro) which falls on June 1, 2021.
“I would like to salute and extend my greetings to all Kangleichas. I am also expressing my deepest sympathy to those families, who have lost their loved ones during the ongoing pandemic and appreciating the corona warriors for rendering their noble services in the fight against the pandemic. As a mark of respect and condolences to the three departed leaders of PREPAK, who passed away recently in an unfortunate incident, we will not be celebrating our anniversary other than reading out this message “, Paliba begins his message on behalf of the armed rebel group.
The statement said that the devastating scales of health facilities in India are on the brink of collapse reaching its nadir. Many COVID-19 patients dropped down on the roads and died at open spaces due to the acute shortages of life saving medical supplies and lack of hospital beds. Dead bodies have been found dumped in India’s holiest river Ganga like dead animals. Many judicial courts expressed strong words to Government of India (GoI) for undermining the severity of the COVID-19 crisis. Recently, the Delhi High Court outrageously noticed the central administration to pursue much needed medical Oxygen by any means such as begging, borrowing, stealing or importing to save people’s lives. The whole world is looking at the worst and disgraceful conditions of Covid-19 in India.
It is ironical that the GoI has declared the victory over the coronavirus, and began to start “Vaccine diplomacy”. Three months before, India has exported vaccines just to show off the world and to prove that India can compete with China. Currently, India being the super spreader of this pandemic, has been seeking to import vaccines from anywhere else to exterminate the variant of Covid-19 which is also known as “Indian variant”. Such ridiculous scenario reminds the proverbial frog that burst by puffing himself while competing to the size of a cow.
Indian ruling elites boastfully asserted that “Make in India” initiative would enable India to replace the Chinese items. Isn’t it ludicrous that the world’s tallest iconic statue of SardarValabhbhai Patel’s bronze cladding was made in China? As such India’s “Make in India and Vaccine Diplomacy” has become the living example of the funny metaphor of KeibuiKeioiba who is trying to carry water in a hollow bamboo jar.
More than 70 lakh pilgrims participated in the KumbhMela and around one lakh people were allowed to gather in many election rallies which had ultimately catalysed the spike in Covidcases. Since the GOI knew the likely woeful outcome of the pandemic in advance, there is a feeling of apprehension about the incautiousness of precautionary measures. Is the GOI willing to impose depopulation surreptitiously? If it is true then the gravest misfortune will fall upon the colonized and dependent Kangleipak, which has a small population. The current alarming death rate of pandemic is distressful, if uncheck, the future generation will be vanished from our soil.
The Constitution of India does not provide much administrative power to State like Manipur. The state government cannot independently mobilize the resources and means for development.
The practical motto of the Indian Constitution is the centralization of decision making by few at the Centre while decentralizing its adverse outcomes to the states. The state government could not play its role in national decision making discussion. The handful of ruling leaders has taken decisions on Demonetization,CAA, Farmers Bill, Covid-crisis management, but their negative outcomes are being distributed among common people. It is now obvious that Manipur is not empowered to garner help from other countries during the present critical situation. The fact that Manipur is being suppressed by the rules of Indian constitution means that the state is constitutionally under siege. Such hegemonic precept had colonized the mind of Manipuri by inducing the people thinking that the state’s share would not be available unless begging at the Centre. The State’s leaders with their self-interest motive of contract works entreated the Centre too. They have never thought to claim the rightful shares nor have shown boldness given the entitled miniscule share. Disgraceful and cowardly act also makes the mainland Indian to detest the Manipuri as a whole. Living under India’s mercy amid these spineless bone-headed local leaders and exploitative system of law, development and progress could not come forward. The recent handful of developmental programme would also be earning space for Indian capitalists. It is good to notice that the 72 years of Indian ruled-Manipur could not touch the once golden periods of Kangleipak kingdom.
Western countries, particularly the USA, have extensive mindset that the democracy norms must be American model akin to the taste of American product “Coca Cola” whose taste is homogenous everywhere. They do not give much emphasis on the diverse forms of democracies adopted in accordance with the variation of history and traditions among countries. Under the radar of this political doctrine and democratic compass, USA views China and Russia with a feeling of animosity irrespective of their long civilizational history. Likewise, the Indian ruling elites also disregard regional peripheral history, rather they have been propagating that India (Indian) should be Hinduness with Hindu religious and cultural bond and Hindi as national language. One newly offshoot “Indian Democracy” with the end of Hindutva and Akhand Bharat, has been preaching as “Idea of India” to assimilate into India.
Such dominant and assimilation policy of the “Idea of India” could not be opposed effectively simply by protest at roads and so on. The evolutionary, philosophical, spiritual and political history of Kangleipak must be fully and consciously instilled to enroot in the mind of Kangleichas through educational syllabus. The changing influential wave originated from India has been adversely making a loose knot in discipline, ethos, moral and character of Manipuris, which is reaching a stage of easy lifestyle. These changes need to be eradicated by knowing our age-old valued custom and tradition.
Here I would like to draw an attention that there must be robust bedrock in our mindset for “Kangleipak First, India Second, Not to be Indian”. Now, the patriotic sentiment is the only saviour and safety-valve of Kangleipak, there is nothing else. The energy and power for defending our motherland must be drawn from Kangla and Koubru. Kangla must be the political centre of gravity rather than Delhi. At this juncture, we must think and act under the vision of “Harmony in diversity” toward the end of “Unity in diversity”.
Among the countries which had been ruled continuously with monarchism, Kangleipak is also one next to China. China is a civilization state which had long history of social and cultural development. The formation of so-called India as Nation-state with the objective of centralization of power was imitated from the Western version of nation-making process. Many intellectuals now opined that India is fully filled with many issues and problems which cannot be solved easily. This narrative means that India cannot be reformed, it must be re-formed structurally. As long as we are part of disintegrated India, many will die from jobless inflicted mental illness and drug addiction or any ordinary disease and new pandemic. Only the independence of Kangleipak is the panacea for saving Kangleipak.
The Chairman of the PREPAK Pro appealed to compassionately serve and care for COVID-19 patients and we must fight together against this deadly pandemic.


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