JAC against fake encounters demands legal action to perpetrators

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Imphal, Aug 26,


The JAC formed against the cold blooded murder of 5 youths from Manipur at Dimapur had submitted memorandum to the President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and other authorities concerned demanding legal action against the army officers involved in the gruesome act.

The five person from Manipur G. Jiteswar Sharma, Th. Satish, Th. Prem, R.K. Ronel and Ph. Naobi was allegedly murder in cold blood  by a team of 3-Corps Intelligence and Surveillance Unit (CISU) of the army.

The memorandum stated that they have come to know about the murder of the Manipuri youths carried out by 3-CISU based in Rangapahar, Nagaland since the first whistle blower, serving officer major, T. Ravikiran wrote about it in a letter in the year 2010.

Based on the letter, general V.K. Singh raised his voice and it had become a grave issue in the national media for months together.

It stated that recently the same matter came to the public domain with the revelation made by lieutenant colonel, Dharamvir Singh in his affidavit dated July 20, filed before the High Court of Manipur following a PIL filed by his wife over his alleged abduction by the army.

The affidavit clearly indicates the cold blood murder of the three youths during March 2010 and two others during 2011 and also the abduction of a Manipuri lady with her child who were subsequently released after paying a ransom of Rs. 1 crore by the said 3-CISU team.

The army had all the while been denying their role in the killing of the five youths and went into the extent of submitting before the high court that the five youths might have been killed in an inter-gang rivalry.

Later on August 1, Manipur State Human Rights Commission former chairperson, Y. Laba revealed to the media a confidential document of recommendation of gallantry.

The recommendation document was signed by colonel, S. Srikumar, and it recommended the then captain Rubina Kaur Keer for successfully infiltrating and killing the three youths who were also branded as members of the proscribed PLA in 2010.

“So there can be no denying that the three youths were murdered in cold blood by the 3-CISU team,” it added.

The memorandum also mentioned the identities of six army officers who are suspected to be involved in the cold blooded killings. The army officers are retired general Dalbir Singh, lieutenant general Abhay Krishna the then brigadier general (staff), colonel G. Srikumar the then commanding officer of the CISU, colonel Sanjenbam Nectar the then major, captain Rubina Kaur Keer now major and Havildar L.I. Singh now Subedar.

“It is our humble contention that all the six army personnel be investigated by a competent, independent and effective special investigation team (SIT), duly constituted to fix criminal liability against all the responsible miscreants of the army unit in accordance to the laws of the land,” mentioned the memorandum.

It further asked for the immediate side-stepping of lieutenant general Abhay Krishna to other place of posting or remove from his current post of GOC-in-C of the Eastern Commandant as he is the man who is believed to be influencing the overall unit of the investigation team including the SIT in Dimapur which was constituted as per the order of the Guwahati High Court so as to enable a free and fair investigation.

It would be in the interest of justice to thoroughly investigate the matter by way of constituting a SIT to probe the matter to its logical ends so as to meet ends of justice, it added.

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