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BJP MP seeks disqualification of MPs spreading lies about CAA

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Mumbai, Jan 3

BJP MP from Mumbai North constituency Gopal Shetty has sought disqualification of members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, who are indulging in misinformation campaign about the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA), NRC and NPR, in breach of the oath taken by them in front of the Speaker.
In a letter dated December 30, 2019 written to the Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Shetty has pointed out that every member of Parliament takes an oath of true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India, under Article 99 and Third schedule of the Constitution. They are expected to uphold the integrity and sovereignty of the country. Despite this different elected representatives, through street protests, media interviews are spreading a false canard that the CAA is “anti-Muslims”.
The Article 99 (Oath or affirmation by members) stipulates that every member of either House of Parliament shall, before taking his seat, make and subscribe before the President, or some person appointed in that behalf by him, an oath or affirmation according to the form set out for the purpose in the Third Schedule. This article deals with “conduct of business”.
They are spreading the lies that “CAA is against Muslim community, it is against Dalits and SC/STs, the act seeks to divide the people based on religion, because of the CAA the constitution is in danger and the Muslims will be thrown out of India and their citizenship will be taken away. This is a bundle of lies and shows irresponsible behavior of the some of the members of the Parliament.
In reply to the members queries Union Home Minister Amit Shah has given a detailed reply in the Parliament. Yet the misinformation campaign continues. Such lies are affecting integrity and sovereignty of India, Shetty, who is also a member of the Textile/finance committees of Lok Sabha, stated and deplored the behavior of certain members.
The CAA includes the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis and Christians, whereas it omits Muslims and Srilankan Tamils. The CAA 2019 passed by the Parliament of India on 11 December 2019 seeks to give citizenships to  migrants who had entered India by 31 December 2014, and had suffered “religious persecution or fear of religious persecution” in their country of origin. Nowhere the act mentions about the people, regardless of their religion, already residing in India, for the years together.

Raju Vernekar

Raju Vernekar is a Media Professional based in Mumbai and is a regular contributor of Imphal Times. He had served as Chief Reporter at Free Press Journal (1996 – 2015 ). His Activities includes writing for different news papers, script writing/production for TV channels, Films Division. Writing poems in Marathi, Hindi, English, Guiding mass media students and helping people to solve their problems. Raju may be contacted at [email protected]

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