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KCP –MC bans Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham; says will investigate Lamjingba Finance

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Imphal, July 15,

Armed rebel group KCP-MC said that the party will start investigation to Private Bank as it has received various complaints about these banks sucking the blood of poor people besides being a hideout of illegal money of rich people.
The outfit said that as for the Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham, the party has put banned in activities like collection of interest and recovering of loan with immediate effect. The outfit in the statement said that no person should pay the debt for loan in the form of interest to the said private bank. If any persons pay interest for loan to this bank the outfit will have no option but to collect the same amount that they paid to the bank, the statement said. It added that the outfit did not demand any money to this bank as the party had stop collection fund. However as the director of the bank has been spreading false propaganda and fabricated story to malign the image of the party, the statement added and said that the director has been spreading propaganda of rebel group has threatened the office and have been challenging the armed rebel group.
The KCP-MC said that they party had never called to any of the private bank in Manipur, had never talk with any of them nor sent any communiqué to any of the private bank. The banned is to teach the Director of the Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham a lesson as he has been spreading false propaganda to malign the image of the party. If in case some people who tried to earn easy money contacted them they should find out whether they are real cadre of the outfit or not, the statement by KCP-MC said. While announcing ban on collection of loan or interest by the said bank the KCP-MC further said that if the Director of Credit Society Micro Finance Sangakpham fails to clarify on why he has been trying to malign the image of the revolutionary movement , all staffs of the bank should resigned from the bank.
As the private bank has been challenging the revolutionary movement the outfit  finally is compelled to investigate the functioning of the Private bank across the state, the statement added.
It said that, as the first step the outfit will investigate the Lamjingba Finance of the Lamjingba group, however, will give one week time for publishing the details of its function. The KCP-MC said that they have information about rich people hiding their black money at Lamjingba Finance. May be the complaints is right or may be it may be wrong, but the outfit will see how the Lamjingba Finance clarifies over the complaints of the people. If in case the Lamjinga group fails to give a public statement then the outfit will consider the allegation true considering the prima-facei evidence base on the peoples’ complaints. The KCP-MC further added that the party had never made any monetary demand and if in case any demands are served they are imposters.

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