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Imphal, Nov. 14

Deputy Chief Minister Yumnam Joykumar Singh has stressed the need to acquaint with the beauty of nature and its importance in human lives to children for a peaceful and harmonious human existence. He was speaking as Chief Guest at the State Level Children’s Day Celebration held at the auditorium of Tribal Research Institute at Chingmeirong, Imphal today.
Deputy Chief Minister said, celebration of Children’s Day is to commemorate the birthday of late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, has a significant connotation which has to be rendered upon towards the society. He said, we all know that children are the assets of future, but we are not fully aware of how we are responsible not only to our own children but also to the children of our society. Every child is born free and they should equally be treated by giving access to their rights irrespective of their status. They should be made aware of the importance of nature to human lives and the need to preserve it for a peaceful co-existence and harmonious living. He said, there have been many issues pertaining to children with disability, mentally retarded, orphans etc. in our society which has to be sorted out by giving proper attention from time to time. He said,    special schemes and welfare measures for giving them good education, proper healthcare and other advantages in various sectors of social life should be introduced. Special care should be given to the children in Children Homes, Orphanage etc. by treating them with parenting zeal so that they can feel the joy of home too. He also wishes children in the state for bright and responsible citizens in future.
Social Welfare Minister Nemcha Kipgen said, Pandit Nehru’s vision to nurture children by fulfilling their rights to education, healthcare etc. has to be delivered and it is in this direction that Department of Social Welfare has taken up many welfare schemes for children especially for marginalized, differently abled, mentally retarded and orphans in the state. She said, there have been many cases of exploitation, harassment and sexual exploitation to even differently abled children in the state which needs special attention. She said, the problem of children drug abuse has becoming a challenge to deal with and she urged parents to take extra care and love so that it can be minimized to a larger extent. She also appealed to the children in the State to be obedient and loyal to their parents, teachers and elders, punctual in life so that they can be a successful and responsible citizen in their lives.
L. Rameshor Singh, MLA also spoke on the importance of nurturing children for a better society in future. Bantee Singh Konthoujam, Joint Director, Social Welfare, students from different schools and children homes, parents, teachers participated among others in the celebration.

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Imphal, Nov 14

Inner Manipur Parliamentary Constituency MP Dr. RK Ranjan today calls on the people of the state to jointly pray to God for speedy solution of the Naga issue and to keep intake the territorial integrity of Manipur.
Speaking to media persons at the sideline of inaugural function of the newly constructed building of Brahmapur Social Club on occasion of its 54th Foundation Day at Brahmapur Lalji Lampak  Bamon Leikai Imphal East, Dr. R.K. Ranjan said that he will not shy away from his responsibility as an MP.
“I have put up some issues in connection with our state in the parliament, and I am ready to join in debate any issues that is related to the state of Manipur in the Parliament”, RK Ranjan said while answering to queries by reporters in connection with the final settlement of the Naga Issues.
In connection with the present uproar in the valley area in connection with the final settlement of the Naga issue, the MP appealed the people to pray to God for speedy solution of the Naga issue and that the solution does not affect the interest of the state of Manipur.
“Let’s pray to God for speedy solution of the Naga issue and also for safeguarding the territorial integrity of the state”, Dr. R.K. Ranjan said.
He said that it is not the duty of an MP to join the people’s protest on the street and duty of an MP is to perform in the parliament.
“I will fully exercise my duty and will take the responsibility of the people as an MP”, RK Ranjan said.
On the other hand Dr. RK Ranjan also stressed on the role of youths and local clubs in today’s Manipur Society. He appealed the local clubs to give proper guidance to the younger generation by using the telecommunication and others to provide information about the world utilizing the club space.
“41% of the population is below the age of 18 and 46% are youths and Government alone cannot train the human resource of the youths, local clubs and organizations do have roles to make a perfect citizen of the country by properly guiding them”, Dr. R.K. Ranjan said.

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Imphal, Nov 14

As part of concerted effort to curb plastic pollution in the State, Municipal Administration, Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD) Minister Thounaojam Shyamkumar today launched Green Bag a local product of the Usham Group at the Khwairamband Ima Market. Apart from launching the programme, 2 lakh paper bags were distributed in and around the Khwairamband market today.
Addressing the media persons, Th. Shyamkumar said that plastic pollution is currently one of the biggest concerns facing the world. He said the plastic pollution negatively impacts the natural environment, creating problems for the plants, wildlife and human population. The threat of plastic pollution includes killing plant life and posing dangers to local animals, he added.
Speaking on the long term long-term effects of plastic pollution, he said the plastic pollution upsets the food chain, causes groundwater pollution, land and air pollution. He further said as plastic is made from toxic compounds causing illness and because it is meant for durability, it is not biodegradable.
He said the problem can be addressed by individuals and companies around the world agreeing to implement practices that reduce waste on every level. He said as an initiative for reducing plastic waste we can carry reusable or biodegradable bags which can be used for every purpose such as grocery shopping. Even shops and business involving packaging and storing items can replace plastics by biodegradable or reusable products.
He appealed to the citizens of the State and all the stakeholders to support the Government to help in beating the plastic pollution. He said local support is needed to make all the initiatives of stakeholders such as today’s Green Bag launch programme a grand success.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 17:31

DSWO Thoubal observed “Children’s Day”

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Imphal, Nov 14

District Social Welfare Office (DSWO) Thoubal in collaboration with IRDEO Wangbal observed “Children’s Day” at IRDEO auditorium today.

The programme was attended by Additional District Magistrate, Thoubal, L.Radhakanta, President, Senior Citizen Forum, Thoubal, Dr.M.Rajendra, District Social Welfare Office, Thoubal, A.Kameshwar, Principal, IRDEO, Wangbal, Th.Bhahirat as dignitaries.

As part of the function children’s showcase various entertainment programme and later the organisers distributed gift to the childrens.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 17:30

World Diabetes Day observe at Yairipok

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Imphal, Nov 14

District Health Society, NCD cell, Thoubal observed World Diabetes Day at CHC Conference hall, Yairipok, under the theme of “Diabetes Protect Your Family” today.

The programme was attended by Chief Medical Officer cum Mission Director DHS Thoubal, Dr. N. Jayentakumar Singh, District Family Welfare Officer, Thoubal, Dr.Ksh. Memcha Devi, CHC Yairipok, Senior MO in-charge, Dr.Nomita Devi and DHS, Thoubal, District Programme Manager, Ch. Basanta as dignitaries.

The attended speakers elaborated how to prevent diabetes from our body to the public.

As part of the programme, free eye check up camp and free sugar test were also done.

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Imphal Nov. 14

Exploring the potential of smartphones as a powerful filmmaking device, Course Director of 10 days film making course which was held at MU, Ajmal Jami shared that smartphones film making is a legitimate way of storytelling. He was interacting with the media persons on sideline of the valedictory function of the film making course organised by Dept. of Mass Communication MU and FTII.

He continued that smartphones were underrated as a film making device and mostly used for other purposes and added that it can be extended further as a powerful film making tools.

Ajmal further said that cameras on smartphones are getting better.

Highlighting that the idea is the paramount in film making he stressed that phones can translate the ideas into reality through its capabilities to capture both audio and visual. 

Ajmal concluded that the even though smartphones film making have both pros and cons the net outcomes of it is ever presentable.

Speaking at the event Registrar in charge of Manipur University Prof. Chandbabu stressed that the course will help in the teaching learning process of higher education. 

He added that it will explore untouched areas and will have good impact to the society, state and the world through the films.

As many as 37 participants participated in the film making course. 

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 17:27

AR Celebrates Children Day

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Imphal, Nov 14

Keithelmanbi Battalion of 9 Sector Assam Rifles under aegis of IGAR (South) celebrated  the 130th birth anniversary of Late Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, which is celebrated on November 14th and widely known as Children’s Day.   
On the occasion of Children’s Day Canchipur Company Operating Base (COB) organised Painting, Debate and Essay writing competitions for the students of Royal Mission School, Canchipur.  
The event commenced with a motivational speech by Karam Shyam, Minister of PDS, Consumer Affairs, Weights and Measures, Revenue, Relief and Rehabilitation followed by a cultural programme organised by the school children. Post the cultural programme, Painting, Debate and Essay writing competitions based on the theme of the event were organised for the students. Students enthusiastically participated in the events and expressed their thoughts through colours on the paper. Winners of the competitions were felicitated with prizes by Karam Shyam and Commandant of Keithelmanbi Battalion Assam Rifles.  
In addition, various sports items including footballs, volleyballs, football gloves were also handed over to school authorities to promote sports in the area. The event concluded with tea and refreshment for all the attendees
The event witnessed an attendance of over 240 students and staff. The students and staff appreciated the efforts of the Assam Rifles in organizing such events which infused the values of belongingness in the children and the youth of the region. 

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 17:26

Subdued voice

Man, being a social animal has to exist with and amongst other humans and in order to adjust and make co-existence possible certain laws and regulations are drawn up to safeguard the welfare of every member of the group or community, curtailing certain personal freedoms and liberties that might infringe on other person’s welfare. This is the basic idea of a social set-up. Leaders and arbitrators are then chosen to oversee the smooth working of the social system with adequate executive powers as deemed necessary to enforce the same- the Government as we know, create and accept in the contemporary world. A society, being made up of individual members, is bound to come up with conflicting interests and emotions. This is where the quality and the efficiency of the people entrusted to sort out these social issues are being tested. The problems being faced by the people of Manipur as a collective whole in recent times are uncountable and varied. Indeed an intimidating and daunting task for those entrusted to solve them.
Public memory is short lived- or so it is believed. But sweeping away these problems under the carpet and shrouding them with silence, putting the theory about public memory to the test is not the right step towards easing the problems. Nor is the polished method of prolonging the issues and tiring out the protesting parties to buy time and making these matters fade out of the mind of the public the prudent way of resolving things.
The recent assurances doled out to the different parties regarding their claims for parts of the state by the State Government smacks of the often repeated and always successful modus operandi. Instead of finding a lasting solution and bringing peace in the State, the Government shouldn’t be promising something impossible to deliver. It’s better to call a spade a spade and wind up the matter before things become irreparably damaged.
The threat to one’s own space and liberty, whether personal or social, has always evoked reactions ranging from the passively defensive to the more aggressive and violent. The spontaneous reaction of the collective society on that eventful day in 2001 which saw the unrestrained outpouring of the frustrations of the Manipuris is no different. It would be prudent for us all to ponder over the issue without preconceived notions or personal feelings, and to try and understand the facts as they are.
The aspirations of the different communities to better their own kinds is understandable, but if and when that aspiration starts to infringe on the right and liberty of another community or the rest of the communities as the case may be, then differences and suspicions are bound to develop amongst the communities. There is also the bigger threat of the political system feeding on the concerns of these different groups to its advantage, and what was at first a credible issue, even if only from the point of view of a particular community without delving further into the legality or the practical aspect and its impact on the entire social setup, such genuine concerns almost always gets tainted with political overtures, making the whole process a farce and drama, played out to the interest of the very few who are orchestrating such social disruptions. U
ltimately, the issue gets sidelined, or more seriously, gets diverted, eventually betraying the hopes and support of the very people who are made to suffer the consequences. The final step- resorting to brute force and irrational violence to subdue and suffocate the rational curiosity and dissenting voice of the society. The only way out of such undesirable situations, and indeed the most effective means of preventing the very fomentation of such divisive ideas is for the people to put a decisive, just and impartial Government which have the political will and the guts to implement even the most unpopular and drastic measures for the good of the society, state or the country- an impossible expectation?
Genuine issues should be resolved before things gets out of hand and peoples’ uproar takes precedence for those whose voices has been gagged for so long and their grievances fallen on deaf ears.

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