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Maoist bans Standard Robarth for 7 days

IT News
Imphal, July 22,

Armed rebel group Manipur Maoist in a statement said that the party will fight for justice in Babysana’s case. In this case, some of the parents whose children are studying the school are arguing that the matter concerns just the hostel and only the hostel should be closed and not the entire school. Manipur Maoist stated that these people are only concerned about their children. The outfit stated that the school authority should have called the police immediately after it discovered the dead body of the girl. Instead, a private school committee and a guardian association was informed first and the school authority also sent off all the students who are living with the deceased from the school. After that, the police was informed, the statement added. The school authority did not inform the family of the deceased immediately. These chains of events clearly show that the school authority is not honestly dealing with the matter. The government could book the school authority under section 204 of IPC for not informing the parents and police immediately but it is highly doubtful that it would do so. Given these misdeeds of school authority, Maoist Communist Party of Manipur has decided to ban Standard Robarth for a week so that the justice gets done soon. The parents of those children who were living with the deceased in the school should inform the party what their children are saying about this case. If this step is not properly taken up, then the party will be forced to ban the school for longer duration, it might take decision to ban the school forever, the statement added.
Manipur Maoist also stated that though the party will fight for justice in this case, the people should understand that the situation in Manipur is such that “rebels, police, CSOs, ministers and MLA all will be silenced with money.” In such a time, it is highly doubtful that we will get a clear cut in these kinds of cases. For instance, many CSO leaders who came out to fight for the integrity of Manipur and those who shouted that India has forcefully occupied Manipur have now joined BJP. They joined BJP not because they agree with the ideology of BJP but because BJP is in power and they want to get some benefits from it, the statement added. Manipur Maoist, in their statement, said that these opportunists have been selling the movements happening in Manipur staying between the state and insurgent groups.  

Huirem Naresh

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