Zeliangrong Civil Organisations appeals to end indefinite Strike by Doctors

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Imphal, March 1:

Zeliangrong Baudi and Zeliangrong Youth Front appealed the State government to take measure to put an end to the indefinite strike called by Doctors, taking in view of the suffering faced by the common people.
A press release by the Zeliangrong Civil Organisations said, “The indefinite strike imposed by the medical Doctors for the last 10 days ago has extremely impacted to the economically distressed hills people especially in the absence of other alternative health care services centres in the hills districts unlike in the State capital Imphal and other valley districts where numerous private hospitals and diagnostic centres and health care centres and clinics are found and available round the clocks. There are reports of even birth and death certificate not being processed and issued since the hospitals and its related administrative units have been closed due to the Doctors indefinite strike in the hills districts.
Though the demands raised by the medical doctors are seemed to be genuine and requires consideration by the Govt., it is also felt it important to remember that human lives and their values are more precious and immeasurable than anything else which cannot be substituted or exchanged by anything in any manner, therefore, the medical doctors is strongly urged to consider the suffering of the common people and to abide in their chosen profession with professional ethics, responsibility and commitment in the service of humanity, the press release added.
The Zeliangrong Civil Organisations also appealed to the State Govt. to sit across the table with the agitating medical Doctors and explore every possible ways and means to fulfill the demands of the Medical Doctors considering the suffering of the common people. There has to be a way out and acceptable solution for every problem and issue therefore, trying to find a way out is the only option and efficacious remedy instead of sticking to the respective position. Delaying in solving the issue may erupt public uproar against the Govt. as well as the agitating medical doctors as the life of the common people cannot be reduced to that of valueless commodities and rendered into unnecessary suffering for any longer, it added.
The Zeliangrong Baudi and Zeliangrong Youth Front in the interest of the common people strongly urged the State Govt. to consider the suffering of the common people and to take up definite and concrete measure to ease the suffering of the common people and to bring an end to the indefinite strike and put the agitating medical doctors to resume their duty at the earliest possible.

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