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Items filtered by date: Sunday, 19 November 2017 - Imphal Times - A Daily Eveninger

Open Letter to Hon’ble Chief Minister, Govt. of Manipur

Hon’ble Sir,
With due honour, I, the undersigned Convenor, FPS, 43-Phungyar A/C, Ukhrul/Kamjong District, Manipur would like to bring to your kind notice through this paper:
1.That, S.A. Salim who was posted as DSO, FCS Ukhrul has collected Rs 21,64,845/- (rupees twenty one lakh sixty four thousand and eight hundred forty five) only from FPS agents of three constituencies, namely, 43-Phungyar A/C, 44-Ukhrul A/C and 45-Chingai A/C for the month of August, 2016 and has also collected the required amounts upto June, 2017 before dated 12 of every month.   
2.That, S.A. Salim issued a notification dated 10-08-2016 whereby all FPS agents of the districts were asked to deposit of cost price of rice again for the quota of August, 2016 which was extended upto 12-08-2016. The notification further asked the FPS agents that the cost price of NFSA rice for the month of September 2016 quota may also be deposited in the C/A A/C No. 0257050012801 on or before 25-08-2016. Again it was also reiterated that no extension would be given for the month of September, 2016 as the October month’s quota deposit should be made on or before 12-09-2016.
3.That, the former DSO, FCS, Ukhrul before S.A. Halim, DSO FCS has already done draft/RTGS on 16-07-2016 for the month of August, 2016 and there was no need to collect the money again by S.A. Halim from FPS agents. However, S.A. Halim has collected Rs 21,64,845/- again by cash for the month of August, 2016, without doing the draft/RTGS which is illegal. When the Officer on Special Duty, Chief Minister’s Office, Imphal, anti corruption cell, Manipur  asked the reason for collection of Rs 21,64,845/-, he said that it was for the month of September but he has collected again Rs 21,64,845/- for the month of September, 2016. Hence, S.A. Salim, DSO, FCS has wrongly pleaded.      
4.That, S.A. Halim posted at Ukhrul from August 2016 to June, 2017 and FPS agents deposited for all the months from August 2016 to June, 2017 (eleven months) as cost price of  NFSA rice as per his Notification every month before dated 12. The total months of deposit of cost price is 12 months whereas he gave rice only for 11 months. The action of S.A. Halim has spoiled the scheme of NFSA rice 2013.
5.That, I have repeatedly submitted my complains in this regard, to the following authorities.
i.Deputy Commissioner, Ukhrul and DGRO dated 03-12-2016
ii.Superintendent of Police, Ukhrul dated 21-06-2017, Receipt No. 1963, FIR No. 13/2017 OC, Ukhrul Police Station.
iii.SP Ukhrul, Ukhrul Police Station, Rejoinder to the reply dated 10-07-2017 given by Shri. S.A Halim, DSO, Chandel, R.R. No. 2239, FIR No. 13(6)2017. The same copy was also served to         DCAF & PD, Sangaiprou, Imphal, R.R. No. 744, dated 14-07-2017.
iv.Hon’ble MLA, Phungyar 43-A/C dated 19-07-2017.
v.Hon’ble Minister, PDS & Consumer Affairs, Government of Manipur dated 17-07-2017.

vi.The Officer on Special Duty, Chief Minister’s Office, Imphal, anti corruption cell, Manipur R.R. No. 86 dated 17-07-2017.
vii.Hon’ble Chief Minister, Manipur (Meeyamgi Numit), R.R. No. 366 dated 16-08-2017.
6. That, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has written a letter to anti corruption cell, Manipur on 17-08-2017, R.R. No. 100.
7. That, S.A. Salim stayed in Ukhrul as DSO, FCS for 11 months (from August, 2016 to June, 2017) and he made deposited of cost price of rice for 11 months (if the previous DSO draft/ RTGS for the month of August, 2016 is added, it is 12 months) which is an excess of 1 (one) month, and done drafts only for 10 months.
In the above facts and circumstances, I, hereby appeal to all the general public of Manipur to know the truth and the concerned authority shall take disciplinary action against the erring officers for fooling the FPS Agents and AAY/PHH Card holders under NFSA, 2013. As such, the excess amount for a month has to be returned to the FPS agents at the earliest. I have all the necessary documents.   

With Warm Regards,
Convener, FPS Agents,
Phungyar-43, A/C.
# 9774580313 

‘Burning of Newspaper to protest is uncivilised mob culture’

Imphal, Nov. 19: Chief Minister N. Biren Singh commitment to eradicate mob justice in the state receives severe blow yesterday after youth wing of the BJP – (the party which he belongs to) burnt a popular Imphal based vernacular daily yesterday in front of their party office at Nityapat Chuthek here in Imphal to protest a write up in the newspaper which they term is a derogatory statement against Prime Minister, Narendra Modi.
“If they felt it derogatory they could have approached to the right forum for complaint instead of burning the newspaper, after all they are a part of the ruling government”, said Ahongsangbam Mobi, President, Editors’ Guild Manipur (EGM).
He said there are proper forums for complaints of misleading or derogatory statement published in newspaper like the Press Council of India (PCI) or the EGM or the All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union or anyone who felt that they are being defamed by the content of the news then they can go to the law court.
“As president of the EGM I strongly condemn such act as it amount to encroachment to the Freedom of Press”, A Mobi said.

President of All Manipur Working Journalists’ Union (AMWJU), Wangkhemcha Shyamjai, while condemning the burning the newspaper said that burning of newspapers to protest is nothing but a kind of promulgating mob culture.
“As the media houses in the state are working in conflict zone with inevitable pressures from various corners, the AMWJU had framed a local adjustment to the ethics of the journalists provided by the Press Council of India. As per the local adjustment we had appealed and requested all sections of people including political parties who are in power in the government to put up any grievances regarding publication of news to the AMWJU to settle the matter. If it cannot be solved at the level of the AMWJU then the parties can go to the Law Court”, W. Shyamjai said.
Special Correspondent of Telegraph, Khelen Thokchom also term such act of BJYM, a youth wing of BJP Manipur Pradesh , as ‘Mob Culture”.
“Instead of going at proper forum they burn the newspaper, where is the promise of Chief Minister N. Biren Singh to eradicate Mob Culture from the state”, Khelen said. 

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The charge of sisters

By- Dr. Nunglekpam Premi Devi
Independent Scholar

Wondering through the journey,
I knew not what predicts the most?
Feeling that ‘m holding a position,
That position which none can replaced!
Tinting warming an elderly sisterhood,
Imparting a love sequence to all;
No brother and no sister’s ahead all equal;
Telling and conveying them,
Relating and presenting all I have;
Giving and providing and granting all,
I see ‘me, my and self’ through them;
Every single second counts actively;
Ever moment of my a truth;
 ‘m their eyes and ‘m their witnessing;
 My presence an example to them,
Accepting and acknowledging sisterly sisterhood;
I stood firmly and as I always do.

Floating and swinging youth all day;
Growing up immensely day after day all in one;
I grow older as they grow;
I step aside higher as they step upon;
I jump promptly as they jump onto;
I clinch neglected as they clinch within;
I pray less as they pray mature;
I hold hardly as they hold the position; I surrender my emotions as they purchase;
I evacuate my space as they posses in;
I split all my wanting tears as they dot upon;
My presence an example to them,
Accepting and acknowledging sisterly sisterhood;
I stood firmly and as I always do.

Che!che!cheche! Summoning any minute,
Can’t stop attending their wishes;
‘m their warrior in acceptance;
 ‘m their guardian in observance;
Advising and assisting even odds,
Comforting and collaborating their mistakes;
Standing forth firmly stretching my spirit,
Shadowing their succoring moments;
‘Che! I want this, che! I don’t want that’
Aiding them all love equally,
Showering upon their juncture with care;
Funding myself more to theirs’ egos;
Facilitating their witnesses upholding;
Their love all sounding;
Their care with all effecting ‘our che’;
Miss me! Miss me not! I abet now and then,
‘ts a failure to them, when ‘m not serving;
My presence an example to them,
Accepting and acknowledging sisterly sisterhood;
I stood firmly and as I always do.

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Know The Meetei

By: Heikrujam Nabashyam

One fine morning I was just going through the papers when suddenly I was struck by a terrible threat ‘fight to the end’ against the inclusion of the Meiteis in the ST list, posed by ATSUM.
Frankly I never had any intention to give my personal opinion on the matter and I thought that it was better left to STDCM. However I knew that even if Meetei are not recognized, they are tribal by nature and social anthropology says so.
However the threat of ATSUM compelled me to say something about STDCM demand. I also know there are some people among the Meitei who do not want to admit the fact that Meitei are tribal. They think, I believe — if Meetei are degraded to tribal status from the present Kshetriya status, they could no longer be able to visit Vrindavan, the birthplace of Lord Krishna and etc. They must be thinking Hindus cannot be tribal like I did some decades ago. I wonder which Hindu Guru taught this philosophy to the Hindu convert Meetei.
The point is, I was only reacting to the threat of ATSUM. Because I know such untamed hostile attitude against anyone, maybe Meitei or Naga or Zomi, etc. from any quarter would only create enmity among the people and nothing else. That was how I got stuck into this endless debate with ATSUM. And playing with words, they have even accused me of being provocative, what a luck!
Now, in the process, I do not want to leave the debate midway, because if I leave it they would believe that they are right and others are wrong. Thanks to ATSUM I have become more energetic. Thus quite accidentally I am forced to become a proponent of the ST cause. But frankly till today, I am not a member of STDCM, nor have I set my foot in the office of STDCM even once nor do I plan to be a member of it.
Now, I would like to say that ATSUM is unnecessarily indulging itself in a self-defeating exercise to oppose something which is genuine. And even when a much larger and more advanced group like Tai-Ahoms, the neighbouring indigenous group of Assam is being included in the ST list, how can ATSUM make such a hostile campaign against Meetei.
To tell the truth, I am a bit fed up to debate with ATSUM because they keep on changing their goalposts and repeat the same thing like a broken record; sorry, if I am blunt.
I have said earlier and I am saying it now Meitei are neither Aryan nor Kshetriya. They are only Hindu convert just like the hill people who are Christian convert.
Now, let us settle once and for all that the Meitei are made up of seven big families — Salai Taret, meaning seven clans, such as Khuman, Luwang, Manang, etc. All the seven Salai – Clans are on the same footing, i.e have the same status, neither one is above nor below the others like seven children of the same father; which is indeed the mythology of the Meetei. And if someone from outside Salai Taret come and assimilate into the Meitei, naturally he becomes Meitei as practiced in any community of human beings.
Among the Meetei hindus, there are “Bamon’ who take care of the hindu idols and perform hindu rituals. They are not Brahmins, they are Meitei Bamon, for centuries they are assimilated into the Meitei community. They are Meitei, if someone wants to claim himself as Brahmin, then naturally he cannot be a Meitei and cannot be a tribal. But, that is one’s choice.
Whereas Rajkumar is only a Sanskrit designation meaning son of a king or prince, it is a sort of a self-styled title. It has no connection with ‘Salai’, rather it is an after effect of conversion.
But let there be no confusion in everyone’s mind that whether one assume a Sanskrit title or a Christian title or Buddhist title, every Meitei belong to Salai Taret – the seven clans.
I have already stated that the Hindu social system has divided the Meitei Khunai-Society like never before. It has even destroyed the honour and respect of one’s family. Yet one cannot deny the fact that they never allow to let go the Salai Taret – the seven clans, till this day which has indeed preserved the Meetei as a distinct group till today. The argument of ATSUM that ‘Meetei are the most advance community’ because the Meitei hindu society is based on hierarchy and ‘Brahmin’ class being on top, etc. Now this idea is a complete misconception. ATSUM must know that clan is determined by birth and class by merit, etc.
Among hindu Meitei, the Bamon not Brahmin, are on top, true; but it is by birth, not by merit, it is not a case of an ‘advance race/community …….. based on class rather than clan’ as insisted by ATSUM; in Meitei Hindu Society an illiterate Bamon is placed above a Meetei scholar.
Of course this appalling practice of the stupid Hindu culture in Hindu Meitei will not easily go away. And to enlighten those who are in confusion as to what the present Meitei society is all about, let me take you to some day to day experience, like in the manner to address among the Meitei people. When someone address a Bamon or a Rajkumar they would address ‘Aigya’ – a Sanskrit word to both of them and ‘Sanakha’ — a Meitei contraction word which is better not told, only to a RK. To simply put, both the forms of address says something like, My Lord.
Now, is this what ATSUM appreciates as ‘the most advance race/community …. Based on class’ I believe, ATSUM would be fooling themselves.
In fact, to get rid of such remnants of Hindu culture many Meitei have returned to their original Meitei form of worship which is known as Sanamahi Laining or Meetei Marup and quite a sizable population have embraced Christianity and Bhudhism, as well. And as ATSUM has pointed out, the Meetei are a talented lot. Some hundreds years ago, a Meitei dance master invented a dance form based on Meitei folk dance, especially the movements of the hands, the fingers, the legs and the feet to portray the sublime love-story of Radha-Krishna of Hindu epic. Later after independence this dance form now called Rashleela, struck the chords of the Bharatiya Nritya Gurus and thus they ordained that this Rashleela be given the classical status in Indian dance.
During its last legs, the congress govt. seemed to have realized that Manipur has a rich cultural heritage, having more than 3 dozens indigenous groups of people, each with their own styles and beautiful costumes and hence it passed a bill and established a Cultural University. It is not a Meitei culture university or a centre for the Rashleela. It is established to preserve and develop the various cultures of Manipur and not connected with the allegation of ATSUM — ‘eclipsing other cultures within India’.
In the olden days, the Sagol – the pony horse or the local horse was a necessity of every Meitei household, like today’s motorcycle. It was used for many purposes – for the perennial warfare, for carrying heavy loads, for transportation, etc. And it was the most favourite thing for the boys. There was an old saying ‘Eppa Sheeni Khanglamlabadi Sagol Leijaramgadabani’ – if I knew my father is dying, I would have bought a horse. Not only boys, even among girls horse riding was popular.
The boys played with their horses, with long cane sticks hitting rounded dry bamboo roots in the open fields – that was how Sagol-Kangjei, the progenitor of modern Polo was born and grew up in the fields of this Chingleipak among the Meitei Pakhang.
Later in the 19th century when the British came, they picked up the game from Yumphan – present Imphal and popularized it as the game of Polo. In fact all of us must be proud of it.
Now let’s talk of ATSUM’s ‘seething situation’. What is this seething thing? I believe ATSUM do not work for NSCN (IM).
Let us remember creating seething things will not do any of us good. What we need is sensible debate and dialogue. We can talk and discuss like any sensible human beings. And for that, I am sure STDCM would welcome the move.
Finally, it is only natural that every Meitei – Sanamahi, Loi, Hindu and Budhist, become ST, not SC nor OBC in the event.  
(Views and ideas expressed here is of the author and has nothing to do with the editorial policy of this newspaper)

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Minister Bishwajit calls on the needs for empowering women of the society

Imphal, Nov. 19: RD & PR Minister Thongam Bishwajit today highlighted the importance of empowering women in bringing a peaceful and harmonious society.
“We need to empower our women to maintain peace in our society”, Bishwajit said while inaugurating the First North East India Regional women’s conference at Marwari Dharamsala  hall here in Imphal.
The conference was organized by Bharat Vikas Parishad, Manipur chapter on the theme  ‘Women’s Empowerment’.
Speaking on the occasion Bishwajit further said women of the society should be provided proper education to improve economy of the country.
“Education is the key to development and the more the women are educated unemployment problem in the state will be solved”, Bishwajit maintained.
“ Unlike in the past , women are doing very well in our state. They are excellent in every field. At government hospital we see good numbers of women doctor, many women have now started appearing the competition exams conducted by MPSC  and  maximum numbers are selected”, the minister added. He further added that crime against women will also be reduced if proper educations are provided to the women of our society. He also assures more secure workplace for women in the state.
On the other hand Bishwajit also stressed on the role of women in eradicating corruption from the society.
“Until and unless we didn’t solve women’s problem corruption will continue in our society”, Bishwajit said.
He further asserted that women‘s participation is very much need for bringing development across the universe.
The inaugural session of the conference was attended by National president of Bharat Vikas Parishad Sitaram Pareek, Vice chancellor  of Central Agricultural University, Iroisemba Dr M. Premjit Singh, National Additional Secretary  General (NER) Bharat Vikas  Parishad, Swadesh  Ranjan Goswami, Regional Patron(NER) Dr S.Rajendra Singh ,delegates and members of the Bharat Vikas  Praishad.

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Combing Operation

Imphal, Nov 19: As part of the security measures ahead of Manipur Sangai Festival, 2017 and visit of President of India to Manipur, state police continues cordon and search operation at various part of the state.
From 6 am to 7:30 am today  search operation was conducted at Mahabali Kabui khul southern side of BOAT area. The police team was led by Robinsun Khamnam DSP-CDO and Inspector B. Lunthang Vaiphei, OC-CDO/ IE 11 persons including one bail out were picked up for verification at Porompat Police Station.
At Ragailong too search operation was conducted from 5:30 am till 7:00 am. The police team was led by Inspector Shimray.

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Manipur Rural Bank branch opened at Sangaiyumpham

Thoubal, Nov.19: A new branch of Manipur Rural Bank was opened today at Sangaiyumpham near Nungphou Bazar in Thoubal district.
The Manipur Rural Bank was established on May 28, 1981 under the Regional Rural Banks Act, 1976 and this is the 22nd branch of the bank in the State of Manipur.
The Sangaiyumpham Branch of MRB which is a joint venture between the Central, State govt and the United Bank of India with 50% , 15% and 35% share respectively was inaugurated at Nungphou Bazar today. The inaugural function was attended by Okram Surjakumar Singh, MLA Khangabok Assembly Constituency, Md.Zakir,Pradhan Sangaiyumpham Part-I Gram Panchayat, Md.Ramida Begum, Pradhan Sangaiyumpham Part-II Gram Panchayat, Raghunandan Samantan, AGM UBI Imphal and Dr.Prasanta Kumar Bal, Chairman Manipur Rural Bank as Chief Guest, Guest of Honour and President respectively.
Speaking on occasion, O.Surjakumar, MLA Khangabok AC while lauding the hard works and efforts of all concerned to the opening of the bank branch at Sangaiyumpham, solicited the cooperation and support of the locals for the successful and smooth functioning of the bank.
The new bank branch of MRB would offer its customers world-class banking services under one roof ranging from basic services such as Saving Account, Fixed Deposits, Current Account, Mutual Funds, Recurring Deposits, KCC, WCC, Sale Help Group, NEPT, NLPTDEMAT to sophisticated direct access banking channels such as ATM, Phone banking, Net-Banking and International Credit and Debit Cards and all asset products.

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Meditation beautifies our minds, frees tension and stress: Education Minister

Imphal, Nov. 19: The Golden Jubilee Celebration of Rajyogini Brahma Kumari Sheela Behenji, Sub-Zone in-charge, Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya, North East, Guwahati was held today at Marwari Dharmashala, Thangal Bazar. The Samman Samaroh function that was organised by the  association of Brahma Kumaris, Imphal, was chaired by Education Minister,  Th Radheshyam Singh as the Chief Guest; Rajgogini Brahma Kumari Sheela as the Special Guest; Medical Superintendent, Shija Hospital, Langol, Dr. S.Jugindra & Dean(Academic),JNIMS, Prof.W.Gyaneshwar Singh  as the Guests of Honour and President, Indian Medical Association, Manipur, Dr. Kh.Sulochana Devi as the President.
Speaking on the occasion, Th Radheshyam focussed on the importance of developing positive attitudes and good thoughts  in our lives and appreciated the role of the Brahma Kumaris for their contribution towards creating a peaceful and happy, egalitarian, society free of conflicts and violence. He said that we should practise meditation not only for a healthy body and mind but also to attain parmatma after fulfilling all the 3 components of body, mind and soul(atma). He questioned how much time do we devote daily for making our minds beautiful out of a total of 24 hours while we invest in all possible ways to groom our bodies like using creams, practising yoga &  walking for good health.
In these crucial, problematic, conflict- prone times filled with tension & stress, actual allocation of Rajyoga meditation in our daily routine will act as a tool for creating positive wave adding that the shortest way to reach God is to help our nearest needy people in our surroundings.
Dr. S.Jugindra who himself attended the 7 days foundation course on Rajyoga(meditation), said that almost 400 staff of Shija Hospital also benefitted from the Brahma Kumari education after completing the weekly course. He said the Rajyoga meditation will act as a remedy for curing several illnesses like stress, high BP &  increased sugar level in our bodies in an effectively if practised daily. He also appealed the Minister Radheshyam to take steps to spread awareness about the benefits of Rajyoga meditation practised by the Brahma Kumaris in schools & colleges for a stronger, healthy & better society.

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BJP Khangabok Mandal felicitate ZP, Zilla Parishad Members

Thoubal, Nov.19: BJP Khangabok Mandal today felicitate former vice president Thokchom Jadumani who had contested as BJP candidate from Khangabok Assembly Constituency and those Zilla Parishad members and Pradhan at Sangai Yumpham . The felicitation programme was attended by social worker Md. Ibochouba, L. Tomba President BJP Khangabok Mandal, Kh.Rajmohon ZP member Khangabok, M.Manglemjao, S.Opendra, N.Lakpa, Haji Kayamudin and other members of the BJP Khangabok Mandal.

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SSUM and MPPDU introverted fast-unto-death protest

Imphal, Nov 19: Socialist Students’ Union of Manipur (SSUM) and Manipur Proletariat Peoples’ Democratic Union (MPPDU) has withdrawn their fast-unto-death protest which began from November 16, 2017 demanding implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur, today till winter session.

Speaking to the media person at Manipur Press Club, Majorkhul, Imphal, Naorem Tanoranjan, Convenor Publicity and Propaganda of SSUM said that the fast-unto-death protest carried out by SSUM and MPPDU has been withdrawn for a while until the government take up positive action as per the memorandum submitted during a meeting with the Chief Minister of Manipur on November 18, 2017.

The decision to withdraw the protest was taken unanimously after a meeting held with the meira paibi and different civil organisation at Manipur Press Club, today, he added.

Resolution to suspend the protest till winter session was taken during the meeting and also to continue the demands for implementation of ILPS in Manipur jointly with the Meira Paibi and various civil society and organisation of the state, Tanoranjan asserts.

Tanoranjan also said that though the protest has been put on hold till winter session, if the state government fails to take up positive action of the submitted memorandum, SSUM and MPPDU will not hold back, instead they will carry out a strong movement until ILPS is implemented in the state.

Mention may be that the memorandum which was submitted to the chief minister includes implementation of Article 3 of the Indian constitution in the state to safe guard the territorial integrity of the state and to safeguard the indigenous people in the state, to settle the conflict over Mongba Hanba and Khurai Ahongpung by conveying talk with both conflicting parties under the initiatives of government of Manipur and construction of Mongba Hanba Khubam as well as Koubru Khubam be started at the earliest, meeting for all the political parties at the earliest to urge the central government for the amendment of the Article 3 of the Indian constitution for safeguarding the territorial boundary of the state and to institute another drafting committee headed by the chief minister and also to include the a member from All Manipur working journalist union,  Editors Guild Manipur , Senior advocates and senior citizen.

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