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Mockery of RTI Act : MU still not provides information about VC’s stays in station

Pandey stayed about 10 days a month since he assumed office as VC; took leaves without mentioning the date of joining

IT News
Imphal, June 3,

The ongoing impasse at Manipur University has totally paralysed the academic activities of the University and is likely to continue until their demand for replacement of the Vice Chancellor Adya Prasad Pandey is fulfilled. Students’ anger over the issue is now reaching the catastrophe with the Dean of Students compelled to submit his resignation after failure to listen the plea of the students over harassment by police during a democratic protest yesterday.
Meanwhile, Imphal Times finds out that Prof. Adya Prasad Pandey who joined the Manipur University as Vice Chancellor on October 26, 2016 hardly stayed for even 10 days a month and most of the time he stayed outside the state taking leave. What is more surprising is that the the Vice Chancellor when took leave mentioned the date which he will take leave but never mentioned the date when he will come back and joined the office. Leave letter which the professor left the joining date blank is with the Imphal Times and one among it is being produced here.

Even though Imphal Times have enough report about the irregularities being underway at the Vice Chancellor office of the Manipur University, this journalist sought official information from the office under the Right to Information Act.
On April 24, 2018, this journalist sought information from the Manipur University about the dates he stationed in his office since he joined the Manipur University as Vice Chancellor. This journalist also sought information on the number of days along with dates he stayed outside the state and also about purpose of his stay and the expenses from the University for his travel and stay.
Some other relevant question regarding the works being taken up for development of the academic atmosphere of the University were also asked but till today, the 3rd June, 2018 no reply comes to the applicant from the side of the University. The Manipur University authority is making fund of the Right to Information Act by not providing information.  
However, Imphal Times already learnt that all the expenses for the travel of the Vice Chancellor are from the account of the Manipur University. The VC also hired some company from Lucknow to supply materials for various departments of the University. The Lucknow base firm supply orders without asking anything about the configuration from the department. They simply supply whatever they wish as the VC permits them.

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Manipuri Cop missing from Delhi

IT News
Imphal, June 3,

A Havildar of the 3 Naga Regiment identified as Mr. A. Ashuli of  Pudunamei village has been reported missing since 01/06/2018 from Nizamudin train station, Delhi.

According to report his last call was recorded at 11:09 pm for 5 minutes. He called up his family members that his money and ATM has been snatched by some goons. He ask his son to block his ATM, after which he asked for ATM pin. He was on his way to the camp after his holidays and supposed to reach his camp in Rajasthan on 31/05/2018 but still not reached the camp and phone switched off after the last call on 01/06/2018. His army No. is 14703058.
Family members appealed  the people across the country to help find the missing person .  a missing report has also been filed at the Delhi Police.

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A rainy night

By- Dr Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Leaves patting taap taap and taap!
Pleasing Fresh as monsoon rain showers;
Cold and chilling, rain drops patter and taping;
Dark and fuzzy, days’ becoming shorter;
Alone I stand weakly; alone I sit down aimlessly;
No dreams are counting: no days work is busy;
Cold and numb my hands, trembling bitter my feet;
I tried comforting warm my holy body,
With those entire one ply ‘phanek’ and ‘phi matek’;
Shaken as I step out in the breezy verandah;
Open and cold, drizzling rain scatters flashing;
Eagerly waiting for ‘his’ return back home late evening;
My body’s trembling, three months post natal period.

Never did I worry, cold and calmly I pretend;
The night’s too young, can’t sleep mesmerizing;
Captivating and bewitching, entrance door unlocked;
Hugging around my sleeping child I stayed up night long;
Eight o’clock, ten o’clock, twelve o’clock;
Where will he be? I puzzled hundreds
The ‘hour’ of the night is haunting me one after another;
Alone and afraid, I walked up and sit down,
Electric lights gone off too early, darker as blind outside;
‘Feeding and tending’ my whole night duty;
Every single minute I watched over again and in;
Every single sound I did trap hearing attentively;
Tick- tock tick- tock, three o’clock struck the clock; Oh! No he wasn’t here, with a lantern in my hand;
I peep outside and stand cold.

Tried and exhausted, I give up waiting ‘him’,
Feeling sleepy, when its dimmer the cloudy sky;
Its three pass half minute, I heard banging steel gate;
I startled completeness and my veins blood flowing,
Looking outside, I saw a shadow coming towards in;
I tried brightening up the lantern and throws light brightly;
No one coming inside home; he isn’t home yet,
Open door remains quite still awhile,
I walk down the stairs and tried searching for;
No objects moved and no living swinging,
Ah! He was there lying, all wet and all muddy,
All drench and all whimpering with those low voices;
I heard ‘him’ but I fear ‘him’ not;
I stand still and I call him to eat dinner.
Angry as he busted, tangle as he stand up;
He fell down slipping thousands thump thump and thump;
Crazy as he to something, started throwing objects,
Flower pot and fire wood and grasses and plants he could reach;
Here and there scatter, broken earthen flower pots,
Courtyard a dumping ground in a minute,
Startled the baby, I tried putting him back to sleep;
I dare afraid to hit by; I walk and I caught hold him comfortably;
He fell down muddy as he throws cracking;
What a night I had to deal with? Faster my heart beats,
Swiftly I took cleaning up into the rain, before dawn;
It’s all a truth covered up, sweeping ‘shumang’.

Hinduism in Manipur: A Political Perspectives

By- Rinku Khumukcham

The arrival of Hinduism to the Manipuri Society during the 17th Century is the root of all this confused state of my mind. Various Manipuri scholars, historians and social activists had interpreted the entry of the Hinduism in their own views and perspectives. Some said it was the beginning of a new Manipuri civilization but some said it was an invasion. As found at some of the writings of social scientists - the arrival of Hinduism during the reign of Miedingu Pamheiba (1709–1748) had brought tremendous change in the religious practices of Manipur.
I am neither a scholar nor a social scientists, I am simply an insignificant person who always look forward to perform the rituals of being born to my parents. And I am more in touch with my parents and my grandparents rather than those great great grandparents.
In his letter to his daughter Indira Gandhi, the first prime Minister of India wrote – Gods comes as a product of the fear of mankind. If scientists have succeeded in making a time travel machine, where we could go back to the prehistoric days, all sorts of confusions would have been solved. Even though we don’t have the opportunity to go back to the pass we could still culled the series of events that might have happened during the days.
Scholars say – early people had to struggle hard for their survival. Professor Ratan Kumar Singh of the Manipur University while presenting his famous paper –”God in Manipuri Literature” in the Oxford Round Table Conference during April month in 2011 vividly explain the life our ancestors. As according to his presentation the early people were surrounded by hostile forces of nature and the environment. Their living conditions, to a great extend were influenced by the forces beyond their control. And they had a need to provide some explanations and accounts for the good and the bad things which happened to them along with those of the favourable and the adversaries. It is a very interesting fact that many of the forces were often personified and given name and personalities. This phenomenon was perhaps the first step for having beliefs and religious rituals. And consequently a number of gods and goddess representing the various elemental forces and qualities appeared.
The reason for bringing up this piece of write up is to remind that religions and rituals are the product of human civilization. Be it metiesm Sanamahi or the Hinduism  or the Christianity – they are product of the human civilization.
To my perception my foremost ancestors might not have a god or a religion as they were yet to begin a civilization. The great grandparents of my great grandparents who were survived before the reign of Meidingu Pamheiba might have been following a religion which was counterproductive of their ancestors. May be after force conversions or willy-nilly adoption, my ancestors, who were born after the reign of Meidingu Pamheiba have become Hindu. In course of time the Hindu rituals finds its way to the veins of the Manipuri society and become a part of it. The rich culture of the region which were flourished since Meitei civilization became into existence began to establish in a new outlook. These new traditions, along with the ancient indigenous traditions, were in existence simultaneously in Manipuri Culture. To the words of Professor Ratan – It was in some aspects we find a beautiful amalgamation of pre-Hinduism and Hinduism element in Manipuri Culture.
The rich heritage of Manipuri Culture and its recognition to the world community is the product of the ancient indigenous traditions streams through the newly invaded religion called Hindu. The Hindu that has been flourishing to the society this erstwhile kingdom is in no way a curse but rather a boon.
Somewhat I feel that traditional meiteism culture and the newly entered Hinduism adopted by our ancestors as the two sides of the same coin. I see beauty and respect to the rituals of Hindus and I find pride to the rituals of my Sanamahi religion. But it will be definitely wrong to connect the region with “Dwarka era” as the Hinduism came only some century back.
The adoption of Hinduism by the Meitei people may have been due to political necessities of the time. The political scenario of that time - that is during  the reigns of Meidingu Charairongba (1697-1709), Meidingu Pamheiba (1709-1748) and Meidingu Chingthangkhomba or Bhagyachandra (1749-1798) was described by historians as – at the most critical junctures. And it was also during the reign of these three successors that the social live of Meitei people was transformed to a momentous changed. 
They played very significant roles in the history of Kangleipak. After the death of Paikhomba, his nephew Charairongba, the son of his younger brother Tonsenngamba, ascended the throne in 1697. His reign was a transition period from traditional Meetei social situation to a Hindu Meetei Society. He constructed several temples for Meitei deities like Panthoibi, Sanamahi and Hindu deities after his espousal with Vaishnavism. The relation with Burma was deteriorated and more strengthened with India after conversion into Vaishnavism.
The compulsion for strengthening of Hinduism to the Meitei society was well debated by Professor MC Arun of the Manipur University at one of his play “Rajarshi Bhagyachandra”. The play was performed by artists of Banian Repertory Theater under the directorship of MC Thoiba. According to former news editor of the AIR, BB Sharma, Professor MC Arun was trying to depict the reality of the 18th Century, which was a crucial period in the history of Manipur. The problem arises out of animosity and disunity among the Meitei people of the time was well depicted in the play. Prof. M C Arun regarded Rajarshi Bhagyachandra as an icon for cultural Nationalism. He, as a keen observer of the society, culture, ethnicity and contemporary conflicts found a suitable character in none other than Rajarshi Bhagyachandra to depict his dream of social engineering in present Manipur.
In his play MC Arun asked himself a few questions; firstly, can the people of Manipur sideline Govindajee, who was so dear to their forefathers ?; secondly, can we continue the same Vaishnavite faith which is often criticised by the younger generation for creating a rift between the valley and the hill people? thirdly, is there any alternative to the present crisis in Manipur by way of a synthesis between transcending thesis and its antithetical distractions?
In the play, MC Arun successfully attempted to depict Govindajee through the eyes of a Tangkhul woman. By doing so he made a genuine effort to show a cultural affinity with the west rather as a political compulsion than as a religious one. Admittedly, Manipur’s threat then came from the East and not from the West. And as such the Vaishnavite cult in Manipur is an indigenous one and an ingenious product of our soil. Hence, there should not be any conflict among Vaishnavism, indigenous faith and tribal culture in Manipur.
Can we the new generations Meitei skip the reign of Rajarshi Bhagyachandra? Are we - the new generation feed enough to throw away the amalgamated culture called Meitei Veishnavite – for the hate of its origin being from the mainland Indian people ?
Before we go ahead with any hard decision we need to think on whether a single mistake committed would sink the whole society of ours – which is famous for its rich cultural authenticity.

Hyatt Hospital conducts weekly media clinic

By Our Correspondent
Guwahati, June 3,
The city based Hayat Hospital conducted a weekly media OPD clinic at Guwahati Press Club yesterday, where Dr Nasimur Riaz and Dr Ritupam Das offered free consultations to the participants.
Organized for the benefit of press club members along with their dependants, the Saturday camp also facilitated the participants to check their weight, blood sugar & pressure. Nurses Renuka Barman & Blari Nongbri assisted the doctors, where Hayat Hospital’s general manager Paragjyoti Dutta was also present.
Till date, the press club initiative titled ‘Evening with a Doctor’ has been supported by Down Town Hospitals, GNRC Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals, SIMS Hospital, Medanta Hospital, Manipal Hospital, Fortis Hospital, Dispur Hospital, GATE Hospital, Excelcare Hospital, Health City Hospital, Ayursundra Hospital, Narayana Hospitals, Wintrobe Hospital, Barthakur Clinic, Sun Valley Hospital, Rahman Hospital, Sight First eye-clinic etc.

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Chief Minister reviews Go to Village Mission

Imphal, June 3,

 Chief Minister N. Biren Singh chaired the review meeting of ‘Go to Village’(GTV) mission to chalk out the plans to deliver the services of the pending cases received during the last GTV camps held at various villages of the State. The meeting was held at Darbar Hall of Chief Minister’s Secretariat yesterday.
During the meeting, it was decided that all the pending grievances should be delivered by the concerned MLAs with the Nodal Officers, HODs and DCs to the aggrieved persons before the next ‘Go to Village’ (GTV) camp which is to be held on 26th June, 2018. Chief Minister instructed the officials of various Departments to create more awareness and sensitise about the ‘Go to Village’ mission among the people of the State. He mentioned that the concerned MLAs and DCs should identify and select the village, where the next GTV camp is to be held.
Chief Minister informed that people are indeed happy with the ‘Go to Village’ initiative of the government. It depends on the efforts of the officials of various departments to make the GTV successful, he said. He also asked the concerned MLAs to help the aggrieved persons to get their essential/necessary documents from various departments so as to get benefits from various welfare schemes.  
During the meeting, Administrative Secretaries and HODs of various Departments gave their detailed status report of the services delivered and pending cases.  
Later, Chief Minister asked the officials to give their suggestions and feedbacks regarding the mission. Ministers, MLAs, Nodal Officers, officials of various Departments gave their valuable suggestions and opinions to make the mission successful.  
Till Now, around 227 camps have been covered under ‘Go to Village’ mission. Around 2.9 lakhs complaints have been enrolled, out of which services were delivered to around 1.73 lakhs.
Deputy Chief Minister Y. Joykumar Singh, Minister for PWD, RD&PR Th. Biswajit Singh, Minister for Health and Family Welfare L. Jayantakumar Singh, Minister for CAF&PD Karam Shyam, Minsiter for Forest Th. Shyamkumar, Minister for PHED Losii Dikho, Minister for Agriculture V. Hangkhanlian, Minister for Social Welfare Smt. Nemcha Kipgen, MLAs, Chief Secretary, DGP, Administrative Secretaries, DCs, Nodal Officers, HODs and officials of various Departments attended the meeting.
It may be mentioned that since 1st of May, 2018, four rounds of GTV camps were held across the State till now. The next round of GTV would be held on 26th June, 2018 at new villages of the State

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MSAD shows serious concerns over the impasse at Manipur University

The statement of the organisation release in connection with the ongoing impasse is produced without editing

MSAD as a collective voice of Manipuri students staying in Delhi has observed the ongoing political scenario in Manipur and the deteriorating politics inside Manipur University, and thus it has resolved to take a solid stand with regard to the struggle faced by students community in Manipur University.
Time and again it has been proven that there is an inherent contradiction between the aspiration of the people of Manipur and the administration of Manipur (which represents power that be in Delhi), and the people of Manipur (which is represented by its masses and student community) have always revolted against such inherent contradiction right from the day when the Indian government forcefully merged Manipur within their oppressive regime.
Education, in any society, is never neutral. It either serves as a technology that facilitates the integration of a whole young generation into the logic of the system that exists (the colonial system in Manipur) and to bring conformity with it, or either it serves as a critical tool to look into the realities of the system and to bring about a drastic change. A university is one of the places where a critical mindset will develop and from time to time will resist and revolt against any oppression in a coherent manner, and this Delhi quite knows for sure.
It is because of the above reason that oppressive regime and its puppet administration have used their power to silence every resisting voice and have used whatever resource within their capacity to destroy the critical mindset that a university breeds so that students community will, at the end serve the purpose of oppressive regime.
Manipur University has become a laboratory of colonial system of education, a site of colonial experimentation and practice. No doubt Manipur is one of the most militarized zones on earth and there resides a military cantonment inside the very campus which has led to a creation of fear psychosis among the student community, a psychosis which at the end the student community seems to have normalized. The recent statement made by India’s Science and Technology Minister Harsh Vardhan in 105th Indian Science Congress held in Manipur University where he uttered an illogical and foolish Hinduised (a religion which is inherently Castiest) statement that cosmologist Stephen Hawking had said that the Vedas have a theory that is superior to Albert Einstein’s e=mc^2 theory of relativity reflects the pathetic condition of this university and its intellectual condition.
Moreover, the ongoing conflict with regard to the blatant misuse of power by the MU Mayang Vice-Chancellor, Adya Prasad Pandey, where he has tried to saffronised the university campus, in turn inviting a strong protest against such VC by the students community (namely MUSU and others), and the subsequent shutdown of MU campus by violent state force, have led MSAD to a situation where it has become a necessity act from our part to raise a voice as such.
MSAD is of the view that saffronising (Hinduizing) Manipur within the framework and discourse of India’s “one nation one culture” is nothing but an anti-Manipur step from the part of the Delhi government. Manipuri and its people will resist and revolt against such intrusion from every front with any means necessary.
MSAD stands in solidarity with the people of Manipur and its student community in its fight for a just education system. The VC should resign at the earliest, and the military cantonment should vacate the university space no later in the interest of the student community in particular and Manipur people in general.

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Thietham- a story of grit of a girl drawing strength from benevolence of Assam Riles

Imphal, June 3,

The Indian Success Story of Polio Eradication is known across the world. Long after years when our nation was declared Polio free, there are cases which pop up that remind us of the sordid state in which a polio patient is left with once it is infected by the deadly virus thereby shaking our conscience, telling us that there is so much more desired to be achieved. One such case has been MS Thietham who at a tender age of twenty is ridden with the disease which she picked up when she was mere six months old. You would imagine a twenty year old girl bustling with dreams and ambitions and chuckling around with her bunch of ‘gitl pals’ smitten by the beauty of the hills surrounding her residence. But not Theithem. She has had to fight with the agony of having to drag herself slowly and painstakingly as her body below her waist lies paralyzed. Deep within the confines of her one room thatched apartment which she calls home, she knew that she would never get the opportunity to move out of her house. Alas, she found happiness in creativity. She would spend hours trying to bring life to the artificial flowers that she would create out of litter.
Theithem belongs to a green hill far far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. A place called Tuitong which lies near Sehlon which is in the Samtal Salient of Chandel District. An extremely remote place devoid of basic amenities, the place would offer her nothing but despair. The grapevine has it that an officer of Sehlon Battalion of Assam Rifles saw her plight. He was so impressed by the grit and determination of the young girl that the Sehlon Battalion took upon itself to support her. Sehlon Battalion of Assam Rifles forms part of IGAR (South) which is located at Mantripukhri. Sehlon Battalion inspired with Theithem’s will to fight decided to adopt her. In order to pave way for her economic reliance the Assam Rifles unit started providing her with raw materials required for the handicrafts and helping her with acquiring skills to attain export quality finishing products.The unit is also organizing formal training for her wherein she will be trained at Arts and Crafts Training Centre, Thoubal, for one year.
The school is a Government of Manipur initiative.
Yesterday the girl was also gifted with a Wheel Chair, something which she had seen for the first time. Now whenever you cross the village, you can witness the young girl moving around on her own boasting a twinkle in her eyes. We can only hope and pray that the Samtal Samaritans can finally get her to stand on her own feet.

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Multiple medical camps for local population by Red Shield Division

Imphal, June 3,
Red Shield Division has been organizing free Medical Camps for local population of various districts in Manipur from time to time, with an aim to ameliorate medical issues of local populace and create health awareness. The Field Hospital of Red Shield Division has conducted medical camp at six different villages located near Leimakhong from May 23 to June 2. The Medical team attended more than 800 patients of four villages, Leimakhong Bazaar, Prem Nagar, Khunkoo Kuki and P Moulding. During these camps, team has provided free Medical checkup, Dental treatment and various blood investigations apart from providing awareness on various seasonal diseases and their preventions.

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New Office bearers of RSF elected

Thoubal, June 3,

Thoiba Khumancha has been elected as the president of the students’ body Reformist Students’ Front (RSF) Head Quarter for the term 2018 to 2021. The president of the RSF along with other executive members has been elected in a meeting held at the temporary head office of the students’ body at Thoubal, a statement said.
Other office bearers elected are Dayalaxmi Wangjam  as Vice-President, Amarjit Ningthouja as General Secretary, Jiranjit Luwang as Finance Secretary, Dines Thokchom as Secretary Organisation and Henary Moirangthem as Secretary Publicity.

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